My highlights of 2012

Since it's the last day of 2012 (can't believe it) I figured I'd do a post on my favourite times of 2012 so here they are!


Hmmm it's hard thinking all the way back to January.. I can't remember much other than getting 100% in my maths module which I was pretty happy about! And I'm sure every single one of you reading this know where this top is from!

February, February, February oh why can't I think of a highlight for you.. I'm terribly sorry but you're an irrelevant month! Apart from I did get a few unexpected valentines day cards.. cheeky!


'Wear what you like day' has to be my highlight for March.. It's the day at school where we get to dress up as whatever we want for charity and you really do find some whacky costumes.. They range from the Jamaican bob sleigh team to the Teletubbies and Wall-E.. This year me and my friend Frankie dressed up as 'army people' as we like to call it so we played it safe but you just wait until next year!

So April is a no-brainer for me really, it's the month that me and my friend James had our £700 16th birthday party.. probably one of the best nights of my life! The theme was tight, bright and LMFAO and I'm pleased to say everyone dressed up... and we all looked like idiots!

I can't really think on the spot for what happened in May which was a highlight as I have the memory span of a wooden spoon however I know that it was when I enjoyed work the most as you can see from the picture below!

I did my two weeks of work experience in at my primary school in South East Landaaaannn (London) which was the most amazing time ever (surprisingly 2-6 year olds aren't as annoying as I thought?).. Maybe I should do a separate post on all of that? *Comment whatcha think*

The best part of July for me was finishing my exams, felt so good to be able to chuck all my revision away and never having to think about chemistry, biology or history ever again! Another highlight would be going to Newquay in Cornwall with my friends.. sacrificing parents for alcohol is something I will happily do again (sorry mum). 

My highlight of August would probably be getting my GCSE results and finding out that I got back into my school! A few other highlights would be some of the amazing parties I went to and going to V Festival with my friend Pippa!

A no-brainer highlight has to be going to the Paralympics to watch the womens wheelchair basketball finals.. This was incredible for me being a basketball player myself and just generally inspiring!

HARRY POTTER STUDIOS! Now I'm not the biggest Harry Potter fan on the planet because to be quite honest I'm a bit simple minded and I get sooooooo confused but I loved going to the studios.. 100% recommended!

November has probably been one of the biggest highlights of the year as it was at this time where 'therawrdrobe' started taking storm and gaining more followers and views. I also joined the Next Bloggers Network where I've had the opportunity to be featured on the Next Boxing Day Dash app on smartphones thanks to Gemma!

Having a good year is enough to be a highlight really of December but also having my christmas dinner party with all my closest friends round was brill. Nothing I love more than having my best friends around me whilst being intoxicated!

So overall I'd say 2012 has been a pretty good year for me! What are your highlights? I hope everyones had a fantabbytastic year and let's all hope for the best for 2013! Feels so weird typing that I can't quite explain! Happy new year to everyone!

Top 5: Jeffrey Campbell Litas

How was your christmas? I hope everyone had a good'un and got a few things they liked! I've had a couple of requests for a Christmas Haul but I've decided not to as I mainly received money and vouchers and little bits and bobs so there's not much point in doing a haul but I've ordered a few things recently so when they arrive I'll be happy to do a post on them! I've been bogged down with coursework and revision recently for my January exams so today's post will just be a quicky on my top five favourite Jeffrey Campbell Lita's since I'm growing sudden love for his shoes!






Hope you enjoyed having a look at my favourite Lita's at the moment! Which are you're favourite? And any other styles of JC shoe I should be having a look at?

Boxing Day

sorry this isn't a proper picture of my outfit and it's just an average instagram collage but this is what i wore today when our friends came over! staying festive with the red and a crimbo jumper and dressing up with the disco pants! my instagram for a few who have asked me is steviieeee so follow me if ya like!

jumper - asos
disco pants - missguided
heels - republic
socks - topshop
watch - casio
iphone case - ebay

hope everyone is having a great christmas time!

Christmas Day Outfit

Christmas Day Outfit

so last post before christmas but this is what i will be wearing tomorrow when i dress up! obviously it's just your standard black dress with heels but i'm glamming it up a bit more with a vamp lipstick (Inhibition by Topshop) and some chunky gold jewelry! hope you all have an amazing christmas!

Top 5: Creepers

first of all.. happy christmas eve!
unfortunately this isn't another festive post but as you know i'm a big fan of creepers and i think you can wear them with anything. over time they've progressed from the standard black flatforms to double and triple flatforms, a range of patterns and now ankle boot ones. so here's a few of my favourite creepers at the moment! these are all the real underground creepers but if you're after something cheaper i'm sure you can find some good pairs on ebay.. also check out my other post on knock off creepers!

I think I might be tempted to buy some knock off boots like these as they're more suitable for the winter weather and I really like that they're a bit different! 

How groovy are these? They might look a bit tacky or in your face but I do really like them as they stand out and glam an outfit up a bit. 

I love all animal print creepers including the croc and zebra print ones but I quite like how these are a different material (faux fur I believe) and are a smaller print. They'd jazz up some simple jeans and shirt as well! 

I like the wintery/fun feel of these creepers and how they're so simple but would look really cute with a dress or skirt. 

Perhaps my favourite out of my top five.. I love how these resemble Minnie Mouse and they're just so cute and I don't think they'd be that hard to style if I'm honest! They also seem at a reasonable price compared to the average £90 for a pair even though these are limited edition!

hope you like them too! what are you're favourite creepers?

katy xoxo 

Christmas dinner party!

so on wednesday as it was the last day of sixth form before christmas i decided to throw a christmas dinner party for my closest friends. everyone pitched in some money and i cooked a big roast dinner. so i thought i'd upload some of the photos onto here just to give you an idea of what is was like and also there are a few ideas in here for christmas party outfits!

My Thoughts: ELF Lip Exfoliator

Things i like about the product:
packaging - very sleek and it stays shut properly, it also doesn't have a little bit of the stick poking out the top like the lipstick but the balmy/substance itself doesn't look too attractive but who cares when it works like magic?
smell - it smells soooooo good, really sweet but still like beauty products.. does that make sense?
taste - okay i shouldn't be tasting this but i accidentally licked my lips and it does taste pretty good.. just like sugar really which is pretty much the basis for exfoliator anyway!
application - it's really easy to apply, like the tube doesn't twizzle round when you're putting it on (again, does that make sense?) however i don't think this is a product which can last for ages, as it's an exfoliator quite a lot of the stuff comes off when you use it so there's not much left but once you've used it i doubt you'll need it for a while! 

How I use it:
i wet my lips with a soaked cotton wool pad making sure the skin surrounding my lips is also wet
move the exfoliate in a circular motion slowly around my lips (not focusing on the same area too much)
rub my lips together
use the same cotton wool pad i wet my lips with to wet them again
put on some lipbalm, usually i use the palmer cocoa butter one! 

overall i definitely recommend it, it works really well and even better when you put some lip balm on once you've used it.. its only £3.75 but it's the best £3.75 i've ever spent!

Knock Off: Creepers

this will be my second 'knock offs' post in a row but who cares? everyone loves a good bargain right? today i'm going to be introducing you to some cheaper alternatives to creepers.. we all know they're a bit hit or miss and can look a bit odd on some people but when you style them right they look brill! this post is only going to be on bargain black creepers as i am hoping to do a post on my favourite creepers at the moment which will include some more interesting ones so i don't want to ruin the surprise!

underground creepers (original) £89

1. ASOS £17.50 in the sale (£35 originally)
2. eBay £14.99
3. River Island £35
4. Topshop £65

Knock Off: Disco Pants

Now, Christmas is coming up so it's finally time for a majority of us to finally receive some disco pants! However, I know it's tempting to have the 'real thing' but don't be fooled into splurging seventy odd quid when there are a few less-bank-breaking options.. I've hunted through a load of sites trying to find some good deals on disco pants which aren't bad quality.. None of them are real of course but you can't even tell the difference!

1. Topshop £30 (only available in black)
These leggings are really thick and warm but quite big so if you're ordering make sure they're a size smaller as they are huuuuuuuuge!

2. eBay £17 (available in black, red, green, blue, grey and gold)
Now as always with eBay, be aware of the quality of the product you're buying.. my friend has these and they're not too bad but the shape can change quite a bit if you wash them too much so watch out!

3. Missguided £9.99 (available in black, royal blue, navy blue, burgundy, red, grey, gold, purple, emerald and khaki)
I have these leggings and they are really good quality but can sag a bit around the crotch area which doesn't look too attractive to be perfectly honest but if you're wearing a long top over them then they look great! And because they're only a tenner you can splash out on loads of colours!

4. Missguided £25.99 (available in black, red, navy, emerald, gold and silver)
I am yet to purchase these ones but I really wanna get them as they look well fitting and really minimize your waist.. they don't break the bank either! I'd love to get these in the emerald colour as well!

Favourite Christmas Jumpers

sorry i haven't posted in a while.. been ill and not in the mood to do anything apart from sleep! it's very very close to christmas now and i'm really rushing to buy prezzies and organise bits and bobs so i thought i'd treat myself to a christmas jumper which made me think i should do a post on my favourite christmas jumpers? just to start off this is my new jumper from asos (sorry they're out of stock now).

Image 1 of Pretty Vacant Christmas Jumper

however i've found a dupe from Next which looks pretty much the same! and here it is for £38... (these 2 count as 1.. cheeky i know!)

i'm a big fan of Topshop for christmas purchases and they are on form with their jumpers this year so i've had to choose two! The first is a purple and yellow classic fairisle print jumper which i find intriguing because they're not the classic christmas colours and it's only £39! The second is a knitted black jumper with a robin on it which is £50.

and the last jumper is one from Very and it's a mens one but who cares? jumpers are supposed to be big and baggy anyway! and it's got a reindeer print all over it and the best thing is it's only £24... BARGAIN!

and of course a great place to get some banging christmas jumpers is on eBay! 

hope you liked this post!
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