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Hello chickens! How's everyone doing? I'm sorry I haven't really done a 'proper' post it's just I've been bogged down with coursework and exams and all that shiz.. The first thing I will say is THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU.. I've hit 100 followers which is amazing and thank you so much to all my followers.. I will be doing a giveaway soon (after I stop spending and start saving).

Anyway back to the post. It's a bit of an odd review to be doing considering everyone and their mum probably own a pair of Topshop leigh jeans, but at school a few days ago I found myself involuntarily lecturing a group of friends about them so I thought why not do a post? I've already got a pair of leigh jeans in a grey colour with purpley undertones but I thought I'd get another pair since I've only got one other pair of jeans. So I took the plunge of £38 which to be fair is complete value for money as these are such good quality, and bought some denim blue ones.

The quality of these jeans is so good, good enough for me to spend near to forty quid on them and it says to be careful in case the dye comes out in the wash but none of my friends nor I have experienced this yet. They're so soft and easy to wear.. I shall never be going back to normal thick denim jeans again after wearing these bad boys! The stretchy material also means you can get away wearing these in a size smaller than you are (cheeky). Sometimes they fray a bit if I catch them on something which is annoying but that's probably just my fault, woops! All in all, I'd completely recommend these, best jeans I've bought and totally worth the money.

Hope everyone has had a good January.. Roll on Feb now!

Best of eBay #1

ebay faves #1

I firstly wanna start off by saying sorry for all the 'Polyvore Posts' at the mo.. I'm tied down with coursework at the minute so I haven't really enough time to take photos but I promise you a massive collective haul will be up soon with bits and bobs I have bought since Christmas time so prepare yourselves for that beauty!

Also somehow I've reached 99 followers.. Only 1 more to go until I hit the 3 digit number so feel free to follow ;) But honestly thank you so much to all my lovely followers, it means a lot to an average 16 year old girl! I'll be doing a giveaway soon when I hit around 150 (fingers crossed) so stay tuned for that!

Thirdly (wowza this is turning into a bit of an essay so apologies!) I am now a part of the Motel Street Team which means I can offer all you lovely people a 20% discount on Motel Rocks, just use 'therawrdrobe' as the discount code! How cool is that?

Okay, okay so back to the post.. I discovered a post not too long ago on someones blog (I read way too many so sorry but I can't remember who) on their eBay finds so I thought I'd join the crowd and make one myself on my favourite eBay finds at the moment which all feature in my watch list on eBay! 

My childish side has come out again when I discovered my old nintendo ds lite the other day lying around my room.. Since then I've been on it non-stop, even 'pictochatting' myself (loser) so I decided to browse eBay for some classic games and I came across an old classic..

A cheaper, much cheaper alternative to the bank busting Boy London sweatshirt.

I've never tried an Essie nail polish so I'm quite keen to try them out, and I really like this colour!

Now I posted about this a few weeks ago in my wishlist I think (poor memory) and I took the plunge and bought it.. So brilliant for carrying all my dance stuff around.

I saw this on 'shewearsfashion' in an OOTD, and I decided I needed it instantly.. I've never owned a maxi skirt so I'm hoping I can pull it off! And it's perfect for the winter weather.

Wow.. That was a lot of writing (well for me anyway with my puney hands and fingers)

I hope everyones okay and loving the snow (I for one am not..)

January Wishlist

I've been craving some Disco Pants for ageeeees and since my friend got some for Christmas it's just making me want some even more! Most people have the classic black or navy colour so I wanna go all out with some red ones!

Everyone loves this nail polish and it's rubbing off on me now.. I know it looks more like a spring/summer colour but I reckon you could wear it all year round!

I saw this shirt on the website the other day and I must have it! Perfect for me to wear with my suit at school and only £14.99.. BARGAIN

I'm becoming a tad obsessed with JC's at the moment and I've got my eye on these badboys!

I'm so desperate for a camera at the moment as the one I normally use has broken :( So it's time for a new one and I hear good reviews for this one.. Comment down below any recommendations for cheap camera's!
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