Best of eBay #1

ebay faves #1

I firstly wanna start off by saying sorry for all the 'Polyvore Posts' at the mo.. I'm tied down with coursework at the minute so I haven't really enough time to take photos but I promise you a massive collective haul will be up soon with bits and bobs I have bought since Christmas time so prepare yourselves for that beauty!

Also somehow I've reached 99 followers.. Only 1 more to go until I hit the 3 digit number so feel free to follow ;) But honestly thank you so much to all my lovely followers, it means a lot to an average 16 year old girl! I'll be doing a giveaway soon when I hit around 150 (fingers crossed) so stay tuned for that!

Thirdly (wowza this is turning into a bit of an essay so apologies!) I am now a part of the Motel Street Team which means I can offer all you lovely people a 20% discount on Motel Rocks, just use 'therawrdrobe' as the discount code! How cool is that?

Okay, okay so back to the post.. I discovered a post not too long ago on someones blog (I read way too many so sorry but I can't remember who) on their eBay finds so I thought I'd join the crowd and make one myself on my favourite eBay finds at the moment which all feature in my watch list on eBay! 

My childish side has come out again when I discovered my old nintendo ds lite the other day lying around my room.. Since then I've been on it non-stop, even 'pictochatting' myself (loser) so I decided to browse eBay for some classic games and I came across an old classic..

A cheaper, much cheaper alternative to the bank busting Boy London sweatshirt.

I've never tried an Essie nail polish so I'm quite keen to try them out, and I really like this colour!

Now I posted about this a few weeks ago in my wishlist I think (poor memory) and I took the plunge and bought it.. So brilliant for carrying all my dance stuff around.

I saw this on 'shewearsfashion' in an OOTD, and I decided I needed it instantly.. I've never owned a maxi skirt so I'm hoping I can pull it off! And it's perfect for the winter weather.

Wow.. That was a lot of writing (well for me anyway with my puney hands and fingers)

I hope everyones okay and loving the snow (I for one am not..)


  1. Love the skirt and the nail polish colour x

    1. and they're such bargains as well!

  2. Love the nail polish colour!

  3. That converse bag is soooo cool, I love it!!

    1. and it's really good quality which is a bonus!

  4. Love a converse bag

  5. Thanks for your comment, we follow you back!!
    We looooooove long skirts, I have at least four...just love them.

    New post on our blog, stop by!

  6. Love ebay baskets, the skirt is gorgeous!


  7. Lovely!

  8. I really do want a boy london jumper. Great wish list x

  9. The nail varnish looks a lovely colour


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