January Wishlist

I've been craving some Disco Pants for ageeeees and since my friend got some for Christmas it's just making me want some even more! Most people have the classic black or navy colour so I wanna go all out with some red ones!

Everyone loves this nail polish and it's rubbing off on me now.. I know it looks more like a spring/summer colour but I reckon you could wear it all year round!

I saw this shirt on the website the other day and I must have it! Perfect for me to wear with my suit at school and only £14.99.. BARGAIN

I'm becoming a tad obsessed with JC's at the moment and I've got my eye on these badboys!

I'm so desperate for a camera at the moment as the one I normally use has broken :( So it's time for a new one and I hear good reviews for this one.. Comment down below any recommendations for cheap camera's!


  1. Ah, those shoes are gorgeous! X

    1. i know right.. but they break the bank ! x

  2. really love your wishlist! those pants are so nice

    hope you'll visit back

  3. Hey thanks for following my blog! I'm now following yours too :)
    I love that nail varnish colour. So cute for spring!



  4. I used to use the panasonic lumix DMC-S1 and it was really good for taking clear shots and its only like £60 to buy now otherwise you could check ebay. Love that nail varnish shade also! X


  5. Lovely picks.


  6. Cool wishlist! Love the Jeffrey Campbell's!! xo

  7. Lovely blue polish www.adoramehitabel.blogspot.co.uk


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