My friend Harry at school has recently taken the plunge in setting up his own mini business called Venator Clothing, making and selling tie dye t-shirts. They only cost around a tenner, much less than something from Topshop or ASOS and are really good quality and so unique (I refuse to call them indie). They come in all different patterns which all look really cool and they're so affordable so they're perfect! It'd mean a lot to him I'm sure if you could check out his shop and like his facebook page (which I think is easier to buy from if you're interested).

Venator Clothing's links

Are there any little stores which you like at the moment?

Plain Jane

beanie - eBay
t shirt - ASOS
jeans - Topshop
denim jacket - Topshop
trainers - K-SWISS
gold chain - ASOS

(sorry about the bad quality, for some reason my camera wasn't liking me much)

Top 5: Romwe Leggings

I'm a big big fan of Romwe. Despite the fact that I've never bought anything from there, I still really enjoy browsing their website and I'm always um-ing and ah-ing whether I should just man up and take the plunge and buy something. However I thought I'd use this situation to my advantage and write a post about it. So, here are my top five Romwe leggings!

Black Cross
I like how these are a simple monochrome pattern but would look so cool as well if you added a bright jumper and some killer heels. These are probably my favourites out of my top five.

Super Mario
I'm a bit of a Mario fan so these are basically perfect for me and I love how edgy and colourful they are, I very much doubt I'd see someone wearing these at school.

Universe Print
I love astronomy as you probably know so I really wanna get these, I don't think they'd be too hard to style either and because they're dark they're quite subtle as well, for example they don't stand out as much as the Super Mario ones.

Cycling Circle and Star
I really like the pinks and oranges in these leggings and they contrast so well with the black, the design is also really cool and these would be so awesome to wear on a night out.

Stain Glass
These are some of the coolest leggings I've ever seen, they stand out so much and can completely transform an outfit.

So there they are! My favourite Romwe leggings at the moment. I'd definitely recommend you go and check out their site, they have some awesome stuff on there!

Bits I Bought: February

Off I went yesterday on a little shop which turned out really to be a bit of a big shop so I thought I'd give you guys an idea of what I bought.. I'd really recommend at the moment going to Zara because all they're new collections are awesome even though I didn't get anything (ran out of money woops) and HMV because they're 'closing down sale' even though they're not closing down is really good!

Superbad - HMV £3.99
Such a classic film and I didn't realise it was this cheap, had to get it!

Hanna - HMV £2.99
This is such a good action film which I definitely recommend, and we all know I love my action films!

The Boat That Rocked - HMV £3
I love Bill Nighy so much, such a don and he's great in this film.. The music is awesome as well..

(I'd definitely advise people in the UK to check out HMV at the moment, they've marked so much down so it's all really cheap!)

Molton Brown Shower Gel 300ml - Molton Brown £18
This is just a birthday present for my friend, which he better appreciate.. £18 on a shower gel is pretty steep but it smells amazing so totally worth it!

Molton Brown Shower Gel Tester - Molton Brown
Just a free sample which I got with the big shower gel but I have this in full size anyway and it's 'Paradisiac Pink Pepperpod' which is my favourite shower gel of all time!

Tanning Mit - Primark £2
I'm not a big tanner but I've got a special dinner coming up soon and I can't afford for my legs to be looking pasty.. Or my hands looking orange!

Twinpack of Face Wipes - Primark £1
Obviously these aren't the best make up wipes in the world but whenever I take a trip to Primark I always get them, they're such so handy and cheap!

4 Pack of Nail Files - Primark £1
For some bizarre reason my family get through nail files like there's no tomorrow, and the dogs always eat them as well so I find myself buying new ones on a regular basis and these just seemed like a pretty good deal, 25p for a nail file is pretty damn good.

Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection Concealer - Boots £4.19
Okay I did it, I followed the trend and finally bought one of the most raved about products in the beauty world and I've already used it and I agree with everything already. These last so long and cover up really well, I won't go on about it too much, I might do a separate review instead? What do you think? But I had to buy 2 just in case they get discontinued or something, I couldn't risk it.

Real Techniques Core Collection - Boots £21.99
Before this I only had the Real Techniques Powder Brush but I love it so much I thought I'd give the others a try and this collection stood out to me most considering it's basically 20 quid for 4 brushes whereas each individual brush is about £12.. I'll let you do the maths;) Once again, leave in the comments if you'd like me to do a review on these?

Crochet Tee - H&M £7.99
I've just got a new job at my local pub as a waitress where I have to wear a white top and black bottoms and shoes so I saw this and thought it was a cheap and cheerful solution!

Pink Jeans - H&M £7
Definitely buy of the day for only £7 and they fit so well! I tried to get them in green as well but someone beat me to them.. Dammit.

Graphic Tee - Topshop £8
I'm sure you know I love my graphic t-shrits and so when I saw this I had to get it, and for only £8 which is pretty good for toppers!

Hoody - Primark £5
I've been after a thin, oversized hoody for ages to sling on when I'm in a 'comfy mood' as I like to call them and I saw this out the corner of my eye in the sale section for a fiver, so worth it but it's much thinner than I expected and they come up quite small as well so make sure you get a few sizes bigger than your normal size.

Van Lookalikes - Primark £6
I really can't bring myself to spend something ridiculous like £50 on a pair of plimsolls so I found these in Primark for only £6 so they're definitely worth it and they've got loads of colours.. Pink, sky blue, navy (the ones I got), black and red so you'll be stuck for choice if you check them out!

Black Pumps - Primark £3
As I said, I have a new job so these pumps will be perfect, and they're only 3 quid.. BARGAIN!

So there's all the stuff I bought today! I think it's probably time for a spending ban now, woops.

The Maxi Skirt

Beanie - eBay
T-Shirt - Topshop
Maxi skirt - eBay
denim jacket - Topshop
converse - Office
gold chain - ASOS

Topshop Wishlist: February

Topshop Wishlist February

I forgot to do this post last month purely because I was a tad rushed for time with coursework due dates and stuff like that but have no worries I'm gonna do my February wishlist for Topshop now! (even if it is 19 days late).

Even though SS13 is on it's way, it's still England which means it's still likely to be cold, breezy and maybe raining so I'm sure this jacket will keep me warm?

I bought a pair of dungarees last year (so ahead of the trend haha) but they're a shorter pair which are more for the beach than wearing out so I'm after a good pair which are a bit baggier for this year. If you've got any suggestions for good dungaree brands then please leave them in the comments!

Mum always used to dress me in jelly shoes when I was younger so I'd love to buy these just to relive the days, and these are like a twisted version of the old classics!

I'm a big comic lover and so I really like this top, also it's a neon colour which is perfect for SS13, I'm not sure about the price though.

I know nudes are in for SS13 but I still think this colour would be really pretty as well, a couple coats of this and you're done!

This skirt immediately grabbed my attention a few days ago when I was browsing the site and I'm really tempted to buy it. It's only £16 as well which seems like a cheaper price for Topshop despite still being expensive for other shops. This would look so cute with a little bralet and converse, I can picture it now!

So there are my finds in Topshop for this month, what are you after? And leave some suggestions for dungarees below please!

Beanie Collection

SO. I've been meaning to do this post for a while now but I thought since mum has banned me from buying anymore beanies for the next month that I'd do my beanie collection post! As you probably know I'm slightly obsessed with beanies, I love how casual they are and they're perfect in this freezing cold weather (classic England!). They range in price and quality so I hope you can get a few ideas from where to buy beanies from this post! I'll try and link where I can.

Good Boys (Sam Pepper's website)
Light grey - ASOS
Black Bobble - New Look
Mid grey - New Look
Coloured - ASOS

Navy - ASOS
Orange Bobble - ASOS
Royal Blue - eBay

Red Bobble - New Look
Hype - eBay
Mustard Yellow - ASOS
Voi - ASOS

So there it is, my beanie collection! Are you a beanie person? Any good brands you could recommend?

Top 10 Products of 2012

I'm sure you're aware that this is the 1st day of 2013 which means it's time for last years favourites! I hope everyone had a brill NY and had a cheeky kiss at midnight! I'm gonna do two posts for my favourites, this one will be beauty and the next post will be fashion favourites and maybe if I'm going overboard I'll do an extras with like magazines, dvds, etc..

Blistex Lip Brilliance - Blushing- Works like a treat
- Doesn't break the bank (around £4)
- Been working really well in this cold weather with the wind and rain
- Smells buff
- Doesn't drag along your lips when you're applying it as it's really soft and moisturizing and heavenly!
- Only thing I don't really like is the colour but I just put a lippy over the top!

ELF Lip ExfoliatorReview: click here!
- You've seen the review before right? If not click up there ^
- Smells good
- Cheap and cheerful (£3.75)
- Works really well and doesn't take long to apply
- Looks really sleek and stylish

Natural Collection SunTint Bronzing Powder in Sunshine- I can't remember if I've raved about this before but this is my go-to bronzer!
- Not too shimmery or pigmented so it's more of an everyday look
- Only £1.99 so I couldn't love it more!
- Lasts for ageeeeeeees

Soap and Glory Mist You Madly Body Spray
- Love the smell of this
- What I wear to school as it's light and the smaller version fits perfectly in my bag
- Around £7 so at the higher end of body sprays
- Doesn't last that long but it's really refreshing when you spray it on

Boots Essentials Nail Polish Remover- Only £1 and the best nail polish remover I've used in a long time!
- Definitely get it.. Literally get off your computer now and go buy it! (After finishing reading this post of course) haha

VO5 Give Me Texture- For those who don't know I always wear beanies.. I'll have an outfit all sorted and then BAM I walk out the door and have to throw a beanie on! However in the small number of days which I don't wear a beanie I'll be using this to add some texture and volume to my hair
- Totally worth it
- Lasts for quite a while (for me anyway)
- Pink packaging looks cool

MUA Hide and Conceal Cover Up Stick- Favourite concealer of 2012 by far
- Only £1 and completely worth it
- Blends in well with foundation
- Doesn't look yellowy or a dodgy colour
- Conceals really well and is long lasting

MUA Nail Varnish in Shade 1
- Chips a bit if you only have one coat on but if you have 2 or 3 it is much longer lasting
- Pretty navy sparkly colour and only £1
- Loads of other colours to choose from

Aveda Mineral Tinted Moisture
- Light on the skin
- Can build up for a fuller coverage
- Doesn't break me out
- Doesn't look patchy
- Creamy and moisturising
- Quite expensive but worth every penny

No7 Precision Brow Pencil
- Stays on all day
- Looks natural
- Quite expensive but this is mums (ssh)
- Easy to apply

So there they are.. My favourite beauty products of 2012! What are your favourites? I'd love to see what everyone else is raving!


Sorry it's been so long but have no fear.. I'm back! I've had a pretty stressful week once again, English coursework is a massive pain to me right now. So today I'm thinking a Jeffrey Campbell shoe unboxing, I don't know about you but that sounds good to me! As you could probably tell from my instagram post a few weeks ago (maybe even a month) that I bought some Jeffrey Campbell studded heels and lots of you lovelies complimented them so thank you very much! But unfortunately I had to send them back since they were a tincy wincy bit too small for me which was a massive bummer but ah well! I ordered them in a size 4 and they come up small anyway so I didn't really have much chance to be honest.. So I reluctantly sent them back but I rediscovered them a week ago in my size and BOOM! Bought within a matter of seconds and they actually arrived much quicker than before (probably because it isn't the Crimbo period anymore). They fit like a glove (a slightly too big glove but I can live with that!).They are my absolute babies and for only £45 in the sale I could not be happier. I'd definitely recommend checking the Office sale out for JC's and most other types of shoes really - best site for shoes!

Other favourite JC sale shoes:

Hope everyone's having a crackin' week! What are your favourite pair of heels at the moment?
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