Oh My Love

I'm one of those people who gets so ridiculously excited when it's time to buy a new 'going out' dress. I love getting all dolled up to go to a fancy dinner or black tie party and I'm always on the hunt for new dresses, especially ones for the summer now. I came across Oh My Love a month or so ago and ever since I've been hooked on their amazing dresses. Here are a few of my favourites, it took me a long long time to cut the list down but these have to be at the top of my wishlist for summer and party dresses!

I think this is probably the dress at the top of my list and it's so perfect for spring and summer! 

Minnie Green £35
I love how colourful this print is and how the dipped hem doesn't go all the way down to the floor (because I'm a midget).

Neonista Sulpher £35
It takes balls to wear a dress like this but I'd like to think I could pull it off at a summer party maybe? Or even casj it down with some converse and a denim shirt.

Follow My Point £39
This is more for the winter time as I'm not really a massive fan of wearing plain black during the sunny summer but I 'd love to wear this with some neon accents, maybe some bright pink JC's?

Animal Instinct £39
I hope this doesn't look too Kat Slater to you but I really like it.. Paired with some really simple black gladiator sandals, I think this would look great in the summer.

Cut Out Cutie £55
The most expensive out of all these but I still really like it and think I'd be happy to pay the price for this dress, it would look stunning with some plain flats and a dainty bracelet. Unfortunately though the back is well, backless and I have a rather large bust so I doubt this dress would be very suited to my body shape. It's a shame.

So there they are, my favourite Oh My Love dresses at the moment.. What are your favourites?

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An Introduction to Kukee

In the last week or so I've seen a few posts on Kukee, an online jewellery shop which sells really cute and affordable jewellery. I had a good old nose around their site for about 45 minutes where I racked up 39 tabs worth of my favourite picks. I slowly but surely managed to cancel them down to just 3 which were my favourite necklaces. Together, they only cost £9 but with an added £2.20 for post and packaging it was still a pretty reasonable £11.20 for them.

I think that hamsa hands/palms are a really cool and peaceful symbol so when I saw this I was certain that it'd be in my shopping cart! It's only about an inch in length so it's not really chunky which I like and I can't wait to layer it with other silver necklaces!

Ankh Necklace £3.50
When I'm older, I'm hoping to get an ankh tattoo but for now I'm sticking with the necklace. It's bigger than the hamsa palm which I prefer as it's a more simplistic design. It's great to wear with a busy outfit I think, it tones it down.

This is the smallest necklace I bought, it's a very dainty silver pentagram on an 18 inch chain which hits just below a hands width from the bottom of your neck - this is how I personally measure necklaces! I really like how it's antique silver as well, makes it more me.

So I'd definitely recommend checking out their site and buying a few bits and bobs. What are your favourite little online boutiques?

My Thoughts: NYC Colour Wheel Bronzer

Things I like about the product:
The mozaic colours, there's a range of colours so with a smaller brush you can be more specific about what you want to use.
For £3.99 it's really not a bad bronzer, so I'd say this time the price doesn't really reflect the quality.
It's very matte so it reduces shine well, will be good to use in the summer when my skin's more oily.
It's a compressed powder which means you don't need a lot on your brush, especially because it's really pigmented.

Things I don't like about the product:
As you know packaging is very important for me as it kinda defines straight away whether something is a cheap product or not (it's a bit like a sixth sense). Unfortunately the cheap packaging for this bronzer seems like it will crack any minute.
I think when you use this on your face, it makes you look a tad powdery which is of course a good look if you want to look really matte but I don't really like how thick this looks.
I didn't realise how orangey this would be when I bought it but I can really tell now, it's not really a subtle brown colour, it really is quite orange on the skin.
Blending is a nightmare with this bronzer. When I used it the other day, I kid you not I spent about 5-10 minutes working this into my cheeks, I urge you not to use much on the brush!

Overall, I wouldn't recommend this at all unless you're after a really cheap bronzer. I'd say a 5/10 max. What bronzers are you liking?

Topshop Wishlist: March

I'm definitely losing the plot. I thought I had already posted my monthly Topshop Wishlist post for March but clearly not! This will probably be one of my last internet shops for the next few months as I have AS-Levels coming up and the revision I need to do for them is actually crazy! I'm sure those of you with GCSE's, AS-Levels and A-Levels will understand, and god knows what uni students have to go through! But anyway, time to crack on with the wishlist!

1. Zig Zag Ikat Backpack £32
I prefer to carry a backpack around with me rather than a shoulder bag purely because they're more comfortable and I'd love to get this whacky one for the summer.

2. Fringe Lace Crop Top £25
For 25 quid I don't think this is bad at all for Topshop, I really like the length of the tassles as well, I find it very flattering!

3. Red Colourblock Bikini £28
I love how vibrant this bikini is and it'd just be perfect for lounging around the pool in summer!

4. Superheroes Tank £18
This is me in a tank top. As you know, I love superheros and especially Marvel characters so I must buy this tee!

5. Bright Parrot Runner Shorts £12
I hate wearing denim shorts to the beach in the summer so these are a great alternative and they're so soft!

6. Stripe Small Purse £16
A small tribute to the monochrome trend which I seem to have passed by!

7. Charm Bracelets £12.50
I love wearing friendship bracelets in the summer on my wrists and ankles and these are perfect, tad expensive though for a bit cotton.

My Thoughts: NYC High Definition Mascara

I'm sure you have probably noticed by now that this is the mascara which I featured in my NYC Wishlist but I really wouldn't recommend you to add this to your wishlist..

Things I like about the product:

I'm a sucker for bright packaging and this is bright orange which is perfect to fit into my collection! So far the writing hasn't rubbed off either which is good.

It's only £3.99 which is brill as we all love a cheap product but the price reflects in the quality unfortunately.

I don't tend to worry about whether a mascara brush is plastic or not but in this case I'm very much a fan of the plastic brush, it doesn't kinda get caught in your eyelashes if that makes any sense?

The mascara really defines your lashes and lengthens and separates them (a lot of 'ands' there) which isn't really the primary function as it is a volumizing mascara but I still like how it's not very clumpy.

Things I don't like about the product:

I find the mascara quite dry, too dry for a recently purchased product which is disappointing.

The most annoying this about this mascara is that it's supposed to be volumizing but I find it only lengthens, not really doing what it's supposed to.

Overall, I'd give this a 5/10 for a volumizing mascara but probably an 8/10 as a lengthening mascara so I wouldn't recommend this product unless you're after a cheap lengthening mascara! 

What are your favourite volumizing mascaras at the moment?

Yellow Wishlist

march wishlist

Hello hello hello, long time no speak eh? Sorry for the lack of posts but as you can probably guess, I've been bogged down with work. Today I have a very yellow wishlist for you with all my 'hope to buys' this month.

1. Johnson's Baby Shampoo, Lloyds £2.35
As much as I want to try this out for myself to relive the good old days, it is actually for my make up brushes! They are filthy at the moment and I'm going to rely on this to give 'em a good clean.

2. Fairy Lights, eBay £8.99
My room is quite dark at the moment despite my 2 lampshades and 6 ceiling lights so I was thinking of wrapping these around my bed to lighten it up a tad. Also because they look really pretty!

3. Headphones, Urbanears via Selfridges £55
My dull white apple earphones are driving me mad at the moment, they're too boring and always get mixed up with other peoples so I've been on the hunt for some new headphones/earphones and I really like these retro ones!

4. Bandage Apex Bodycon Dress, Topshop £49
I know this is a really 'stand out' dress but it would be so brill to wear clubbing or to a party or whatever, paired with some killer heels!

5. Nails in Beach Shack, Topshop £5
More yellow! I really like this colour, so summery and it doesn't look like it'd be a weird colour to wear on your nails.. And I love Topshop nail varnishes so definitely worth it.

6. White Converse, Office £44.99
I love to throw on my ankle converse with everything despite their muddy greyish colour so I'm gonna save up for some more and this time I'm going to go for the hi-top version.

What are you after this month? And are you a fan of all things yellow?!

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My Thoughts: Korres Body Scrub

Things I like about the product:
It's cool that it's a really natural product (90.6% natural contents) so it's all really healthy for your skin.
It does the job - at the end of the day, it does exfoliate my skin really well because the grains are quite big.
Because the grains are big it means I don't need to use much so it's quite long lasting, especially if you rub it in with shower gel as they kinda make a big frothy exfoliator.
The packaging looks really natural and organic which is simple but not very eye catching.

Things I don't like about the product:
I think it's very overpriced at around £12, not worth the money.
The grains are quite big and get stuck in the lid so I always have to take the whole plastic lid of and squeeze it straight from the tube which is kinda annoying!
It's not very strong smelling, I'd expect a more smelly product for 12 quid.
The lid doesn't shut properly which is so annoying!

Repurchase? No.
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