Topshop Wishlist: March

I'm definitely losing the plot. I thought I had already posted my monthly Topshop Wishlist post for March but clearly not! This will probably be one of my last internet shops for the next few months as I have AS-Levels coming up and the revision I need to do for them is actually crazy! I'm sure those of you with GCSE's, AS-Levels and A-Levels will understand, and god knows what uni students have to go through! But anyway, time to crack on with the wishlist!

1. Zig Zag Ikat Backpack £32
I prefer to carry a backpack around with me rather than a shoulder bag purely because they're more comfortable and I'd love to get this whacky one for the summer.

2. Fringe Lace Crop Top £25
For 25 quid I don't think this is bad at all for Topshop, I really like the length of the tassles as well, I find it very flattering!

3. Red Colourblock Bikini £28
I love how vibrant this bikini is and it'd just be perfect for lounging around the pool in summer!

4. Superheroes Tank £18
This is me in a tank top. As you know, I love superheros and especially Marvel characters so I must buy this tee!

5. Bright Parrot Runner Shorts £12
I hate wearing denim shorts to the beach in the summer so these are a great alternative and they're so soft!

6. Stripe Small Purse £16
A small tribute to the monochrome trend which I seem to have passed by!

7. Charm Bracelets £12.50
I love wearing friendship bracelets in the summer on my wrists and ankles and these are perfect, tad expensive though for a bit cotton.


  1. I love the bikini! And the fringe top. Topshop is so good at the moment. I'm a uni student and I'm drowning under so much work - it's horrible!
    Good luck with your A Levels!

    I have a new Spring outfits style post on my blog if you want a peek


  2. I love the Marvel top!!

  3. Number 1 is just beutiful!

    Please check out my blog:

  4. topshop is best! I especially like the bag and the bikini. Maybe I should order a new one there.

  5. I love topshop, I haven't been in ages though. Trying to save the pennies!

    Good luck in your exams, AS levels can be scary. Having done GCSEs, AS/A levels and a degree I really think that GCSEs are a lot worse there as you have so many subjects! I'm sure you'll do just fine.

    Corinne x

  6. Ahhh need everything from Topshop right now, loving their bikini's! xo

  7. love the bag!

  8. Love that rucksack!x

  9. great wishlist


  10. love the wishlist(:


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