Birthday Wishlist

I'm very happy right now. I'm sat in a sunny room in my dungarees, new tee and a beanie (of course) with a glass of lemonade, loving life. For the first time in ageeeeeeees, it's been blue skies and sun in Kent and it's a shock. I almost forgot what the sun looked like until now. Today I bring you my birthday wishlist, just a few bits and bobs which I'm hoping to receive! My birthday is the 3rd May, so it's not long now and hopefully the sun will decide to say hello for me.

I've been after some riding pants for ages and I definitely prefer them to disco pants so when I saw these they went straight on my wishlist!

I love wearing blue polish and this is such a nice summery shade, I just can't resist!

My current make up bag is a bit grotty and old now and it's time for a new one!

I'm not really a big fragrance kinda person but when I popped into Superdry the other day, this caught my attention.. I can't remember which colour was my favourite, I think it was the blue one?

This is probably one of the most raved about colours in the blogosphere and yes, I'm jumping on the bandwagon. 

I'm so obsessed with Real Techniques at the moment and I just can't get enough of their brushes.

I just love these.

At the moment I'm using my big powder brush to do my blusher and so it'll be nice to have a different brush!


  1. That nail polish is so pretty! and I also want real techniques brushes, they look so good :)

    The British Teen // beauty and fashion blog

  2. I just bought some Real Techniques brushes and can't wait to see what all the fuss is about!
    This is a really colourful wishlist haha :)

  3. Lovely makeup bag! Great wishlist(:


  4. love those shades!
    I need to make a wishlist

  5. I love the riding pants and the nail polishes. I have the real Techniques stippling brush and its by far my favourite brush I own :)

  6. even though i own the AA riding pants i want the topshop ones too :-( also i love the real techniques brushes, they're beyond soft! xxx

  7. I love the AA riding pants so I bet the Topshop ones would be super cute also. Just followed you via GFC and bloglovin!


  8. I have a fair few RT brushes on my wishlist too, they're so lovely! xxx

  9. love those nail polishes and make up bag <3 advance happy birthday to you and so happy with the sunshine too :D

  10. I really want a pair of topshop riding pants and you can't go wrong with real techniques brushes

    A little bit Unique - Blog // Facebook // Bloglovin


  11. Umm. Kind of love your blog. I am in love with the iridescent shades from RayBan too. Happy soon birthday!

    -xx Meg

  12. i love the aztec makeup bag!!!


  13. I'm loving those aviators, and that Superdry perfume would look amazing on the windowsill with light shining through xx
    Gemma ♥ | Miss Makeup Magpie


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