'Purple Blue' by Models Own

As you all probably know, I'm a big lover of Models Own. Especially the nail varnishes, they're such a win when it comes to value for money. This was one of my first from Models Own but I've gone through a stage of not using it. I rediscovered it however before a dinner party I was going to. I can honestly say I've missed this bad boy. It's part of the Beetlejuice collection so it's more of a shimmery, pearlescent finish than the normal colours but I really like that. It's perfect for a night out! So what's wrong with it? As much as I love this polish, it's a bugger to put on. It takes about 3 layers to make it look opaque because it's pretty sheer and even then it still chips. And it doesn't dry quickly either which is also really annoying. Especially for people like me who can't sit still! I'd definitely recommend it though if you've got the time and patience to keep topping up.

Repurchase? Yes.

Are you a fan of the Beetlejuice collection?

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  1. It looks like such an unusual shade, it's lovely! I have a few colours from models own and they all seem to be pretty sheer and require quite a few coats..but when they're on they look super!! ^>^



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