My Thoughts: Topshop Lip Stick in 'Hedonist'

I haven't done a review in ageeeeeeees, and when I picked this up from Topshop the other day I thought it would be a good product to review. With lipsticks I tend to sway more towards the orangey colours, rather than pinks and this stood out to me straight away. Like the name suggests, it's a deep orangey red colour, so perfect for summer! It's super long lasting and so pigmented which is what I love the most. But with long-lasted-ness (new word I've just created) also comes dryness, I find this so drying on my lips so I definitely recommend fixing your lips up a bit before wearing it. I'd 100% recommend this and for £7 it's hardly gonna break the bank, there are so many colours to choose from as well. Next on my list is to try the lip bullets.

Repurchase? Yes.


  1. Really nice blog!xx
    Love these Top Shop lipsticks!

  2. this looks so amazing; such a gorgeous, summery colour! :D xxx

  3. Ooh it looks really nice :) Might give it a go :)
    Jessica xx

  4. lovely shade I'll be checking this out next time I'm in Topshop! x

  5. Ohh i like the look of this :) Lovely shade.


  6. That lipstick is such a beautiful color!! xo

  7. Love Topshop lip sticks. I find the colour lasts for ages. I love this colour too x


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