My Thoughts: Rimmel Kate Moss Matte Lipstick in 101

So when I saw this on the ASOS sale the other day for £3.50, I knew I had to buy it. I'm not the greatest of lipstick wearers, in fact I only really wear it on dressy-uppy occasions but this has made me change my ways for sure. It's supposed to be £5.49 so it's pretty affordable, and definitely worth the money. I got the shade 101 which is a pink, I thought I'd go for a more natural colour rather than the bold reds I'm used to. I really really really like it. It applies really softly onto the lips and lasts for ages, I rarely need to reapply when wearing this. It's really pigmented and the colour looks really nice on the lips. However, it's matte and as we all know with matte lipsticks they can feel quite drying on the lips but I don't find this one too bad.. Just make sure your lips are thoroughly moisturised before wearing this! I'm not gonna lie, the pictures probably aren't doing this any favours but lets blame that on a crappy camera and bad lighting eh? But seriously, I'd definitely recommend buying these, they're perfect.

Repurchase? Yes.

My Thoughts: ELF Makeup Mist and Set

For £3.75 I thought this could be the new MAC Fix Plus but for a fraction of the price. Unfortunately, similarly to my last post the price and quality match up. In other words, this is crap. It comes out as a really heavy spray which kinda soaks your face rather than fixing your makeup in place and the bottle leaks which is never good so you can't carry it in your bag for like a quick touch up in the day. What I will say though is they are the only reasons why I don't like it. It does give a nice finish to the skin eventually after it dries and it doesn't make your skin oily at all. But overall I just don't like it, especially the fact the bottle leaks! Next on my list of finishing sprays to try is the Mineral Mist also by ELF but a bit more expensive at £6. The Makeup Lock & Seal also looks pretty good, I'll let you know what I think! 

Repurchase? No.

Runway Republic Wishlist

So the other day I discovered Runway Republic, an online platform where you buy and sell anything from dresses to makeup to socks to accessories. There are loads of really cool brands on there which make browsing on there quite exciting. I've put together a small wishlist of the main items that stood out to me including this ombre white and turquoise blazer which is amazing!

1. Ombre Blazer
This is definitely my favourite piece out of this wishlist, perfect for summer and can be so easily dressed up or down.

2. Sunnies
I think these would be great for a festival, the colours and flowers are so summery!

3. Bikini
I'm in desperate need of a new bikini and when I saw this it was a definite to include in my wishlist!

4. Graphic Tee
I'm a big lover of graphic tees and I love the print and colour of this one!


My Thoughts: Bourjois 3D Effect Lip Gloss

If you've read my Bourjois Waterproof Mascara review then you'll know I also received this lip gloss in my Bourjois goody bag. It's around £7, so kind of a mid-range price for drugstore lip products. The first and best thing I will say about this product is that it smells amazing, like it smells like heaven. I wanna say it smells coconutty but I can't quite put my finger on the exact smell. It also seems like a really thick formula as it makes a kinda squishy squelchy noise when you take the brush out, it's such a satisfying noise. The small brush makes it really easy to apply, and not too much comes out with each application so it lasts for ages. It has a really glossy finish and looks nice on it's own but would also look great over a lipstick. In the tube, the gloss itself looks really shimmery but on the lips it's not that noticeable but makes your lips really shiny! There are so many colours to choose from which can see you from summer right through to winter (mine's in 49 - Rose Pacific).

Repurchase? Yes.

My Thoughts: MUA Brow Pencil

I thought this brow pencil ages ago in hope that it would live up to the expectations set after reviewing other MUA products but sadly it doesn't. Unfortunately the price of it is definitely reflected in the quality, it's only a pound but boy you can tell! It's really soft which is good for an eyeliner but bad for the brows, it means that this comes out really harsh and bold on the skin as you can see in the swatches above. This creates more of a scouse brow which I'm not really up for rocking! I bought the brunette colour which was probably a mistake as it's way too dark but the blonde would be too light which put me in a bit of a dilemma as there are only 2 shades. However it's not all bad news. I think this would be great to use as an eyeliner instead as it smudges really easily so it could help create the perfect brown smokey eye!

Repurchase? No.

My Thoughts: Bourjois Waterproof Volume Mascara

I got this a while a go for my birthday in a little Bourjois goody bag thing along with an eyeshadow, nail varnish and lip gloss (review coming soon). I only started using this a few weeks ago but I love it already. It's not clumpy at all, and comes out really nicely and evenly on the brush. It works wonders on my lashes, it creates so much volume and makes me look like I've got so many lashes! As for the waterproof-ness, it's just as amazing as the volumizing! Stays put for ages but eventually after a while it starts to run and smudge but to be honest, I'm happy just to use this as a normal mascara! But at the same time it's a nightmare to take off! It's around £8 but worth every penny, I promise you!

Repurchase? Yes.


Dungarees - Topshop
Crop Top - Topshop
Gold Chain - ASOS
Converse - Office

Hello everyone, outfit post today! Haven't done one in a while but I quite liked this casual dungaree outfit so why not share it with you all?! As you know my style is very casual and this is just what I wore when I had a few friends over for drinks the other evening. It's perfect evening weather for shorts now which is great so I took the opportunity to throw on my dungarees!

My Thoughts: 'Green with Envy' by Rimmel

This was the first nail varnish I ever bought, all those years ago back in year 7, the good old days when Miss Sporty was all I owned! Since then I've repurchased it but only just rediscovered it, if that makes any sense at all? The thing I love most about this is how quickly it dries, not sure if it's 60 seconds but it's pretty quick! The wide brush makes it so easy to apply and it takes literally no time at all. It's really pigmented and takes no more than 2 coats to get a really even, non streaky nail. I find it goes quite gloopy though which is annoying but that's nothing a drop of nail polish remover can't sort out! 

Repurchase? Yes.

My Thoughts: MUA Bronzer

Well, it's rather hot isn't it? Us Brits aren't really used to this heat so I find myself already sunburnt and struggling to stay in the sun for longer than 10 minutes. How is everyone else coping? Much better than I am? Just a few apologies to make before this review. One, I'm so sorry I haven't been keeping up with my usual post timings - been a tad busy recently with coursework and all that malarkey. Two, the photo quality today really ain't too good, I seem to have misplaced my memory card for the good camera so I'm currently using my crappy old Nikon thing.

I'm gonna review the MUA Bronzer today, in shade numero uno. I ordered this off the website a few months ago but only just really noticed it this week so I thought why not do a review eh? It's only £1 and for the price I think it's pretty sweet. At first I was a bit scared due to the crazy about of shimmer I could see in it in the light but once on the skin it's hardly noticeable, especially when really blended. It doesn't appear as orange on the skin either unless applying onto more reddy skin (which I discovered with my sunburn). It's really flattering on the skin and for a quid I honestly think you can't go wrong. It's really easy to wash off, whether that's a good or bad thing - up to you. If you're just getting into bronzers I think this would be great, and just remember it's a pound. If you don't it then who cares!

Repurchase? Yes.

What are your favourite drugstore bronzers?

Motel Rocks Sale Picks

I've been obsessed with Motel Rocks recently, like reaaally obsessed. I don't think I've gone one night in the last two weeks when I haven't had a little mooch around their site. And the sale is amazing, I'm not using that term lightly, so here are a few of my favourite picks.

I really like the shape of this shirt, not too oversized but breezy enough for summer and I loooooooove the print.

I've never really worn midi's that much but I'd love to kickstart that with this bright blue one, such a great colour for summer.

I've already got a pair of these Galaxy leggings, and I've raved about them in a post before (click here for the review), I'd completely 100% recommend them. And this bright red colour just jumped out at me on the site.

This is such a good alternative to the classic skort/shorts which are floating around the Blogosphere at the moment, and so perfect for summer.

I am literally in love with this dress. I love the pattern, the fit, the length, just everything and for £25 it's just such a bargain.

Don't forget if you're after 20% off at Motel Rocks then use my code 'therawrdrobe' for a fabulous discount!
Hope everyone's enjoying the summer sun!

Summer Beauty Essentials

So my last summer fashion essentials post seemed to go down pretty well so here's the second part, all the beauty bits and bobs! It's so important in summer to maintain your skin regime, especially for me as I normally have to deal with dreaded sunburn. Ergh, nightmare.

I don't really know what it is about summer, maybe the sun.. but I moisturize very carefully in summer. I don't wanna end up looking sweaty and oily but I still think it's important.

Personally, I'm not always a big colour wearer, so it's nice in summer to dress your outfit up with your makeup and the best way to do this is lips. Corals, reds, pinks, anything bright.

If you tan and don't burn then you can quit reading this and skip to no.4 but unfortunately I burn, and when I burn, I really burn so aftersun tends to be my best friend throughout summertime. And it's a nice moisturizer anyways!

Panda eyes has never been a good look and I doubt it ever will be, let's all prevent this with some initiative. 

Summer hair is all about texture and salt sprays always do the job for the beachy wavy look we all want. You can get them so cheaply as well, this Toni & Guy one is like £7? Bargain.

I'm a sucker for a bright coloured nail and Models Own do me proud everytime. I'm wearing 'Toxic Apple' which is the green one above, non-stop at the moment.

Little Black Dress

I'm a sucker for a black tie event, it's no secret. Heels, dress, jewellery, the whole sherbang. I love it. So today I bring you a little wishlist of what dresses I'm lusting after from the online dress haven, Little Black Dress. Not only do they sell black dresses but also shoes, bags, jewellery, hair accessories and the list goes on! I think it's such a good place to find bits and bobs from proms and weddings. And delivery is free, always a bonus!

Bit whacky, but I like it. Would look great as just a monochrome outfit, some black heels would do this dress just fine!

This has got so much fun factor it's unreal, not sure if I'd wear this to a posh event but it's so fun to wear daytime.

I love the shoulders on this dress, they're structured and look amazing along with the sequins.

I'd definitely wear this dress for a posh night out, it's a lot of money but it would look amazing and I love the long sleeves.

I really love this bracelet, I think it's my favourite item out of this wishlist. It can be so simple on its own but you could also wear it with other bangles and bracelets for a casj look.

So there are my top picks from the Little Black Dress website!


Summer Fashion Essentials

I know, long time no post and I'm so sorry! I've been so busy recently and haven't even had time to schedule a few posts. Tap on the wrist for me! But I did spend an evening at the Company Blogging Forum which was incredible, so much great advice from Susie Bubble and Rhiannon! There are plenty of posts about it all around the blogosphere already, I suggest you check them out, and check out what we received in our little goodie bags! 

Anyways, I'm back today with a little summer essentials post, today it'll be about my fashion favourites and then next week I may bounce back with a cheeky beauty favourites, if you're lucky;)

A vital part of my summer essentials, to dress up at night or wear casj in the day with just some gladiator sandals or converse!

I'm all for a bitta figure hugging clothes every now and then but in summer I always think it's nice to chill in some cheap-ish baggy shorts, bargain ones always come from Primarni for like £4 but eBay do some good'uns as well.

I wear converse all year round, at least once a week but I find them particularly great in summer. Any colour, always look better clean in summer with some cute shorts and any top.. And the best thing, they don't stink your feet out!

A good pair of sunnies are so vital for summer, I'm a good quality sunglasses kinda gal so I don't tend to go for the eBay purchases but I hear they are good! I stay safe with my aviators for now but hopefully this summer I'll branch out to new shapes and colours!

You knew these were coming didn't you? Predictable I know but this summer I'll be surprised if anyone can go a whole summer from now on without lusting after a pair of these. Having trouble styling them? Then click here for my styling post!

Every summer for the last few years I have headed to Primark and without a doubt, always picked up a few mens vest tops for £4-6. Such a bargain and can be worn with shorts, skirts, jeans, dungarees, leggings or just to cover up a bikini. So worth the money and if they get ruined? Just buy some more next year!

So there you have it, my fashion essentials for summer!
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