September Favourites

Wow, a month of year 13 has already flown by. Before we know it it's gonna be Christmas (so check out my winter essentials here). I've not been loving an awful lot this month but what I've been loving, I've been really really loving.

I joined the Bioderma bandwagon in summer and it's just the best. Any makeup is gone with one cotton pad and it seems to be much better for my skin than makeup wipes. 

I bought this at a discounted price when I went to the Benefit Face Date (post here) and I've been loving it ever since. It's so soft on your face and makes your makeup last the whole day, even if it's crappy not-supposed-to-be-longlasting makeup. 

I've been having a bit of a bracelet month, piling on the bracelets and I've been particularly loving this infinity bracelets which I received a few months ago.

Now we all know I love Kukee but they really are the best. So affordable and such good quality, I love just throwing these necklaces on with any outfit.

In my room, (room tour coming soon) I've got 2 massive IKEA frames which I've had for a few years now which are full of my year 10 summer photos. Since then, I've collected many more photos and I've got nowhere to put them so when I saw this scrapbook for a cheapy cheap price I had to get it. Since then I've already filled it with loadsa photos, definitely recommend scrapbooking!

This palette is £4 and is 100% my favourite eyeshadow palette ever. The shades are so pigmented and I love to use it for contouring (shade 5) and highlighting (shade 1) as well.

What have you been loving this month?

Pick of the Week #1 @ Topshop

I've been after a duffle/slouchy bag for ageeeees, I saw one on ASOS as you may remember from my ASOS wishlist a few weeks ago. When browsing on the New In section of the Topshop website a few hours ago I spotted this beaut. I just love everything about it, from the material to the colour which I think would be suited for all year round. It doesn't look too big and for £28 I think it's a fairly reasonable price as far as Topshop bags go. When I have enough money in my account I will 100% be purchasing this, can't wait to style it as well.

My Thoughts: Bourjois Shine Edition Lipstick in 20

As some of you may know I received this lippy by winning a giveaway (post here) and I must say, I really do quite like it. I guess it's more of a summery colour but that doesn't stop me from wearing it at the moment. The colour is just amazing, it's like a corally orangey colour if that makes any sense. The first thing I noticed when I used this is how well it applies, one swipe and you're pretty much set to go! At first I think it appears very glossy on the lips but after a while it mattes down a little, which I prefer. The formula is really moisturising but doesn't feel sticky on your lips which is always good. Nothing worse than sticky lips eh - ohh dear, that sounded bad didn't it? You can use this lipstick for just a sheer lip or you can layer it on for a more pigmented look. The staying power is pretty good as well, I'd say at least a few hours, like 5+ and it looks as good as it did when you first applied! Oh yeah, and a bonus.. The packaging is really sleek and cool!

Repurchase? Yes.

Bringing It Back

Baseball Top - ASOS
Jeans - River Island
Necklace - Gogo Philip via ASOS
Converse - Office
Bag - Topshop (similar here)
Ring - Topshop

Sorry guys, some extremely crappy quality photos today - brother was wrong when he said they were in focus! But anyways, here's an outfit post since I haven't done one in sooooo long. Considering I started this as a fashion blog, I should probably keep up with my fashion posts! This was just an outfit I flung on yesterday when I got back from school. I'm bringing my dogtooth green and black jeans back for A/W, they've been at the back of my drawer for too long.

I Won a Giveaway!

Yay I won a giveaway! Was so excited when I received the tweet from Beatrice over at Beatrice Sapphire the other week to find out I had won her 100 follower giveaway! I received an MUA palette (another to add to my collection mwahaha), 3 Barry M nail varnishes and a Bourjois Shine Edition lipstick. I was so happy with the contents of the giveaway, and since receiving the products I've already worn each nail varnish and plunged into the palette!

Barry M Polishes - Bluberry, Papaya, Lavender
MUA Undress Me Too Palette

Just wanna say another massive thank you to Bea!

Thinking Ahead for Winter...

In the UK I can safely say we're already well into autumn. I've already found myself wrapping up in my beanie (as per usual) along with a hoody, parka jacket, gloves and two pairs of socks. Is this normal for mid September? I certainly don't know. But since we're having this awful weather I thought it'd only be right to do a post on what my essentials are for winter. First up are some comfy and cute wellies, these ones are from Joules and so worth the money, I think I'd recommend these over hunters, I love the patterns as well. Well surprise surprise, Katy's included a beanie. Yes, we all know I'm a massive beanie person, maybe I'm a bit too obsessed? But for winter it's gotta be acceptable. I love these 'Chunky Casual Rib Beanies' from Topshop, they're £14 which isn't too bad but ASOS also have some really nice affordable ones (and a cheeky top tip: check out the sale beanies and the mens ones!). In the winter my skin really dries out, and it's never a good look so for me it's really important to moisturise, this Benefit one. It's really thick so you don't have to use much and it certainly does the job! Now this pick may be debatable but for me it's a must have and this is a 'going out dress'. At my school each house has a dinner party and mine is normally around crimbo time so the perfect dress is an essential for me. I love Oh My Love for their dresses and have raved about them many times before. Their sale is amazing as well, definitely check it out. A christmassy candle is also essential to get you in the festive spirit. It's the only time of year when I actually buy Yankee Candles so I normally stick with the ones I know and love including 'Christmas Cookie', 'Cinammon Stick' and my very favourite 'Red Apple Wreath'. Last but not least, a decent lip balm. My lips are just as bad as my skin in the winter and as much as I exfoliate and vaseline them when I get home it just doesn't do the job. So my resolution for winter is to always carry a lip balm around with me, and I really like this one from the Body Shop! Smells amazing as well which always a bonus!

What are your winter essentials at the moment?


ASOS Saved List #1

1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6

ASOS always has been and always will be my favourite online store. With free shipping and continuous sales there is nothing not to love, and they have the best brands on their site as well. So here are a few items from my 'saved items' list, out of the many I have stored away in there! Out of all these things I've been lusting after the bag the longest, I'm reaching the point now where I think I might just have to man up and buy this (what I think is overpriced) bag. Still love it though. Really love these rings as well, they're by a brand called Bloody Mary which make sterling silver rings but they're £30 each which a bit of a bummer. However, if anyone wishes to buy me one of these rings then feel free ;) I'm in need of some sturdy boots for the winter, these caught my eye straight away as they're only £60, compared to the more expensive ALDO ones. I'm gonna have to check out Topshop for boots as well, have you seen any good ones? Now, this t-shirt may be a bit controversial but I do really like it. Just for a casj day, hoody and trackies, now that is what you call a fashion blogger! This kimono is down in the sale at the mo from £40 to just £24, I'm struggling not to buy it. But lets be honest, it's waaaaay too cold in the UK at the moment to be pulling off a kimono. And that is why I'm really liking this blazer, teamed with a white tank top, black disco pants and some boots, I can see this as a staple jacket for A/W. So whatcha think of this post? Should I continue with a kinda 'what's in my saved list slash wishlist' thing?

Benefit Face Date

(Hannah accidentally knocked over the big easel at the front of the shop haha)

Hello hello hello! Sorry I haven't posted in a while, going back to school's been a bit hectic but here comes an exciting post for you all.. So on results day a few weeks ago, I was lucky enough to spot the free Benefit event on the Company website as a part of their Beauty Week. With a goody bag, glass of bubbly, 20% discount and makeover as a part of the ticket, it took me roughly 3 seconds to decide that I wanted to go. I'm extremely glad I went as well, was such good experience and the fact that there were only about 10 of us there made it even better as we all had more time to talk to the Benefit makeup artists and Company girls! It was at the store in Covent Garden as well which meant I had time to have a muse around the shops. I had my makeup done by a really nice girl (can't remember her name but she was a babe) with bronzey goldy colours and winged liner and of course the classic 'They're Real' mascara which looked amazing. I also discovered I have very nice bottom lashes, woooooo! I also tried out the 'POREfessional Primer' and 'Hello Flawless' foundation which I loved so bought both of them for £40 together which may seem a big chunk of money to blow at one moment but they'll last for ages and the foundation really suits my skin type which is good. After that, the head makeup artist at Benefit, Lisa Potter-Dixon, gave us a tutorial for a glossy eye look which is gonna be massive this A/W and especially at London Fashion Week. She also said that eyeliner's gonna be a big thing. Overall it was such a good experience to meet other bloggers and the makeup artists and everything, if there's another one then I definitely recommend going!

My Thoughts: Fashionista Lengthening Mascara

When I saw this in the MUA sale for £1.50, I had to get it, to at least try out. Unfortunately it's not something I'll buy again but at this price, I'm glad I tried it out! For the first few strokes, the mascara does absolutely nothing, you wouldn't even know you had any on but gradually it builds up to form what looks very natural. After a while of applying it blackens and lengthens the lashes and can look really good if you spend the time making your lashes look good! I personally prefer to use this just on my bottom lashes as I find it works better. This comes off really easily, with just a cotton pad of water this will completely disappear. 

Repurchase? No.
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