November Favourites

It's december tomorrow, wtf. This has been a quick old year hasn't it? I'm all syked for my advent calendars tomorrow (yes, plural) and to finally be able to openly wear my Christmas jumpers, play Christmas songs and speak aloud when checking my Christmas countdown app. I'm also blogging everyday up until Christmas so be sure to check that out! But for now, these are my november favourites which have got me through this month. I think I might start doing monthy goodies again since I love reading them so much. Whatcha think?

Regular readers of my blog will know that I actually despise vaseline. However, I'm sad to admit that this little pot of aloe vera has got me through the chapped lips stage of winter and saved me from dry lips. Maybe vaseline's not so bad after all?

This was actually supposed to be a birthday present for my friend back in may but we just never saw each other so now I've claimed it as my own, I'm glad I did. I use this to blend my concealer into my foundation and it does a wonderful job. Definitely worth putting on your Christmas wishlist!

I'm clearly not blonde but this is just the perfect shade for my eyebrows, it's much more waxy than the brunette version of this pencil which I've previously slated (review here). I definitely prefer the waxy consistency though as it keeps your eyebrows in place. For a pound this is probably my favourite out of all these favourites!

If you've read my review you'll know that I received this as a present and I'm a huge fan. I've been wearing it non-stop since I got it and in a few months time hopefully this will be my signature scent haha.

For a fiver this is such a bargain and you can literally chuck it on with everything. It's really warm and doesn't attract a load of hair or anything (which really gets on my nerves) so it's great! 

'Bora Bora' by Models Own

I picked this up recently in the ASOS sale for £3.50 and I'm so glad I did! This glittery gold shade is perfect for the party season coming up and I've already worn it at Toby's surprise dinner where I received a few cheeky compliments on it! The glitter is really tiny which looks really pretty layered over another nail varnish or just on it's own. It applies well and dries quickly which is very handy as I'm a massive fidget when painting my nails. I've been wearing it for the past week and a half (is that bad of me?) and it hasn't chipped at all and I haven't had to reapply which makes this seem pretty good in my books! For a fiver, I love all the Models Own nail polishes and I'm a huge fan, this one definitely doesn't disappoint.

Repurchase? Yes.

Pick of the Week #8 @ Monki

I am really loving Monki at the moment. So affordable and getting free delivery at ASOS is such a bonus. I really like this top which I found the other day, looks like it could be so versatile and I really like the texture and the 3/4 length sleeves appeal to me much more around this time of year. I'd wear this quite casually with some skinnies and my Deena & Ozzy boots or dress it up with some leather panel leggings to class the textures and some black heels. Hmm, I wanna get dressed up and go out now! 

My Thoughts: Batiste Dry Shampoo in Paisley

Dry shampoo is our saviour on those dull hair days when we need some volume or just something to quickly 'clean' our hair, as grim as that sounds. This version of Batiste's Dry Shampoo is definitely my favourite, it smells quite musky but also fruity and I love the bright packaging! It does the job well but I always have to be careful not to spray too much too close to avoid the classic grey hair syndrome!

Repurchase? Yes.

Paul Smith 'Women' Eau de Parfum

As you will know from my last post, I helped organise Toby's 18th surprise birthday and as a little thank you, his mum bought me this! It's such a pretty, floral scent but quite fresh at the same time. I'm not keen on many perfumes but I really like this one, and it's relatively long lasting as well so I don't feel the need to top up much. It's definitely more of a spring/summer time scent but I find it wearable in the day time anyway. I love the simple packaging as well, and the small bottle means it's easy to chuck in your bag before you go out!

Repurchase? Yes.


Katy Stephenson Outfit The Rawrdrobe Blog
Katy Stephenson Outfit The Rawrdrobe Blog

Lace Dress - ASOS
Heels - New Look

Hellooooo! Sorry I haven't posted in a few days, it's been very hectic at the moment. It turns out that helping to plan a surprise 18th with a group of 18 year old boys is quite tricky! It was my boyfriends birthday yesterday so we all went out for a nice posh lunch somewhere so I had the opportunity to dress up. Yes! I love dressing up and it gave me the chance to wear this amazing dress from ASOS which is only £35 which I'm chuffed with! These heels are from New Look but don't get them! I walked around in them for about half an hour and the strap broke off which is never a good thing, and I think I speak on behalf of others when I say that thirty pound shoes shouldn't do that! But never mind, we had a great day and he loved the onesie which I bought him which was a massive bonus!

Dear Santa..

Over the past few days I've seen numerous Christmas wishlists appearing on my blogger feed (my favourites being Kate's (link here) and Rachel's (link here). So now it's my turn. I'm being particularly wishful this year as a lot of things have caught my eye and I've been wanting/needing for ages! Literally everything is fashion/beauty based which is very typical #blogger if you know what I mean but oh well! I won't waffle on about why these are all on my wishlist but just trust me I love them all! Feel free to leave your Christmas wishlist links below, I'd love to read them!

My Thoughts: Anatomicals Day and Night Spot Stick

Similarly to my review on the Anatomicals lip balm (link here), this is a really disappointing product. It's supposed to clear up your spots but all it did was break me out which I wasn't expecting. Once again the packaging is really cute and it didn't cost much but that doesn't stop it from being a crap product. Both the 'day' and 'night' formulas smell really strongly of tea tree and alcohol and my skin really doesn't like the alcohol in this. It doesn't sting but I personally think that the dofe applicator is unhygienic so I'd put this on a cotton bud when using it. I also found the application of the product irregular so sometimes a massive gloopy bit would come out and sometimes a pathetic amount would, or maybe I just need to work on my dofe application skills? I don't see an obvious difference between the day and night solutions either, apart from the night one seeming thicker and smelling stronger and of course being white in colour as neither of them helped my spots. Redness wasn't reduced, the size of the spot wasn't reduced and both solutions broke me out even more so I'm afraid to say this product is a massive no go!

Repurchase? No.

Pick of the Week #7 @ River Island

Coca cola advert? Check. John Lewis advert? Check. Time to buy a Christmas jumper? Check. I love this one from River Island, so affordable and I love the bright colours in it, so bloody festive! I'm one of those people who wear their crimbo jumper everywhere - be that school, work, cinema, anywhere and with everything - leggings, jeans, layered under my onesie (super snuggly). I'm also really loving the festive jumpers at ASOS this year, they're doing well! Have you got your jumper yet?

ASOS Saved List #2

I haven't done an 'ASOS Saved List' post in so long and I'm particularly loving ASOS at the moment, and especially for Christmas presents. They've got a gift guide thing at the moment which you should definitely check out and they've got a 10% off at the moment as well which is well worth having a look at! May use this opportunity to get this onesie which I've been eyeing up for a while now and this bandana t-shirt dress which I really love. I'd probs wear it with some thick tights, a black beanie and these New Balance trainers which I need in my life! I think this bracelet is really pretty as well and it's only £6 and I prefer silver jewellery much more to gold bling.

Deena & Ozzy Boots

When browsing for my 'Black Booties' post (link here), I saw these boots on the Urban Outfitters website but I really wasn't too fussed about them. The leather looked too shiny which I wasn't too keen on. However, when shopping in Bluewater last week, I saw these again in the shop and I knew I wanted them straight away. The leather looked much more matte and felt really soft, unlike it did on the site. I tried them on and they fit perfectly, very true to size and are supportive around the ankle which I really look for in boots. They don't look clumpy or too bulky, they're narrow and have silver hardware so are definitely the perfect boot for me! They were £95 which is a little steep compared to Topshop or ASOS boots, but they seem worth the money, I can see these sticking with me for a while! I'd definitely recommend you check out Deena & Ozzy boots, they have quite a few pairs which I've also had my eye on so it's worth having a look in UO. Have you found your perfect pair of boots for this year?

Pick of the Week #6 @ Michael Kors

This is already on my Christmas wishlist, I just love it. So simple but so affordable (for a Michael Kors bag) and I know that I'd wear it to death. It doesn't seem too small so I could fit my monki purse in it and my phone and all that bag stuff us girls have!

My Thoughts: Anatomicals Stop Cracking Up Lip Balm

I'd never tried Anatomicals before until I bought this, so when they had a massive sale on ASOS I bought a couple of things. This was down to £1.50 so I thought why not? And if you've seen my winter skincare post (link here) then you'd know my resolution this winter is to keep my lips nice and moisturised! First of all, I love the packaging for all of the Anatomicals products - it's really cute and fun. The thick formula of this makes it feel more like a gel on your lips than an actual lip balm like vaseline or something. It doesn't smell or taste of anything which I like and it's not sticky on your lips. It feels and looks very glossy though, almost like a clear lip gloss which I guess some people may like? I'm personally not too bothered! After the first use I noticed a bit of a difference in my lips but then after that it didn't do much to be honest. It's a shame because I really like the formula and packaging and price but it just doesn't work.

Repurchase? No.


Jumper - Mango
Shirt (underneath) - Topshop
Leggings - Topshop

Wore this casual little outfit to a family dinner the other day to celebrate an early Christmas! This jumper is by far my favourite thing in my wardrobe at the moment, so easy to throw on with every outfit. The leather leggings dress the outfit up ever so slightly and I was wearing my Deena & Ozzy boots as well!
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