Schwarzkopf Texturising Salt Spray

After this being recommended to me by a friend and then seeing it on offer in Boots, I just had to get it. It's a 'mermaid look' texturising salt spray which I've been wanting to get for ages but just never knew which one to get. I use it when my hair is damp and I just spray quite a lot in and scrunch into my hair a bit with my hands. I'm quite impressed with this one considering it's so cheap. It seems to work quite well with me, doesn't dry my hair out and it does a pretty decent job of adding texture. It lasts a while, a few hours I'd say but I reckon it would drop out pretty easily on a night out and it smells alright as well haha. Only issue I have with this is that it makes my hair feel much knottier, especially around the bottom. But I guess with a bit of detangling spray and some dedicated time with a tangle teezer, that can be sorted out!

Repurchase? Yes.


  1. i've been looking for a good seasalt spray, i've tried the mark hill one but that made my hair horrible and sticky, like it was sore too brush, might give this one ago! xx

  2. Wow! i loved your calendar so far! Its a great idea, ive never seen it before! Great idea!

    Thank you so much for your lovely comment!

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