Gifts for Girls

So here we have the second part of my 'gift guide' kinda thing, and this one's for the gals! I'm targetting these presents at teenagers/early twenties, and they're all mainly beauty and fashion based! Once again there's a range of prices from the cheaper body gel and phone case, to the more expensive watch and JC's!


  1. Recommend the naked basics palette to any beauty lover!! I really want those RT brushes xx

    Lucy Cole | A UK Fashion, Style and Beauty Blog

  2. I adore the watch! x

  3. Love the watch and anything Body Shop! The lipstick is so festive!

  4. fab post, love the lipstick and top!

  5. I'm desperate for the Naked Basic palette, and I love the beanie!
    Eden xx

  6. Nice ideas I love the watch, I included Alexa's book in my gift guide too :)
    Meg xx


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