Topshop Wishlist: December

As if it's Christmas eve already! I'm posting this early so you can all have a little peak at my Topshop wishlist at the moment! Now don't get this post confused with a very last minute 'what I want for Christmas' kinda thing, it's actually the bits and bobs I intend to buy from Topshop after Christmas when I've got a bitta dollar in my pocket! Out of everything, the first thing I'm gonna hopefully buy is this dress. It looks super flattering and it's only £24 which is amazing for Topshop!

Since this is my last post before the big day, I wish everyone a very happy Christmas and I hope everyone has an amazing time! I'm off out tonight to the pub with Toby and some friends and then tomorrow we've got my grandma coming over wooo party! But seriously, I hope everyone has a brill time!


  1. The dress looks lovely and a beautiful burgundy color! Xx

    Makeup by Candlelight

  2. I love the tshirt and dress! X

  3. Love the dress and the beanie :) merry christmas x

    ♡ The British Teen ♡

    Heidi ♡

  4. Love the dress, so pretty! xx

  5. I love the jeans! x

  6. these beanies look so cosy:)
    elizabethsophiee x


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