Bits I Bought: January

Yes I know, by the looks of things my spending ban didn't last long but lucky for me, my mum treated me to these bits and bobs! My Topshop Leigh jeans have been broken for months now and I've just never got round to getting some more so mama got me these from River Island and I love them so much (review coming soon) and definitely recommend them! If you've seen my most recent outfit post (link here) then you would've seen this amazing jacquard top from Topshop which is just perfect for going out, click the link for more info on it! Mum also picked me up this bronzer in 'sun shine' from Boots which is my go-to drugstore shimmery bronzer for only £2 - bargain.

Now the exciting news. Last week I was emailed to say that my application to be an ASOS Insider had been accepted and I can honestly say I screamed. Maybe it was an overreaction but I really couldn't believe it. So as a little welcome, #AccessAllASOS sent me a box of goodies including a handwritten note, fortune cookie (which tasted amazing), beanie and some shades. I really love the colour of the beanie and it made me realise that's one of the only colours I didn't have a beanie in - shocker! But anyway I'd just like to say a big thank you to #AccessAllASOS!


 Katy Stephenson Outfit The Rawrdrobe Blog

Top - Topshop
Leather Jeans - River Island
Gold Chain - ASOS
Watch - Michael Kors
Nails - Hedonist by Models Own (review here)

It was my friend Amber's 19th the other day (mention for Bam!) so we all went out for a meal at Prezzo and this is what I wore. I bought this top the same day from Topshop, it was £26 which is pretty overpriced but I really love it. It's slightly cropped so it would look great with high waisted jeans but you could also layer it over a cute little skater skirt which I might try next time. Over the top of this I also wore a leather jacket and my Michael Kors bag so I was all leathered out. I think leather is definitely my new favourite thing!

ASOS Saved List #3

ASOS Saved List #2

Oh I wish I was rich. There's so much stuff I'm loving on ASOS at the moment varying from beauty bits to trainers to presents and all sorts. As you can see this wishlist is very monochrome but these are my top picks out of my saved list at the mo. I recently bought my first Brashy Couture t-shirt and I love it so much, so comfy and I really like their simplistic designs, so this is next on my t-shirt wishlist! The trainers are also something I'm saving up for, they're £80 but seem well worth it.

'Hedonist' by Models Own

'Hedonist' by Models Own

This is one of my oldest Models Own polishes, I got it last year for my birthday and this was one of my go-to summer neon shades. It's a bright pinky orangey neon shade which to be fair isn't exactly ideal for winter but I love it anyway. It's a part of the Hedkandi collection which is predominantly party themed to put it simply so this shade really reminds me of clubbing in the summer and going on holiday. I find it quite a matte shade, but I prefer it this way since I'm not a massive fan of glossy nails. I'd also say that this is one of the fastest drying Models Own polishes that I have, no need for my trusty Elegant Touch Nail Spray (review here). It's also really easy to apply, which I'm surprised about considering I've had it for almost a year and it's not gloopy or anything. This is definitely one of my favourite Models Own polishes and I'd definitely suggest checking it out for summer 2014!

Repurchase? Yes.

Reebok Nylon Slims

I'm one of those people where I see something I like, and then I go and buy it in the lariest colour. That's just what I did with these shoes. They were in the sale for £20 on the site and I just couldn't resist them. I don't know why they were in the sale because they're so amazing.

It's quite a narrow styled shoe so I wouldn't recommend them to anyone with wider feet as they may be a bit uncomfortable but for me, they fit alright. I find them quite roomy around the toe but it's not really that noticeable when I'm walking or whatever. Apart from that I think they're really comfy, Reebok classic trainers are so comfortable you cannot believe.

I guess I can't say much about the price since they were in the sale but I'd definitely buy another (less lary) pair even if they weren't in the sale. Shame that I don't have any money isn't it? But they're really really really cheap and only around £34 off the website which is a bit of a steal to be quite frank because they're just so worth the money. However, the colour selection on this particular style isn't huge but there's loads more options with similar styles on the website.

Repurchase? Yes.

Makeup and Beauty Storage feat. IKEA (Not the Alex Drawers)

As you can tell by the title, this is a 'makeup storage' post despite the fact not much of this is makeup! I went to IKEA at the weekend with my family (best roadtrip ever) so of course I had to get something for my room. This time it was the 'MALM' drawers which I've used to store most of my makeup and beauty bits. It's very similar to the 'ALEX' drawers which every blogger and their mum seems to have. I really like the fact this also has a mirror on the top so I can use that as well when I need to. I also bought this tray which is really useful when organising makeup, shame I didn't get two really. But anyways, lets get to the makeup..

Right so that was the top of my drawers, and as you can see I haven't got the mirror up because I just don't have enough space at the mo! So up here I've got my makeup brushes, cotton wool pads, everyday makeup, everyday perfumes, my trusty L'Oreal Micellar Water, my Raybans and a photo of me and Toby (IKEA frame). These are pretty much my everyday things but I'll do an everyday makeup kinda thang soon!

My first drawer contains the makeup that I change up more frequently. So this includes mascaras, eyeliners, brow pencils and waxes, lip balms and then my eyelash curlers, pencil sharpener and tweezers which I use on a daily basis.

Here are all my lipsticks and face products which I don't tend to switch around much. I used the drawers from my muji storage to make different sections and they fit perfectly which is sweeeeet! I've also got my moisturiser, cleanser and sudocrem here for easy access!

This is a bit of a random/unorganised drawer which some random makeup bits and bobs. I've got 4 cup holder things from Tiger which house my loose eyeshadows, skincare bits, sponges/nail files/applicator things and random nail polishes. To the right I squeeze in a few of my favourite palettes, mostly MUA! At the back there are some makeup wipes, muslin cloths and some makeup bags which don't really fit!

Here are just random skincare, bodycare and nailcare bits which I sometimes use. There are a lot of random things in here as well including candles, anti-bac hand gels and fake tanning mits but who cares eh?

I'm not a massive haircare fan as I'm lucky to have naturally well conditioned hair so this drawer isn't really filled to the brim with products. But the products I do have I really do quite like at the moment, even if I didn't used to be the greatest fan of all of them!

Okay fair enough beanies aren't exactly makeup or beauty but I think my mum was getting sick of the sight of them so I chucked them in here and surprisingly, they all fit!

There ya go. My makeup/beauty storage, hope this gave you an idea of what kinda products I like and how I store them, etc etc etc!

Zoeva 110 Face Shape Brush

I bought this a couple of months ago as I found it for £12 and thought why not? I'm so glad I bought it as I've been using it everyday since. It's quite a dense brush which is dome shaped, primarily used for contouring but I don't find it's the right size for me to contour my face so I use it for my concealer (Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer). It buffs the concealer into the skin nicely and doesn't leave any bristle marks if you know what I mean. I think this would also be perfect for cream blusher. It's so soft and really easy to use because it's got a normal sized handle. 

Repurchase? Yes.


Jumper - Mango via ASOS
Maxi Skirt - eBay
Converse - Office
Watch - Michael Kors

I almost didn't upload this outfit because to be honest the photos are crap. Really blurry and rubbish quality but I'm afraid it was just the combination of an awful camera and a bad photo day. So please forgive me. 

But anyways, this was the outfit I was going to wear to the cinema with some friends to see American Hustle yesterday. I won't tell you anything about the film but I loved it obviously because of Jennifer Lawrence, my girl crush. She's actually amazing.

Argan Oil Heat Defence Spray

I've never really been into haircare that much but when I saw this in savers for a pound I thought I'd pick it up. I spray quite a generous amount in my hair after I've towel dried it and then use my hairdryer. I don't find that it gives amazing results but I have noticed a slight difference. It definitely makes my hair look shinier and eliminates frizz a bit even though I haven't got massively frizzy hair. I'd say the biggest difference is that it makes my hair feel softer, but I really don't think this is anything special I'm afraid.

Repurchase? No.

New Balance 574 Trainers

I've decided to start a little series thing where I review my trainers/heels/boots (mostly trainers lets be honest) so I really hope you enjoy. And hey, if it turns to crap then it turns to crap! I'm starting off with my most treasured possession at the moment - my New Balance 574s in navy and red. They are incredible.

I'll start by saying that they're reasonably priced, for £60 these aren't the cheapest trainers but they're definitely not the most expensive. They're such good quality and despite the fact I've worn them non stop they're in perfect condition. Well, I say that but I wore them on a night out where I ended up running through a muddy field to try to get a chinese before it shut so they're not exactly clean at the moment (hence the same picture from my Christmas haul). But anyways - definitely worth the money.

Now lets talk about comfort. I speak no word of a lie when I say these are my comfiest pair of trainers. It's actually like walking on clouds, not that I've walked on clouds before but I imagine that's what it'd be like. I think they fit true to size, they feel a little tight but I quite like that.

The range of colours they have is so good as well. I'm eyeing up the green and white ones which would fit right in with my trainer collection.

Repurchase? Yes.

So there you have it, my first trainer review post thingy. Please let me know if you like these posts or not in the comments!

Michael Kors Wishlist

It's official. I'm obsessed with Michael Kors. Ever since receiving my new watch and bag for Christmas, I've have been on the MK website non stop. So I thought I'd share with you some of the things I'm currently lusting after and hopefully I'll buy something by the end of the year (if I can save enough money).

MK Wishlist

Are you a Michael Kors fan?

What I Got for Christmas: Fashion

Today we have the last part of my 'what I got for Christmas' series thingy and I've definitely saved the best until last. Now on this category I really have to tell you all that I'm so so so grateful for everything here and I love everything to death (as I sit here with my watch on, in my trackies, hoodie and beanie haha I'm not even joking).

I was really surprised to open my present from Toby and discover a leather Michael Kors box, like really surprised. He bought me this amazing watch which I love so much, it's petite so the clock face fits perfectly on my wrist, even if I did have to have quite a few links taken out haha. It also goes perfectly with my new Michael Kors bag from my mum and dad. It's the 'Bedford Gusset' style which I've had my eye on for a while now so I was delighted to get it. I'm really happy with my new Superdry trackies as well, they're so comfy and I massively recommend them to everyone!

What I Got for Christmas: Misc

So here we have my favourite 'miscellaneous' presents, once again I'm not bragging or boasting or whatever. I've only got a few DVDs and a book to fit into this section but everything here was at the top of my list so I'm very happy to get them!

As you may know, The Avengers is my favourite film in the whole wide world. But up until now I've never owned it, instead I'd just watch it online. Cheeky, I know. We're The Millers is another really great film, bit inappropriate but absolutely hilarious. Like seriously funny. Pitch Perfect is a good'un too, it's got Rebel Wilson in it who actually reduces me to tears with laughter but beware, it gets annoying songs stuck in your head! And as for the book.. I'm sure this was on many bloggers' wishlists this year so I won't say too much apart from I'm really excited to start reading it.

What I Got for Christmas: Beauty

So this will be the first of my 'what I got for Christmas' posts (there will only be like 3) and I'm starting with beauty. These are the main beauty bits and bobs I got which I'm excited to start using as my skin is absolutely crap at the moment, ergh. As always I'm not bragging about what I got, I've said before I've been extremely lucky this Christmas so everyone just chill.

L'oreal Purifying Cleansing Wipes

So there are a few of the beauty bits and bobs which I got this year. I'm definitely most excited to try out the Sleek Face Form and the L'oreal Micellar Solution as I've heard extremely good things about them. My first impression of the Sleek Brow Kit is a bit of a let down though but I suppose that just might be because it's much darker than I thought it'd be. I'm sure I'll have reviews on most of these products coming soon so you'll have to keep an eye out for them!
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