What I Got for Christmas: Fashion

Today we have the last part of my 'what I got for Christmas' series thingy and I've definitely saved the best until last. Now on this category I really have to tell you all that I'm so so so grateful for everything here and I love everything to death (as I sit here with my watch on, in my trackies, hoodie and beanie haha I'm not even joking).

I was really surprised to open my present from Toby and discover a leather Michael Kors box, like really surprised. He bought me this amazing watch which I love so much, it's petite so the clock face fits perfectly on my wrist, even if I did have to have quite a few links taken out haha. It also goes perfectly with my new Michael Kors bag from my mum and dad. It's the 'Bedford Gusset' style which I've had my eye on for a while now so I was delighted to get it. I'm really happy with my new Superdry trackies as well, they're so comfy and I massively recommend them to everyone!


  1. It looks like you had an amazing Christmas! The watch and bag are stunning :) x


  2. That bag is gorgeous x


  3. Anonymous8.1.14

    that watch is amazing you lucky lucky girl!!

    a x

  4. You got some gorgeous things this watch is stunning!


  5. The bad and watch are absolutely gorgeous!
    Great blog post!
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  6. You must of been amazed opening these on christmas! :D

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