ASOS Saved List #4

Right, now lets have a catch up. You may have been able to tell that all my posts recently have been schedule as I wrote them ages ago, like in January. So this is my first 'live post' if that's what you'd call it? And I thought as I'm sitting here in my bed with no makeup on, a really baggy Imagine Dragons t-shirt and a top knot, it'd be the perfect time to let you know what I've been up to recently. I've been a very busy bee at the moment with mocks, organising my house dinner, trying to find the right uni course alongside figuring out just what to do in my gap year. Have any of you taken gap years? What did you do on them? How did you go about getting work experience? I'm so stuck.

ASOS Saved list 4

Right so back on with the post. ASOS will always be one of my favourite shops but I'm particularly loving them for shoes at the moment. Trainers, heels, boots and sandals. Everything. They've just got such a good eye for the best picks for your feet. Below are some of my favourites on their site at the mo, and don't you just love them? 

Nivea Lip Butter

I was extremely dubious when it came to buying this product as I've reacted very badly to Nivea products in the past. A few years ago I used a face cream and a few hours later my skin was all red and blotchy so since then I've stayed away from Nivea's products. However, I thought I'd give this a whirl and neither do I regret it nor wish to repurchase it. So, the packaging is really secure and it hasn't come apart in my bag or anything which is good and it smells amazing - bit like Palmers cocoa butter! It looks like a very thick white formula but when applied to the lips I think it looks quite subtle and adds a very small amount of glossiness. When using this I find I have to warm the product up a bit by swirling my finger around otherwise it just doesn't apply well at all. As nice as all that is, this doesn't do a lot for my lips. After using it for a few weeks my lips were still slightly dry which I was disappointed with.

Repurchase? No.

Benefit Hello Flawless Foundation

I bought this at a Benefit blogging event last year and I'm gutted to say it's really not the foundation for me. I love the consistency of this, very liquidy and not sticky at all which means it blends in perfectly with my Real Techniques buffing brush. It provides a light to medium coverage which is matte and looks really nice on my skin, very natural looking and long lasting. Another great thing about this foundation is that you only need the tiniest bit, for me that's one pump so it won't run out anytime soon. So what's my issue? This foundation breaks me out like a bitch which is so annoying because I love everything about it so unfortunately I won't be going near this again.

Repurchase? No.

L'Oreal Micellar Water

I received this at Christmas and have used it everyday since. I'm not the best at taking my makeup off before I go to bed but when this is right by my mirror, I just can't avoid it. It's a better and cheaper version of Bioderma which as we all know, isn't the easiest to get hold of. At just over £3 it's so affordable and easy to repurchase. It's so gentle on your skin and removes makeup so easily but you do have to use quite a lot of product. It doesn't sting at all which I'm happy with as I found that Bioderma stung a bit around my lips and nose and it doesn't smell either. Despite the fact it runs out quite quickly, I really can't recommend this enough so get off yo ass and go get it!

Repurchase? Yes.

Maybelline Baby Lips - Worth the Hype?

I've just found this half completed post hiding in my drafts so I thought I'd quickly finish it and post it for you! Obviously Baby Lips were a massive craze last year but I really didn't see the fuss, such a huge hype for nothing. Of course I love the bright and colourful packaging but I'm afraid it doesn't really make up for the product itself. This just isn't moisturising at all and I don't notice the difference after I've been wearing it. They're not as hydrating as I expected them to be but I think they'd be more useful as a lipstick base if you want to add some sheen to a matte finish. The only other good thing I can think of is that it smells really nice! I don't want to say this but I'd recommend you stay away from these!

Repurchase? No.

River Island Molly Jeggings


I always find it useful to see if someone's written a blog post on a pair of jeans or something before I buy them. I searched for ages for good reviews of the Molly Jeggings at River Island but couldn't find any so I thought I would add mine to the (non-existent) mix.

To start off, I'd say these are a new and improved version of the Leigh jeans at Topshop. They're so much more comfortable and easier to move in as I think the materials a tad thinner. They provide such a flattering fit as well, and fit well around the ankles and the bum which I don't think the Leigh jeans do. For £3 cheaper than the Leigh jeans, I find these are much better quality and they don't give as much which means their shape lasts for longer. I find this particularly when comparing this with my Topshop jeans which are so broken after wearing them countless times (belt loops have come off, stretched and out of shape around the bum, elasticity is effed). Surprisingly, River Island also provide loads of colours of these jeggings/jeans. I have the 'dark acid wash' ones but I've now got my eye on the black and black acid wash ones.

All I can say is that you would be mad not to check these out!

'Utopia' by Models Own

'Utopia' by Models Own

You may have noticed that this nail polish has been on like every beauty wishlist I've ever posted but I've finally got it. My absolute favourite blogger, Lily Melrose has been an advocate of this polish for so long now and I couldn't resist the urge any longer. I find the colour looks so different in each light I see it in but more often than not it's a light creamy lilacy pale pinky colour and I'm afraid that's the best I can describe it. It's really fast drying and doesn't chip easily which is good for people like me who find painting nails such a chore. The only thing I don't like about this polish is the fact it's hard to apply, I just find the formula really crap which is so frustrating. Despite this if I ever run out I will definitely have to buy it again!

Repurchase? Yes.

Blue Steel

Bomber Jacket - Boohoo
Jeans - River Island
Trainers - Reebok
Watch - Michael Kors
Chain - eBay

Sorry it's taken so long to get another outfit post up! I've not really been up to much so jeans and a tee have been the outfit choice for me for a while. However, last week I went for a cheeky wagamamas with some friends where I wore this outfit. I just really love these jeans at the moment, so god damn comfy I tell ya! And for those wondering what I order at wagas, it's yaki soba!

And before you leave.. Go and check out my lovely amazing friend Hannah's blog over at Han's Addiction. She's started up blogging again so let's go give her some love yeah? She posts about beauty and lifestyle bits so why not give her blog a whirl?

Beauty Wishlist: February

February Beauty Wishlist

Here are just a few things that I'm planning to get this month, all are drugstore bar two so hopefully I'll be able to try them out pretty quickly! Out of everything here I'm planning on getting the tangle teezer first because it's just one of those things I always say I'm gonna buy and I never do! I also really need to get the Effaclar Duo to try out since my skin hasn't cleared up since my bad breakout the other week!

Valentine's Day Gift Ideas for Guys

Ta daaaa. Another Valentine's Day related post. This is the final one and it's the one which I hope will be most helpful! The hardest people to buy for are always boys, no exceptions. I've given you a few ideas below of some present ideas for the lads, once again there's a range of prices so there's something here for everyone!

I think Molton Brown shower gel is always a safe option for presents for guys, my favourite scent is definitely 'silver birch' which is the green one. My brother got it for Christmas and it just smells amazing! Another safer option is cufflinks if you're willing to spend quite a bit but you've gotta to find the right ones - I really like Hugo Boss for cufflinks! Hopefully this gives you a rough idea of what you can get a guy for Valentine's Day!

Valentine's Day Gift Ideas for Girls

I'm normally quite good with presents so I thought it may be a good idea to give you all an idea of some presents for the gals on Valentine's Day. I've included a range of prices varying from £12 to around 200 quid so hopefully there's something here for everyone!

I'd say the safest bet is a really nice perfume so I've picked Lady Million by Paco Rabanne but obviously every likes different fragrances so bear that in mind! I think jewellery is also a good option, you may have seen this Links skull bracelet on my instagram a few weeks ago (@therawrdrobe) and I think it's amazing, definitely on my 18th birthday wishlist! The cheaper options here are a nice lipstick, I'd definitely recommend MAC, a book which they'll love (I'm loving It by Alexa Chung even though it's quite a short read) and a bath set from Lush if they're into that kinda thing. I'm personally not a massive Lush lover so I'd say a better alternative is the shower gels at Molton Brown - they are actually amazing.

Valentine's Day Outfit Ideas #2

I thought my last Valentine's Day post (link here) went down quite well so here's the second part to it! I've opted for another two outfits which would be perfect for the big day (woah making it sound like a wedding). 

Valentines Day 2

The 'casual date night' outfit is what I'd wear if I was doing something more active for valentines day like going to the cinema (if that counts as active?), going bowling or going out for a day. The converse make it really casual but you can dress the top half up a bit more with a pretty lace cami. If you're not really up for a trip out on Valentine's Day then why not stick to a comfy onesie and beanie night with a DVD and some pizza? I've chosen this Onepiece onesie and this matching beanie from Topman.. As you can tell, I love the navy/red combo at the moment!

Once again, I hope this helped if you're a bit stuck for ideas and I'll maybe seeya soon with a gift ideas post!

Valentine's Day Outfit ideas #1

It's the day we all dread coming up. Valentine's day. Not only do some of this dread this because we've got nothing to do but also because we don't know what the hell to wear. So I thought I'd give you an idea of what I'd like to wear out on 14th Feb. 

The 'fancy date night' outfit is closer to what I'd wear on a cheeky date (if you couldn't tell by the name aha), it's a bit more fancy and dressed up than the other outfit but I really like the idea of some chunky ass boots with this dress. I also prefer gold jewellery with this burgundy colour and of course I'd wear my amazing Michael Kors watch with this outfit. As much as I love this outfit, I also think you could get away with wearing the 'girls night' look on a date as well. It's still classy but the printed blazer also gives it a fun edge which would be perfect for clubbing or bars. Ooh and aren't the heels amazing, they're Kurt Geiger so not exactly cheap but they're just so perfect!

So I hope this helped you if you were a bit stuck for outfit ideas on Valentine's Day. I think I'm gonna do a part two to this series as well and maybe do some gift ideas? Lemme know whatcha think below!
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