Blue Steel

Bomber Jacket - Boohoo
Jeans - River Island
Trainers - Reebok
Watch - Michael Kors
Chain - eBay

Sorry it's taken so long to get another outfit post up! I've not really been up to much so jeans and a tee have been the outfit choice for me for a while. However, last week I went for a cheeky wagamamas with some friends where I wore this outfit. I just really love these jeans at the moment, so god damn comfy I tell ya! And for those wondering what I order at wagas, it's yaki soba!

And before you leave.. Go and check out my lovely amazing friend Hannah's blog over at Han's Addiction. She's started up blogging again so let's go give her some love yeah? She posts about beauty and lifestyle bits so why not give her blog a whirl?


  1. Love the look, I so want a pair of those jeans myself

    Please come check out my latest post if you have time :)

    Fragile Bird |



  2. thanks darlin! also, i always want to ask you where that tshirt is from when you wear it! at lassst!

    Hannah @

  3. Love that bomber!


  4. awesome outfit doll, the jeans look rad!

    BlueViolet Hearts


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