L'Oreal Micellar Water

I received this at Christmas and have used it everyday since. I'm not the best at taking my makeup off before I go to bed but when this is right by my mirror, I just can't avoid it. It's a better and cheaper version of Bioderma which as we all know, isn't the easiest to get hold of. At just over £3 it's so affordable and easy to repurchase. It's so gentle on your skin and removes makeup so easily but you do have to use quite a lot of product. It doesn't sting at all which I'm happy with as I found that Bioderma stung a bit around my lips and nose and it doesn't smell either. Despite the fact it runs out quite quickly, I really can't recommend this enough so get off yo ass and go get it!

Repurchase? Yes.


  1. i like this, and how quickly it takes off my make-up however it does break me out everytime :/
    Bold in Ballerinas
    Kamila xx

  2. Looks like a great quality product and such good price!

    Millie x

  3. i just did a comparison review of this product :)

    stop by my blog if you have a spare second doll



  4. I love this stuff! x


  5. Ahhh need to try this!


  6. By your review I think I may try this, I never take my make up off before bed haha!


  7. I love this! How long have you been using it for? At first I thought mine seemed to be going down quite quickly but strangely enough it has lasted me much longer than I expected! So maybe you will be pleasantly surprised :) x



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