Nivea Lip Butter

I was extremely dubious when it came to buying this product as I've reacted very badly to Nivea products in the past. A few years ago I used a face cream and a few hours later my skin was all red and blotchy so since then I've stayed away from Nivea's products. However, I thought I'd give this a whirl and neither do I regret it nor wish to repurchase it. So, the packaging is really secure and it hasn't come apart in my bag or anything which is good and it smells amazing - bit like Palmers cocoa butter! It looks like a very thick white formula but when applied to the lips I think it looks quite subtle and adds a very small amount of glossiness. When using this I find I have to warm the product up a bit by swirling my finger around otherwise it just doesn't apply well at all. As nice as all that is, this doesn't do a lot for my lips. After using it for a few weeks my lips were still slightly dry which I was disappointed with.

Repurchase? No.


  1. I'm really happy you did that review because I was thinking of buying it but I guess I'll stick with my Vaseline cocoa butter! xx

    1. yeah definitely stick with vaseline!


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