Leavers Ball

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This has to be one of my favourite dresses of all time. And so perfect for summer may I add. I swear by Oh My Love for dresses and recommend you go check out their website right this second. Or maybe after finishing this blog post? I teamed it with the uncomfortable New Look heels and my mum's embellished Next clutch for my leavers ball on tuesday. It was a night filled with drinking, eating and dancing - the perfect send off from school!

Speech Day

Katy Stephenson Outfit The Rawrdrobe Blog

The sun wasn't cooperating today as you can tell from the photo, woops. But this was the outfit I wore to my school's speech day where all the clever people get awards for excelling in a particular subject. And no, I did not win an award! I'm not bothered though, I haven't won an award in 5 years so I'm used to it! Anyway the outfit.. The dress is v. old but I just love the medallion print (very Versace-esque) and the shoes, well they're uncomfortable but such a flattering nude colour.

You may have seen from my twitter (@therawrdrobe) that I'm off to Italy tomorrow for a week with Toby! We're off to Jesolo which is around the Venice area and looks amazing, so definitely go check out my instagram (another shameless plug) to see some Italy snaps. Also if you know any interesting places to go then tweet me!

Benefit They're Real Mascara

I luckily received this beauty for my birthday and I'm so glad I did. Being dubbed the UK's number one best selling mascara, I was expecting great things from this little tube but I'm not so sure if it's worth all the hype.

The wand is rubbery which is perfect for me as I'm not a fan of bristle wands and it means you can get right into the eyelashes to giv'em a good coating. There's a what I can only describe as a 'spikey ball' on the end of the wand which I generally don't use as I've noticed it kinda clumps my lashes together and that's just not a good look on me. Despite this, the wand definitely separates my lashes better than any other mascara I've used and provides an even coating of product to my lashes.

As for the formula, it's not yet available in a waterproof version but I'm not fussed. I really struggle to remove the mascara fully from my lashes and however much makeup remover or vaseline I use, it just does not budge. Good for a night out, bad for when I just wanna go to bed. I don't find it clumpy at all but like I stated before, it can make my lower lashes and inside lashes quite clumpy which is a shame. 

For almost twenty quid I don't know if I can see myself buying this again, although I love the look of my lengthened and volumised lashes, the trouble it takes to get the stuff off just isn't worth it in my opinion.


Birthday Jolly

Katy Stephenson Outfit The Rawrdrobe Blog

Yep you guessed it. This is what I wore all those weeks ago at my birthday party! I received the dress as a present and I just had to wear it. It's the perfect dress for anything, to dress down like I have here or dress up for nights out. Be careful though, it rises up pretty quickly.

Product Rave: Superdry Coconut Lip Fix

I am telling you right now, blogger to blogger, go and buy this lip balm. Picking it up on a whim, I wasn't expecting much but after a couple of uses it made it's way straight into my makeup bag - what a privilege. It's more more of a gel formula than a balm but the tiniest bit goes a long way. After just one use my lips were significantly softer and that to me is the sign of a good lip balm. The only bad point about this is the fact that it's so bloody sticky when applying with your finger so this may not be the best product to use when you're out and about but on the plus side, it has a really glossy finish on the lips so it would be perfect to wear over a drying lipstick. The coconut scent is subtle and once on the lips barely noticeable which is another winning factor for me. 10/10 Superdry, very pleased with you.



Katy Stephenson Outfit The Rawrdrobe Blog

Sorry, I couldn't wait until friday to post! I know this is a bit of a 'nothing outfit' but I'm really liking the simplicity of stripes and denim. Definitely my go-to outfit at the mo for running errands or just lounging around. This ASOS crop top is definitely going to be an essential for me this summer. Versatile, simple and comfortable, basically calling my name.

I'm Back!

School? Done. Exams? Done. I am finally finished with education and despite the picture, I am actually quite happy. So now it's time to get the old blog up and running again with plenty more outfit posts and rambles as per usual. I'm just gonna kick things off with a short update but don't worry, it's just easy reading for now.

I hit the big 18 in may so I'm finally an adult which means more nights out and more outfits for you! I was so lucky this year, Mum and Dad bought me a Canon 100D so finally I can get some real good quality photos on here, a new Links bracelet and other bits and bobs. I was also totally surprised when Toby's birthday present to me was a trip to Italy! I told you I was a lucky girl. My girlfriends chipped in to buy me a Michael Kors purse and of course, no eighteenth is complete without a couple of bottles of champagne! If you'd like to see a 'what I got for my birthday' post then lemme know!

I've recently cleared out my room (instead of revising) so I've set myself up a depop account which is @therawrdrobe so go check me out on there! After I've gone to the effort to photograph all the clothes on me I'll be putting up quite a few items so definitely keep an eye out for them as a lot of them have never been worn - typical me!

I think I'm gonna leave it there for now as I don't wanna bog you down too much with reading but I'll be back on Friday with a review of my new go-to product!

Changing Email

This is just a short post to tell you that I've changed my email to katystephenson96@gmail.com so if you wish to contact me with general or PR enquiries then please contact that email! Normal posts coming soon so be ready! 
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