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The sun wasn't cooperating today as you can tell from the photo, woops. But this was the outfit I wore to my school's speech day where all the clever people get awards for excelling in a particular subject. And no, I did not win an award! I'm not bothered though, I haven't won an award in 5 years so I'm used to it! Anyway the outfit.. The dress is v. old but I just love the medallion print (very Versace-esque) and the shoes, well they're uncomfortable but such a flattering nude colour.

You may have seen from my twitter (@therawrdrobe) that I'm off to Italy tomorrow for a week with Toby! We're off to Jesolo which is around the Venice area and looks amazing, so definitely go check out my instagram (another shameless plug) to see some Italy snaps. Also if you know any interesting places to go then tweet me!


  1. loveee that bag! such a pretty shade of blue x


  2. Such a gorgeous dress, love the print and colours! Hope you have an amazing time in Italy :) xx

    Adventures of an Anglophile

  3. The color combination is simply striking by staying harmonious in the same color family! Well done, Gal.

    - Joua, www.jouatotherescue.com


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