How to Keep Your Tan

I'm useless at tanning to say the least. I often get burnt no matter how much factor fifty I slap on. When in Italy last week, I managed to catch some colour and there is no way I'm letting it go. So today I thought I'd give you a few tips of how to make your tan last.

This is always the first thing that springs to my head when I start to tan. I try to use moisturisers with aloe vera in them which also helps with sunburn by soothing the skin. A gel can also be handy to turn burn to tan so for this I use aloe vera gel which works like magic for my skin. If I know I'm not gonna be in the sun anytime soon then I'll use the Garnier Summer Body Moisturising Lotion to keep my tan topped up for a while.

Cool down.
After you've caught the sun, it's when your skin starts to cool down that it will start to show your tan more so I generally avoid hot showers after a tanning session. Showers also decelerate the process of melanin absorbing UV radiation which causes the skin to gradually darken over time. So basically showering is a bad idea just after you've been outside.

Stay hydrated.
Drinking plenty of water will keep your skin hydrated, meaning it's less likely to peel and therefore extending your tan. As soon as your skin starts to dry out and flake off it means your tan will go with it - what a nightmare.

Sun cream.
After tanning it's v. important that whenever you're going in the sun after you wear sun cream. If your skin starts to burn then you're more likely to peel and then your tan will disappear so definitely remember to slap on some more sun cream when you're out!

Jeffrey Campbell Lita Mojo

For my 18th back in may, I decided to buy these for myself as a little birthday present. Lucky enough they were in the sale and reduced down to £80 which isn't bad for a decent pair of JCs. As a part of the Lita collection, these are naturally very comfortable and easy to walk in even though the front edge digs a bit into the front of your foot but who cares? I'd say the heel is around 5 inches so these definitely give you some height but because of the huge platform, the angle isn't too steep for your foot. I love the silver hardware which gives the boot a bit of a biker edge and the slightly distressed/worn leather makes them really soft but also easy to clean after a night out! They measure true to size and I definitely recommend these as an alternative to the classic Litas!

Everyday Face

I think this post is a tad overdue after last doing a similar post over a year ago - my bad. And as you can tell by the pictures, a lot of the contents of my makeup bag needs repurchasing, practically everything is empty!

Ever since I tried the Bourjois Healthy Mix (RT Expert Face Brush), I haven't gone near any other foundation as it's just the perfect stuff for my skin. As there's no SPF, I layer it over the top of Benefit Dream Screen which is an oil free, facial sun cream with SPF 45 which also acts as a primer. I still use the Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer (Zoeva 110 Face Shape Brush) but as it's the summer months now I'm finding myself with a lot less blemishes to conceal. A dusting of MAC's Mineralize Skinfinish Natural (review here) and some subtle bronzing with the MUA Bronzed Perfection (RT Blush Brush) and my face is done for the day.

I've been really simple with my eyes at the moment with just a flick of Benefit's Magic Ink and some lashings of the Extra Wow Lash Mascara by Rimmel. If I'm feeling like it then I'll add some Rimmel Scandaleyes Nude Pencil to my waterline just to brighten up my eyes a bit. For brows I'm loving my Sleek Brow Stylist, does anyone else find the spoolie incredible?

I'm useless at wearing lipstick in the day time so all I do in the morning is pop on my favourite Superdry LipFix (review here) to keep my lips moisturized for the day.

Out of everything I chuck on my face everyday, I'd really urge you to have a look at Benefit 's Dream Screen and Superdry's LipFix when you're shopping next time!

Malin + Goetz Lip Moisturizer

I'd never properly heard anything about Malin + Goetz until I received a few testers in a FeelUnique or ASOS package so I was more than curious to trial them. This lip moisturizer contains fatty acids which provides a long lasting layer of hydrating protection and I can tell you, this product stays on your lips for ages! It lacks a strong smell and isn't sticky so I can see why it's a popular product but my favourite thing is how quickly this works. After a couple of hours of wearing it I saw a significant difference in my lips and they appeared a lot softer and less chapped. However I just don't think this could top my go-to Superdry LipFix (review/rave here)!

Repurchase? No.


Katy Stephenson Outfit The Rawrdrobe Blog

Aren't these shorts the cutest? I'm not really one for cute and girly things but when I saw these on Lookbook Store, I had to snap them up. They're really flattering (not that you can tell from the photo) and are so perfect for summer you do not understand. I wore this outfit to my friends eighteenth the other day while it was chucking it down along with thunder and lightning but nevertheless it was a good night filled with beer pong and burgers!

Product Rave: Aloe Vera Gel

Oh dayum this stuff is good. Just think of a magic in a bottle. This is my go-to product for sunburn, tan or just general dry skin. It's a thick gel which I apply generously all over my body which is the fastest drying product I've ever used on my skin. A thick layer roughly takes 40 secs to a minute to sink in and a thin later takes around 30 secs so it's super quick. It leaves me with soft skin and doesn't react badly to sensitive areas so it's great to use even if you have eczema. My only bugbear about this is that it feels ridiculous sticky on your hands when applying it but after a quick handwash it's nothing big to worry about. Reasonably priced at just over a fiver for 200ml, it's an essential in my daily routine and even more essential for a holiday. Go and buy this now, trust me.


Dress Obsessed

I've never been a dress person but after being inspired my LLYMLRS I thought I'd give them another go. Over the past couple of months I've come to collect an array of dresses in different styles which have all been receiving compliments in one way or another whether that's 'your legs look so slim in that dress' or 'horizontals definitely suit you more than verticals' - cheers mum. So here are my favourites of the bunch.

This was the little bugger that kicked off my obsession. I think the contrast between the body and sleeves makes it really stand out against other stripey dresses and the hawaiian touch is definitely perfect for the sunny weather.

This is probably the dress I wear the most. It's a squeeze to get on (I'll admit) but it's figure hugging and very flattering. Hmm if there were only more dresses like this.


This isn't the best fitting dress because of the low back but I think the quirky pineapple print is awesome. I got it in the sale for 8 quid so I'm not complaining, I just need to make sure I cover up the back with a jacket or cardigan and I'm good to go!

Guest Post by Hans Addiction

Hello to The Rawrdrobe readers! Katy asked me if I wanted to write a post for her blog that was fashion related. As it's summer, I thought 'what do I wear a lot in the summer months?', my summer staple, if you will. I instantly thought 'white' as I'm usually dressed from head to toe in it at this time of year, quite the opposite to how I dress in the winter. More specifically though, a white tee! So simple, but there are so many options!

I personally like to pick up my white tee's from Primark, mostly from the men's section as I like the high neck and baggy fit. I normally go for a large as I can still tuck it in if I feel there is too much excess material. They're cheap and good quality, but if they get holes in or I spill something down them it's not the end of the world - I can just pick up some more! You can also buy a simple white crop top or make one yourself as it's so cheap. Experiment!

This is so classic. Boyfriend Jeans and a classic black leather belt paired with a baggy white tshirt. If you want to grab a lower neck for your white tee, head to the women's section of tee's as they aim to flatter you more. Personally, I'll just chuck on any old thing! 

This is what I'm wearing right now. I picked up these cute shorts from Bershka yesterday with a really cute edging which are perfect for my holidays next week, or I wore them to the beach today! I paired them with a large Primark tee, rolled up the sleeves and tucked it in so that you could actually see the shorts but the top wasn't too tight. My jelly shoes topped it off nicely especially for the beach as it meant I could go paddling in the freezing cold sea. I can't believe there were people swimming in it...

Hope you enjoyed my post! Let me know if you have a summer staple!

Malibu Beach

Katy Stephenson Outfit The Rawrdrobe Blog
Katy Stephenson Outfit The Rawrdrobe Blog


Being my favourite outfit I wore in Italy, I thought I'd name this after my favourite drink out there. Even the thought of a malibu beach cocktail right now is making my mouth water. As you can tell from the background, this wasn't actually taken in Italy which is a bit of a bummer but you can check out my Italy post (click here) to see some of the photos! I got these trousers for my birthday and they are just the most perfect thing for summer, shame they're a tad small but I always manage to squeeze into them!

Italy Photo Diary Part 3

Eating for Summer

I'm not the biggest nutritionist in the blogosphere but after flicking through a new book, I'm starting to understand the effect of what we eat on our body. It's important to vary your diet as the seasons change and I find this most crucial in summer. I'm starting this little series to give you an insight to what our favourite summer foods do to our bodies!

I'm not the biggest fan of apricots but they're the perfect type of food to eat in summer when the sun shows an appearance. They contain phytochemicals which naturally occur in fruit and help block UV damage from the sun. The potassium it contains also helps you to re-hydrate yourself and balances out the pH level in your body.

I'm sure you can work out that cucumber are a very watery type of food so they're perfect for hydration but the silicon in them also essential for healthy skin. As well as tasting yummy and being the best part of a salad, they prevent water retention so you tend not to bloat after eating them.

The most important nutrient in tomatoes is something called lycopene which once again helps your body to defend itself against UV damage. So tomatoes and suncream should go together hand in hand when you're in the sun.

As well as being the best part of a fruit salad, watermelon is 92% water so you can only imagine how hydrating it is. Antioxidants found in watermelons are known to increase the UV defense properties in your skin which will also protect you from the sun. It's also a natural diuretic which means there's a low chance of bloating after you've eaten it - so a perfect snack for the beach or pool!

I really hope you found this helpful, I think it's so interesting to understand where all our nutrients come from and what they actually to do our bodies apart from 'keep us healthy' so definitely tune in again next time!

MAC Prep and Prime

I'll start by saying that I'm really impressed with this primer and I 100% prefer it to the Benefit Porefessional one. The light and moussey formula makes it so easy to apply and leaves my skin feeling soft and prepared for my foundation. I tend to leave it to sink in for a couple of minutes before applying the rest of my makeup which applies so well over the top of this. It's not the most mattifying primer but I love the dewy look it gives my skin albeit a bit shimmery at first. It hasn't broken me out at all but take note that it has no SPF. I'm definitely gonna be buying the full sized product and if I were you I'd definitely check out the tester!


Italy Photo Diary Part 1

The first of a few photo diaries from Italy! To see my original post click here!

In Love with Italy

It's taken me a few attempts to write this post as I keep finding myself describing everything as 'amazing' so I'll try and restrain from that this time round.

At the end of June, myself and Toby jetted off to Venice Airport to then travel to Lido di Jesolo for a week of sun. As soon as we touched down, the heat hit me like a concrete block and it's fair to say I struggled with it throughout the week. If I can't deal with 26°C in Italy then I have no clue what I'll be like in Turkey later in summer. However, the heat meant sun and then sun meant tan which I'm definitely not complaining about!

We spent most our days exploring the resort, swimming in the sea and lounging around the pool on the most uncomfortable sunbeds with the exception of a day in Venice and a trip midweek to Aqualandia. Venice was just simply stunning albeit very tiring and expensive. I mean come on, €3.80 for a can of fanta - that's appalling. But despite the expense, we had a such a lovely day in Venice and the weather was good to us apart from a drop of rain at the end.

Being the big kids that we are, we headed off to Aqualandia where we spent most of the day getting stuck on the crazy river rapids. Before going, I was adamant that I would tackle Spacemaker, the highest slide in the world. I even had a €10 bet going with Toby that I wouldn't bottle it.. But I did. Having previously gone on Scary Falls which is only 4m smaller than Spacemaker and still implements a 60° slope but in the dark, it's safe to say I almost s*** myself. I knew then that Spacemaker just wasn't the ride for me.

Our evenings generally consisted of eating a mountain of food for dinner (their portions are ridiculous) and then heading off to our favourite cocktail bar, Hotel Milton Romantik. If you've seen my instagram (@therawrdrobe) then you'll know that I was very partial to the odd Malibu Beach and Toby enjoyed his lattes there.

Honestly, it's just unexplainable how amazing our week was and I can't say a big enough thank you to Toby for absolutely spoiling me for my 18th!
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