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It's rare for me to find a pair of sandals that I actually like. As you know, I live in trainers so I have to push myself out of my comfort zone a bit to wear sandals. When I saw these in Topshop I snapped them up instantly. They're so comfortable and I feel like I could walk for miles in these (if my lack of fitness didn't hold me back). As for the shorts, I didn't expect quality like this for a pair of shorts under a tenner. They feel like pretty sturdy denim and hold well, even when Toby lifts me above his head by only holding the belt loops (typical boy) so definitely check them out!


  1. LOVE these shorts!

    Come by soon!


  2. Love the shorts and your sandals, they look really comfy! :)

    Millie x

  3. those floral shorts are just so fab!

  4. So pretty Katy, those shorts are just lovely x

  5. These shorts are lovely! So perfect for summer

    Ally x

  6. I love your sandals! I have a dress in a similar print to your shorts - it's so gorgeous xx


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