Product Rave: Aloe Vera Gel

Oh dayum this stuff is good. Just think of a magic in a bottle. This is my go-to product for sunburn, tan or just general dry skin. It's a thick gel which I apply generously all over my body which is the fastest drying product I've ever used on my skin. A thick layer roughly takes 40 secs to a minute to sink in and a thin later takes around 30 secs so it's super quick. It leaves me with soft skin and doesn't react badly to sensitive areas so it's great to use even if you have eczema. My only bugbear about this is that it feels ridiculous sticky on your hands when applying it but after a quick handwash it's nothing big to worry about. Reasonably priced at just over a fiver for 200ml, it's an essential in my daily routine and even more essential for a holiday. Go and buy this now, trust me.



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