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I've never really been a massive monochrome outfit wearer but now all has changed. My favourite outfits at the moment consist of black jeans, a monochrome jumper, my leather boots and my parka jacket. So it was only right that I picked up a few more staple pieces to add to my collection including a bargain oversized coat from Primark for no more than £25! This Zara skirt is such a key piece in my wardrobe now, perfect for an effortless look. I won't mention the amazing leather jacket in this post but there will definitely be a dedicated post coming soon. And be sure to see these clothes in some upcoming outfit posts!

My Autumn/Winter Face

Makeup trends are eternally changing but generally every autumn/winter we know what's coming. I'm not a big follower of trends be it fashion or beauty, but I think it's a good idea to slightly change your warpaint with the seasons! Below are just a few ideas to update your makeup as winter draws in!

Subtle contouring.
I think we can all agree that when we hit the colder months it's time to step away from the bronzer as much as we hate to admit it. It's time for more stone colour based contouring shades which can softly define your face without adding too much of a summer glow. I've just bought MAC's blush in 'Harmony' which is absolutely perfect.

Big lashes.
In winter I'm all about lashings of my favourite volumizing mascara to make up for my pale complexion. You can opt for feathery lashes with the help of some falsies or like me you can go with for the clumpy-er look which adds an edge.

Dark lips.
Oranges and pinks step aside, it's all about berry shades and deep reds now. There are hundreds of posts on the go to shades but my favourite is Lina Mar's (here) which is set out so beautifully. You can also read my review here on the Kate Moss lipstick which as you will all know is one of the most popular shades for this time of year.

A Slight Addiction to Phone Cases

In my opinion you can never have enough phone cases and despite already having too many, I've just welcomed another into my collection. I have a thing for skull cases so this one caught my eye straight away when Iconemesis contacted me and asked me to pick a case for them to send me. It's designed by Sacha Kreeger and I love the print, she does some prettier cases as well but they're for more advanced phones and unfortunately I'm still stuck on an iPhone 4S! If you're after a new case I suggest having a browse on their site, if you're not a fan of the one I chose then they've got plenty more on their site!

The Best Autumn Lippy

I bet you didn't even need to look at the picture to tell what lipstick I'm on about. Yeah you guessed it, Kate Moss' lipstick in 107. This colour screams autumn and you need to go and buy it. The pigmentation is impressive and because it's matte its longevity is incredible for a drugstore lipstick. It applies smoothly but be sure to moisturize your lips to prevent it sticking to dry skin. It hardly breaks the bank so why not go and try it?


Zoella Soak Opera Bath and Shower Cream

It was essential that I bought something from Zoella's beauty range and with limited funds in my bank I opted for 'Soak Opera'. For only a fiver you get to indulge in 490ml of product which for me is great value for money. It smells girly and in the least creepy way possible, how I can image Zoe smells. It's not the normal shower gel scent I go for as I'm normally a big fan of the strong smelling Molton Brown shower gels but it's alright I guess. The formula is enriched with shea butter, aloe and vitamin e which softens my skin without making it feel oily or greasy but it's nothing to write home about. I wouldn't buy anymore from the range for the pure reason that from my point of view, there's better stuff out there.


The Power of Technology

I've got a question for you. Can you imagine what the fashion industry would be like without the use of technology? No online magazines, no visual search software and most importantly, no blogging! With the recent success of Tanya Burr Cosmetics, Zoella Beauty and now Ruth Crilly's COLAB collection, it's made me think about where we'd all be without the technology we have today.

Despite magazines originally being printed, a majority of magazines can now be bought and read online. Personally I hate this. To me, the whole experience of reading a magazine is finding your favourite at the shops, coming home to settle down with *insert your drink of choice* and flicking through to the best articles, then cutting pictures out to stick in your scrapbook or moodboard for inspiration. Or is that just me? I was gutted when Company announced they were stopping their 'real' magazines but unfortunately I can understand why it's happening.

On a lighter note, the power of visual search software is something worth mentioning. In the past I've often found myself searching through every corner of the internet to find something that I've seen someone wearing, be it a fashion blogger, celebrity or just a friend. Luckily it's not an issue anymore with software like findSimilar which makes your style icons clothes instantly shopable. What more could you ask for? I tend to use Style Thief which finds alternatives to vintage or designer items for half the price using image recognition software. And despite being one of the newest technologies, visual searching has already changed the way we shop thanks to Cortexica who is now working alongside retail giants Macy's and Zalando to add visual search to their apps. Soon enough we should be able to shop just by snapping a picture!

Bloggers are at the forefront of the fashion industry and that would never have happened without the use of technology and the internet. Nowadays bloggers are some of the most influential people not only in the industry but in the world. Think along the lines of Zoella, Tanya Burr, Susie Bubble, Fashion Toast. The list is endless. Now just for a second, imagine blogging didn't exist. What would we even do with our time? No snuggling up in bed with a box of chocolates reading LLYMRS' lifestyle posts.. I'd hate it!

It's worth giving it a thought, the impact of technology is huge so what can we expect next?


I wanna get into the swing of writing more lifestyle posts. They're one of my favourite types of post to read but I just always find that I never do anything interesting or venture outside of my hometown. How boring do I sound? 

So last weekend when my friend invited me down to her uni in Brighton for a weekend I took the opportunity to take some snaps. I love Brighton and it's as simple as that. Everytime I go, I fall in love with the quirky lanes, sea breeze and crazy fashion. It's so inspiring down there and makes me torn between wanting to move to London or Brighton. Hmm decisions. Unfortunately I didn't bump into any famous youtubers but I did pop into Oliver Bonas (Zoe and Gabby's favourite homeware shop) where I wallowed in beautiful furniture. I swear homeware shops are the reason I want to move out so badly! 

So would you like to see more lifestyle posts? I'm currently interning in London which means that my posts may be scarce but I really am trying! This does however mean that I could do a few advice posts for interns? Just let me know in the comments if you're interested!

My Autumn Go To Shoes

In summer I tend to wear my white converse all the time whereas as we enter the colder months I try to incorporate my black ones into my outfits. As I'm sure you all know how comfortable, versatile and reasonably priced they are so if you haven't already got some then what are you doing?!

Leather Boots.We all saw this one coming didn't we. I think regular readers of my blog will know that I treasure my Deena and Ozzy boots which I bought last year. These are such an essential in my autumn/winter wardrobe and to be worn with every outfit be it smart or casual.

Comfy Boots.As much as I love wearing my leather biker boots, it's also great to throw on a pair of comfy/slouchy boots like these ones. To be honest they are kind of slippers as well but they're perfect to wear with a simple dress layered up with some thick black tights.

Skincare Saviours

Tea Tree Oil.
So affordable and so effective, I cannot praise tea tree oil enough. Just a couple of dabs with a cotton bud and in a few hours my spots reduce in size and redness and feel a lot less sore. You can splash out on the Origins Spot Remover or save a few pennies with the Body Shop Tea Tree Oil.

Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish (review here).One of the most talked about products in the beauty blogging industry, and deservedly so! Yeah so it may be a tad more expensive than your average drugstore cleanser but even so, it doesn't break the bank and it's worth the dollar. Leaving my skin feeling soft yet hydrated and removing pretty much all of my makeup (apart from Benefit's They're Real Mascara which doesn't budge).

Superdry Coconut LipFix (review here).
Okay so not necessarily an actual skincare saviour but I'll throw it in anyway! This is my go to lip product as you will know if you've been keeping up to date with my beauty posts for a while. It feels like a gel on your lips and granted, it is a bit sticky but for when my lips are dry and chapped, this product works genuine magic!

Does this count as a skincare saviour? I can see a dramatic difference in my skin when I've been drinking a lot of water. Less spots, more hydrated and reduced redness. What more can you ask for?

Autumn and Winter Fashion Staples

As you'll know from my previous posts, I am ridiculously excited to be back in thick jumpers, tights, boots, the lot. And since it's the beginning of October, I'm sharing with you my autumn and winter fashion essentials. Take from this what you like and let me know in the comments what your staples are!

White Shirt.
Clean, crisp and perfect for layering. I will be honest and admit that I pinch my mum's shirts but to be fair, you can end up paying quite a bit for a well fitted, good quality shirt! I've got my eye on this oversized shirt at the mo.

How can you not wear tartan in the colder months? I stay away from big tartan prints but I cherish my scarf I wore in this post from Primark last year. Maybe this year I'll branch out a bit and get some tartan leggings or something!

Oversized Coat.
Not only do I love a winter coat to keep me warm but I think it turns into your signature item of clothing. I always wear my trusty parka jacket which I've had for a couple of years now but there are others who swear by their oversized boyfriend coat or whatever it may be. Just make sure it's the perfect coat for you because it will be staying with you for a while!

It goes without saying, I love a bit of leather and I think AW is the perfect time to incorporate it into your outfit. Whether that's a leather jacket, leggings, jeans or just a bag. I still haven't bought myself a leather jacket but I love leather panel leggings and jeans, paired with a thick knitted jumper - brilliant.

Black Boots.
I'm so picky when it comes to buying black boots but this year I've got two pairs. My trust Deena and Ozzy ones and my new, smarter Office heeled ones. Black boots are such a staple it's ridiculous, they can be thrown on with every outfit and can often toughen up a girly outfit.

Everyone needs a new LBD for Christmas parties, it goes without saying. I think winter is the perfect time to invest in a new dress and check out the ASOS sale which is wear I always buy my dresses for the best bargains.

Of course I couldn't complete this post without including my favourite things ever... beanies! I can't wear an outfit when it's cold without chucking a beanie on, it's physically impossible for me. Topshop have some adorable bobble hats at the moment and I'm definitely gonna be purchasing this one!

Christmas Jumper.
Last but not definitely not least, we all need a snuggly Christmas jumper. I've already started eyeing up a few this year in the men's section on ASOS but of course the best are yet to come. I'm quite tempted to buy this Halloween jumper as well!

Yes to Carrots Cleansing Wipes

Yes To Carrots Cleansing Wipes The Rawrdrobe


After hearing promising things about the Yes To brand I was curious to try out their cleansing wipes. We all know that using makeup wipes is a sin in the beauty blogging world but when browsing on ASOS they caught my eye and no longer than a minute later I found myself with three packs of wipes in my basket. After realizing that three might be a bit overboard I wittled it down to just the carrot wipes as they definitely intrigued me the most. A carrot beauty product.. who knew?

So down to the nitty gritty, what are they like? Unfortunately they're not as 'fragrance free' as they say. The smell is odd and pretty overpowering so I do find myself washing my face after I've used them which is a shame. They stung underneath my eyes the first few times I used them so I wouldn't recommend them for sensitive skin but despite those two points I'm really impressed. Not only are they rich in vitamin A which helps repair your skin and keeps it moist but they also help with the production of collagen (preventing wrinkles). The aloe vera as you all know helps to soothe and moisturise the skin so as you can tell, these wipes are full of goodness! They're not greasy but I don't think I'd repurchase them for the pure fact that they can sometimes irritate my skin.

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