Five Tips for Interning

Write notes on everything

It's so handy to have a little notebook to jot notes down here and there. I normally write out to do lists everyday so I can make sure I meet my deadlines, the tasks I've been doing so I can offload it onto my CV and of course general notes you need for phone calls and emails.

Get involved

A majority of the time your colleagues will be going for drinks or even just to the shops to buy a packet of crisps, make sure you get involved and go out with them! I know it's easy to shy away in the corner and keep yourself to yourself, but if you're interning there for a while then you want to be able to get on with everyone and feel comfortable! It also means you can get to know them better and maybe you'll find common interests!

Keep busy

I guarantee you will make the worst impression if you sit there and do nothing. Remember why you're interning, to learn, to work, to see how the industry works? Not to sit there on your arse doing nothing! If there's nothing for you to do then a good tip is to check out what's on their hard-drive. This way you can get to learn about the company more which is never a bad thing, but be careful in case you accidentally delete something - from personal experience I wouldn't recommend it!


It's really important that you find out about the financial side of the internship. Are you being paid? Does the company pay for your travel? How much does it cost for your travel? It's definitely worth having a sit down and thinking about all these questions. I've had to pass on an internship I desperately wanted to do just because financially it wasn't possible, it really can be a bummer.

Get a good chair

I seriously wish someone had told me this before I first started interning because despite seeming silly, it's really important especially in an office job. Make sure your chair is comfy and not too big because I can promise you after a few days your back will be killing you. Even if you can't change your chair then just bring a cushion in or anything to make it more bearable, after all you will be sitting in it all day everyday for the next however many weeks!

5 Beauty Bits Always in my Bag

I've been changing my everyday bag around quite a bit recently and as a result, I've been constantly swapping bits and bobs from bag to bag. Below are a few favourites which have stuck with me wherever I go.

I've gone on about this way too much in the past and you're probably bored of me raving about it but this stuff really is the shit when it comes to lipcare. Anytime my lips are feeling a bit dry, I just squeeze a bit of this on and it works perfectly.

Ever since seeing Sammi from Beauty Crush rave about the Maybelline Fit Me Collection, I've been hooked on their powder. It's perfect for mattifying the face and unlike the Rimmel Stay Matte powder, the packaging doesn't break every time you put your bag down! 

This is the perfect sized brush for a quick powder application without making me look too powdery. Cheap as chips as well and we all love a Real Techniques brush don't we?

To be honest with you, I seldom top up my makeup during the day but one thing I am forever doing is reapplying liner to my waterline. For this I use the Clinique quickliner which doesn't budge all day and also comes with a sponge on the end if I'm going for a more smokey look.

Lipstick of the day.
As you know I rarely wear lipstick but when I do, it's an essential in my bag. There's nothing worse than faded lipstick so it's a must to keep my lippy of the day close by me. 

The Best High Street Heels

It's party season which means it's time for LBD's, sparkly accessories and killer heels. I've never really been one for splurging on heels as I rarely wear them so I normally head to New Look for party purchases. They honestly sell the most affordable yet good quality shoes and I can't recommend them enough. Wedges, stilettos, boots, chunky heels, everything. I can't say they're the comfiest shoes as a couple of pairs I have including the ones pictured and these ones won't last longer than an hour on my feet but hey ho, beauty is pain right?

My Winter Foundation


Please allow me to introduce you to the perfect foundation for winter! Honestly this is all I will ever need in a foundation and I can't sing its praises enough. They claim it lasts up to 25 hours which I wouldn't say is the most accurate statement they've made but it is extremely long lasting (around 8 hours) and I can wear this to work knowing that it will still be there by the end of the day. It gives a medium to full coverage but can also look quite cakey when too many layers are applied so I make sure to only apply the smallest amount at a time. It looks dewy on the skin which I surprisingly like, despite being a lover of matte foundations and is also the perfect match for my skintone which as you all know is hard to find in the drugstore. Rimmel have really hit the nail on the head with this foundation for me personally so I'm really impressed. I've also heard good things about the Lasting Perfection Nude foundation which I might give a whirl as well!


What I'm Wearing This Winter

A-Line Skirts.
I've never been a massive skirt wearer but something has completely come over me these past couple of months. Effortless fashion summed up in a garment. By just throwing on this skirt with some thick tights, an oversized jumper and boots, I look like I've actually put thought into my outfit - it's brilliant.


As well as being obsessed with monochrome this autumn/winter, I've also been loving a million and one different patterns. Tartan scarves, stripey jumpers, checkered dresses, diamond tights, I'm just loving it all.

Boots, boots, boots.

Apart from crocs (please forgive me), all I've had on my feet for the past couple of months are boots. So much so that I'm now having to get both pairs resoled. It's nice to change it up as well between biker boots for a more grungey look and heeled boots if I'm wearing something smarter. I've recently invested in these beauts as well, thank the Lord for Black Friday discounts!

Late Blogmas

It's December already. Say whaaaat? I've missed the first few days of blogmas as I've been totally run down at work and haven't had the time to write any posts but as of tomorrow I will be posting everyday until Christmas! Happy December everyone!
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