Maybelline Lash Sensational Mascara

The brush itself is very similar to the new Benefit Roller Lash mascara and the L'Oreal Butterfly mascara, with a curved plastic applicator at the end with shorter bristles on the inside curve and longer on the outside. This helps to apply the right amount of product to the lashes and the curved shape really helps coat the whole of the lash line as well as separate the lashes. At first the formula feels quite wet and can make your lashes quite clumpy but after a week or so of drying out it thickens up and creates a clump free formula! 

Unfortunately this didn't volumize my lashes as well as I thought it would. It's more of a lengthening mascara but once layered with another volumizing mascara it works really well. It doesn't smudge or transfer despite my lids sometimes getting oily and I reckon it holds up pretty well throughout the day.


Sleek Precious Metals Highlight Palette

I don't know how I lived without this in my life for so long. Despite being a fan of powder highlighters for so long, I've been converted. The creamy shades blend in so well and produce a really natural highlight which can be applied with a brush or your fingers. The longevity is pretty good compared to my other highlighters and the sheen lasts for a few hours on the skin.

I tend to use the shade 'Renaissance Gold' (bottom left) which is a shimmery rose gold colour which at first sight looks similar to the 'Royal Gold' shade (top right). 'Platinum' (top left) looks clear at first but when swatched it appears silver and works perfectly on the brow bone. The only powder in the palette is 'Antique Bronze' which I don't think I'll be using as a highlight as it's way too dark for my skin but I'm sure it'll come into use at some point!

For a tenner, I'd say this is a pretty good deal. Perfect for a present but even better as a treat for yourself!

Things that make me happy

Fresh socks / roast dinners / Paperchase / buying a new book / The Avengers / photos from Italy / finding out we're getting a takeaway / fat mondays / IKEA / cuddle sessions / sending postcards / Skips / Great British Bake Off / getting into bed / birthday cards / Archie's snapchats / watching Take Me Out with a Chinese takeaway / a new duvet set / reorganising my bookcase / the smell of burning matches / Toby / coffee table books / comfy trackies / homemade pizza / wirehaired vizslas / Wicked / duvet days / Wagamamas / a pint after work / homeware hauls / astronomy / family days out / publishing a blog post / primark pjs / Imagine Dragons / choreographing a new dance / New York / Company magazine / acrobatics with Toby in the kitchen / feeling productive / new trainers

Nike Air Max Thea

I've currently got about 18 pairs of trainers so it's ridiculous to say that I need anymore but I just can't stop buying them. I got these beauts for Christmas which are by far my favourite pair. They're a much slimmer and daintier version of the Air Max 90s which are pointier at the end and much more attractive. They rubbed slightly on my heel at first but it wasn't anything a couple of compeed blasters couldn't fix. As well as being stylish and comfortable they're extremely versatile. I tend to wear them with my jeans as that's the look I generally go for but they go with everything else; skirts, dresses, leggings, everything. They may be expensive at £84.99 but they pop up quite a bit in the ASOS sales where you can often catch them as low as 50 quid. If you're about to buy your first pair of trainers I can't recommend these enough. Alternatively, look at Puma Suedes or New Balance 574s!

My Favourite Perfumes

I'm really not a massive perfume hoarder. I only have a handful because I just can't afford them but the ones I do own, I absolutely love. These are my favourites though and I sure am gonna repurchase them when they run out.

Up first is the Elie Saab L'Eau Couture Eau de Toilette which has lasted me since my 18th birthday last year. This is a really light and fresh but sweet fragrance so it's perfect for spring/summer time which is mainly when I use this. It's not the longest lasting perfume but it's great for the day, just a couple of spritzes and you're off! I'll also add that I think this is really good value for money considering most 30ml bottles are at least forty quid and this comes in at only £30!


A more recent addition is YSL Black Opium which I received for Christmas after practically begging my mum for it. It's a really recognisable and long lasting scent which sees me through the whole day. I'd say it's definitely my autumn/winter fragrance as it's slightly heavier and just smells more like a cold weather perfume to me! I honestly can't recommend it enough.


What are your favourite perfumes?

Hello NY!

It's no secret that I'm desperate to travel to New York. In fact I'd probably sell my brother if it meant I could fly across the world to the big apple. I could write a book on New York despite the fact I've never been, on all the reasons I wanna go there. Burgers, High Line, Broadway, Time Square, yellow taxis, iHop, Central Park, Natural History Museum, amazing views, Chinatown, Knicks, Statue of Liberty, Sephora, doughnuts and of course Walmart. Let me know below if you've ever been to NYC and what is was like and what to check out!

Easy Natural Brows

God I love this product. It's essentially the Anastasia Brow Wiz on a budget! When I'm having those days when I'm not really feeling the whole waxing and powdering process for my brows I just reach for this. It takes two seconds and the blonde colour creates the most natural looking brows I could ask for despite being brunette. It lasts all day and looks a lot softer and more natural with the use of the crayon rather than a pencil. I really can't fault this product at all, keep an eye on it as it regularly pops up in the ASOS sale!

Plain and Simple

Katy Stephenson Outfit The Rawrdrobe Blog


I'm a big fan at the moment of very basic outfits like this. A vest top, shirt and leggings will do me just fine for the day and if I feel like dressing up a bit, I'll chuck on some jewellery! It was my younger brother's 16th birthday yesterday so happy birthday Sammy boy! I also got a few snaps of my outfit when we went out for dinner so hopefully they'll be up soon!

Budget Ideas for Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is coming up quickly but unfortunately we don't all have the money to splash out on expensive presents and fancy dinners. So I've come up with a few ideas of how you can enjoy and spend V Day on a budget!

- Why not take a walk? Drive down to the beach or grab the dog and go for a wander around the woods? It's free, just you two and it's always nice to get a bit of fresh air!
- If you don't really want to spend a lot on going out for a fancy dinner then cook your favourite meal at home! Whether that's spagbol, risotto or a curry, get your hands dirty and make it!
- Hold the presents, there's no need to spend a fortune on presents this Valentine's Day. Why not stick to a sentimental card and a bunch of flowers? Or you could make them something instead. Last year Toby made me a bright pink lemon meringue pie which was the perfect present!
- A personal favourite of mine, grab a takeaway and chill out with a film. I think it's what Toby and I are best at really!
- Go for cocktails. It's a great alternative to going out for dinner as you still get the atmosphere of being out but you also get the enjoyment of lounging around at home as well!

Are you wearing the right bra?

The best part of my day is always taking my bra off. That feel of relief that you're not going out for the rest of the evening is pure brilliance. It made me start thinking though how many people are actually wearing the wrong bra and after a quick Google search I discovered that 8 out of 10 women are wearing the wrong bra size. So here are a few pointers to follow by.

Are you uncomfortable?
Do you find the underwire stabbing you where it shouldn't and the straps digging into your shoulders? They're generally hints that your bra is too small but I'd say the biggest sign is just feeling uncomfortable in your bra. Even if it's the strap feeling a bit loose then immediately you should know it's time to buy a new bra!

Get fitted.
Ignore all this crap about measuring your size yourself, just get off your bum and go and get fitted! I tend to get fitted once a year but the rule of thumb is generally to get fitted after gaining/losing 5 to 7 pounds. 

Spend a little extra.
For girls with the awkward sizes which aren't available in shops, it's inevitable that you're going to have to spend a bit more. It's worth spending £30 on a decent bra that fits you well rather than spending a fiver on a cheap one from Primark which provides no support and falls apart in the washing machine!

All bras are different.
You will never be the same size in all bra shapes, end of. If you're trying out a balconette style when you're used to wearing plunge bras then make sure you try a variety of sizes on before buying! The same goes when switching between different brands, you may be a 30C in M&S and a 32B in La Senza!

Are you on the tightest hook?
I can tell you straight away that if you're wearing your bra on the tightest hook then you're in need of a new bra! We should wear our bras on the loosest hook and if you're able to wear them on the first then maybe go down a band size.

Love Alight

Katy Stephenson Outfit The Rawrdrobe Blog


Just a quick one today as I'm off driving now! As you will probably know, I'm loving this hat at the moment which I also featured in this blog post. It just automatically makes an outfit look more put together, and anything that does that is great for me. What's your favourite item for pulling an outfit together?

How to stay motivated with your blog

I think every blogger reaches that point where they just don't know what to post or whether they even want to keep blogging. I definitely have. Last year I lost all my motivation to blog but luckily I found posts like this one which kept me going. So hopefully if you're reading this because you're feeling a bit down with your blog, this can pick you up a bit!

Take a break.
If you're not feel motivated enough to write good quality blog posts then all you need to do is take a break. You'd be surprised what ideas pop into your head when you're 'switched off' and for me, they seem to be the most popular posts on my blog.

Keep a notepad nearby.
I always keep a notepad (or failing that, my phone) on me to jot down random ideas that spring into my mind when I'm out and about. The worst thing is coming up with an awesome idea and then letting it disappear because you forgot to write it down!

Don't overdo it.
Just remember that readers will rather read one exciting and well put-together post rather than three or four average posts. It's worth only posting once or twice a week if it means your content can be more creative and interesting to read.

Photo diaries.
If you're not feeling motivated enough to write but you still enjoy taking photos then why not use these to create a photo diary on your blog? Not everyone follows blogs for the writing so a more photographic blog can still receive plenty of positive feedback, and it's a more laid back way of doing what you love! 

Do what you love.
If you prefer writing about what you got up to at the weekend rather than what your favourite lipstick is then write about that! Blogging will seem like less of a chore when you're blogging about what you love. It will also mean you've a million more ideas in your head which you feel more passionately about!

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