Belated Valentine's Outfit


I don't know why it's taken me so long to post this outfit but here's what I wore for mine and Toby's Valentine's day trip to London.

We started off by going to the Natural History Museum which I loved but it was so busy that we ended up leaving after only being there for an hour. So a tip for all you history enthusiasts out there, don't go to museums during half term! We then caught the tube to Covent Garden where we had a mooch around the shops and grabbed some cocktails. Then out of the blue, Toby decided to buy us tickets to Charlie and the Chocolate Factory at Theatre Royal for the evening. So for dinner before we treated ourselves to a couple of sirloin steaks at Bills with cinammon doughnuts for pudding. The steaks were amazing. I wasn't expecting a quality dinner like that from Bills but we were both really impressed. So with full stomachs and a few packs of sweets from Tesco's we headed off to the theatre. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory was incredible. From everything from the set to the songs to the acting. I urge you to go and see it, even if you think you're too old for it, you're not! So after that we hopped on the train back and crashed out as soon as we hit our pillows! A big thanks to Toby for such a beaut day!

A Very Pretty Blusher

After being tempted by this blusher for a few months on the ASOS website I finally caved and bought it. I'm not really a blusher person as I prefer bronzer but I have to admit, I've been wearing this non stop.

It's a really pretty baked duo which comes in a shimmery medium pink colour and a more browny/bronzey shimmery shade. I tend to swirl my brush around in both colours as I'm not really fussed which shade I use but I have the say the pink is super pretty! The colours are really shimmery which I'm not normally a fan of but once applied, the powder appears sheer so it's not too in your face. The shimmer also means I don't normally have to apply highlighter as well. It's also really easy to blend despite being pigmented and isn't chalky at all so it feels really soft and lightweight on your skin.

My only major bug bear with this blush is the awful packaging. It's so cheap and I feel like if I take it with me in my makeup bag, it's just going to fall apart and smash and no one wants that! It's such a shame considering it costs £15 but hey ho. I doubt I'll be repurchasing this purely because of the price, I really can't justify £15 for this when there are much cheaper alternatives in the drugstore.


The Staple Top

Katy Stephenson Outfit The Rawrdrobe Blog
Katy Stephenson Outfit The Rawrdrobe Blog

I've been really lazy with my clothing choices recently but there's been one item which I've been able to throw on constantly which makes it look like I made an effort.

I picked up a couple of these ribbed funnel neck tops from Topshop a month or so ago in grey and black and they've been staples in my wardrobe ever since. I tend to wear them with high waisted jeans or treggings but they also look so classic tucked into an A-line skirt. So versatile and they also look really smart which is perfect for someone like me who tends to wear more casual clothes. Another thing I really like about them is that they fit so well and keep their shape after they've been washed. 

And the piece de resistance.. They're only £14! Such a bargain for Topshop and I'll definitely be investing in more in the future.

Topshop Contour Cream in 'Sweep'

This is the first makeup item I've tried from Topshop despite hearing such good reviews about various pieces of their collection. I picked this contour cream up a few weeks ago and I have to admit, it's never going to be a holy grail product of mine but I still think it's great.

The contour cream is available in two shades; 'Sweep' which is a medium brown matte shade and 'Swerve' which is a darker, cool toned matte shade. I kinda wish I had bought 'Swerve' as despite looking a lot darker, the cool tones make it easier to work with as 'Sweep' sometimes looks quite orange on my skin.

It really takes no time at all to apply the product and the finish looks a lot more natural than a powder contour. The creaminess makes it so easy to blend and fortunately it doesn't set straight away which means you have a bit of time to work with it. I tend to warm up the cream with my finger by swirling it around in the pan and then apply it to the hollows of my cheeks with my finger. I find this applies so much easier to the face when using my finger rather than a brush so I tend to just stick with that method. I then whack out my Real Techniques Contour Brush or Buffing Brush and blend the cream into my skin which leaves a really natural looking contour.

So why won't this be a holy grail product for me? Even though it only takes a tiny bit longer than applying my contour with a powder, I'm just too lazy and it's as simple as that. I'll be using this for times when I want to sit down and properly do my makeup but on a day to day basis I just don't think it's for me.


Take Me Out


If you're wondering why I'm looking slightly ill and pale in this photo, I can tell you it's because I was in fact ill and pale when this photo was taken. I've recently just recovered from a nasty virus which was just grim. Sickness, stomach cramps, headaches, dizziness and covered in a rash - it wasn't pretty. But despite the illness I managed to pass my driving test on Friday 13th March! It was my first go and I passed with 7 minors so luck must have been on my side that day! Now I get to cruise around in my Fiat 500 all day long. Beep beep!

Product Rave: Soap and Glory Solar Powder

I honestly don't know how I have lived so long without this bronzer. I've always struggled with finding a bronzer/contour shade that's not orangey but then I found this bad boy. It's a very subtle bronzer which adds a slight glow to the face but can also be used for contouring which is what I tend to use this for. It's been known to only show up on fairer skin tones so if you have a slightly darker skin tone then perhaps check out some other bronzers.

I use this for both bronzing (a mix of the two shades) and contouring (darker shade) but I stay away from the highlighter shade as I find it just doesn't match my skin tone. The shade also has quite a lot of fall out whereas the matte brown shade is amazing to work with and blends like a dream.

Neither powders are too pigmented which is great because I like to build up my contour lines and it also means you won't go in too heavy with the powder which can sometimes look cakey with other products! No cakey-ness with this powder though as it's very lightweight and silky and lasts a decent amount of time on the skin, around 5-6 hours.

If you're in need of a new natural looking bronzer then I strongly recommend this! For £11, it may seem expensive for the drugstore but it's the best £11 I've spent in a while!


What's on my iPhone 6?

When I'm bored the first thing I click on my phone is Instagram. I could spend hours endlessly scrolling through my newsfeed and checking out #interiordesign or #foodporn!

I love scrolling through my Twitter feed just as much as I do with Instagram. It's great to keep up with my favourite bloggers and keep in the swing of things!

Hello everyone, my name is Katy and I'm a Snapchat addict. I don't need to say much more than that really!

I used to love learning Spanish when I was younger so a couple of months ago I downloaded this app to help me get back into the language. It's really easy to use and varies from basic words to complex sentences so it's perfect for beginners as well as the more advanced!

One of my favourite blog related apps which I use to schedule my tweets. It's free and you can do it on your phone or online so it's perfect for us blogging on the go!

I'm loving going to the cinema at the moment and I went through a stage of going every week for over a month.. Woops! So I've got the Odeon app just to keep up to date with what's going on at my local cinema.

After using Photoshop to edit my Instagram photos for years, I decided to up my game and download VSCOcam. It's pretty easy to use and I love the filters.

What apps do you swear by?

The Perfect Skincare Pair

I'm suffering from a severe breakout at the moment, with redness, scarring and just dull looking skin in general. As a result, I've been using these two gems together every other day and the difference they've made to my skin is crazy. The Liz Earle Hot Cloth Cleanser is well known in the beauty blogosphere and we all know how much it can improve our skin. Benefit's facial polish isn't as well know but I've been using it ever since I bought it at duty free in September! Both work together well to refresh and revitalize my skin as well as buff away dead skin, leaving my face to look naturally glowy.

The Best Micellar Water

I never used to be very loyal when it came to buying micellar water until I tried this a few months back. It's all I have used to take my makeup off since (with the exception of the Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish) and it couldn't do the job better.

It feels quite literally like water and even when my skin is raging and sore, this is the only product I know I can use which won't sting or irritate my face. As for taking makeup off it does a pretty good job to be fair. The only thing it won't budge is my Benefit They're Real mascara but I've always had a problem with removing it so we'll let that one slip. As well as removing makeup, this is perfect for soothing the skin and doesn't make my skin feel greasy or oily.

It's by far my favourite micellar water, and outshines L'Oreal, Bioderma and Simple big time. If you haven't tried it then get off your butt and go get one! They're normally on offer in Superdrug and cost no more than a couple of quid.


Things I'm looking forward to in spring/summer

Wearing sunglasses / sitting on the grass / buying bikinis / evenings at the pub / bare legs / going on holiday / water fights with Toby / my birthday / not wearing a coat / chicken caesar salad / the smell of suncream / raspberry ice pops / summer dresses / tan lines / camping out / bright colours / the excitement of getting on a plane / wearing my huf cap / pennyboarding / parties / drinking a pint in the sun / spending time with friends from uni / neon nails / buying a new pair of white converse / easter eggs / cocktails / buying a new beach towel / warm evenings / taking photos / Topshop SS15 / barbecues / not getting dark until ten o'clock / dungarees / sailing

What are you looking forward to?

L'Oreal True Match Foundation

After reading a million amazing reviews about this foundation I decided to bite the bullet and get it a few weeks back. Despite already having three foundations on the go, I wanted to take the opportunity to properly put this to the test. I bought the shade 'N2 Vanilla' which would be alright if I had a tan but at the moment it's a little dark so I'm considering buying a shade lighter so I can either mix or just wear that one.

The formula blends so smoothly into the skin, creating a flawless base which doesn't look cakey. I'd say this is definitely a medium to full coverage foundation and when I use this I don't feel the need to use concealer as well. The finish appears matte on my skin and once topped up with my Bourjois Healthy Balance Powder it will easily last 5 to 6 hours on my skin without a primer no problemo. 

One of the genius things about this foundation is the online consultation (take the test here) which will help you roughly find the right shade of foundation for you. It takes only a few minutes and will save you a lot of time in the shops! The foundation is available in a variety of shades ranging from warm to neutral to cool skin tones which helps you find your true match!

For those wondering here are the shades:

Warm: W1 (Golden Ivory), W2 (Golden Vanilla), W3 (Golden Beige), W4 (Golden Natural), W5 (Golden Sand), W7 (Golden Amber), W8 (Golden Cappuccino)
Neutral: N1 (Ivory), N2 (Vanilla), N3 (Creamy Beige), N4 (Beige), N5 (Sand), N6 (Honey), N6.5 (Caramel), N7 (Amber), N8 (Cappuccino), N9 (Cacao)
Cool: C1 (Rose Ivory), C2 (Rose Vanilla), C3 (Rose Beige), C5 (Rose Sand), C7 (Rose Amber)

I've really fallen head over heels with this foundation and I can't recommend it enough for the price you pay.


Lazy Days

Katy Stephenson Outfit The Rawrdrobe Blog

I never know what to write about when posting a snap of an outfit. Do I write about the outfit itself? Or do I write about what I did in that outfit? Who knows! All I'll say is this is a classic me outfit. Beanie, shirt and trainers - oh so Stephenson! I think I actually wore this a few weeks back for a film night with Toby where we obviously laid there on the sofa, eating our weight in walker's sensations, watching crappy films. But they're the best nights aren't they? And Holy shit. Would you look at the month? It's March already. Looks like it's time to start buying bikinis again!
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