Things I'm looking forward to in spring/summer

Wearing sunglasses / sitting on the grass / buying bikinis / evenings at the pub / bare legs / going on holiday / water fights with Toby / my birthday / not wearing a coat / chicken caesar salad / the smell of suncream / raspberry ice pops / summer dresses / tan lines / camping out / bright colours / the excitement of getting on a plane / wearing my huf cap / pennyboarding / parties / drinking a pint in the sun / spending time with friends from uni / neon nails / buying a new pair of white converse / easter eggs / cocktails / buying a new beach towel / warm evenings / taking photos / Topshop SS15 / barbecues / not getting dark until ten o'clock / dungarees / sailing

What are you looking forward to?


  1. ahhh!! I love all these things!! I can't wait until Summer x


  2. Love having white converse in summer! Rebecca | xx


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