What I Wore on Holiday: Tassle Top


I think this was one of my favourite outfits which I wore in Greece just because I love this simple tassle top from H&M. I don't think it was any more than a tenner and I've been wearing it non stop. It is slightly see through though so I layer it on top of a cropped cami and bob's your uncle. I also love the background in this photo (it was brighter but due to editing I lost the colour), it was such a beautiful sunset this night which reflected on the rippling water and was the perfect place to take an outfit photo! Also check out those bites all over my legs, ouch!

Greece Photo Diary Part 4

You may be thinking 'what the jeff is that first picture?' and I can tell you it's the most delicious food ever. Gyros. Thick pitta bread wrapped around pork gyros, chips, tomatoes, onion, coleslaw, mustard and ketchup. So goooood and perfect for our hungover days! There's also another beautiful sunset a few pictures under which was the perfect end to a hungover day! The rest of the pictures were from our 4x4 ride up the tallest mountain in Thassos where we reached 360 degree views of the island. It was a bit of a killer on the bum and the legs but well worth it for the barbecue we ate at a little abandoned shed!

What I Wore on Holiday: Sunset


The sunset this night was beautiful. It reflected along the ripples in the and was perfect to catch on camera. Of course typically by the time Toby had taken these photos my battery died - classic thing to happen to me! You can still kind of see the sunset on the right hand side of these photos though!

New MAC additions

Greece Photo Diary Part 3

So in this weeks photo diary we've got a few snaps from our dinner out in Limenaria which was a nearby town full of tavernas, bars and a beautiful harbour. Toby went for a fillet steak which was one of the best steaks he's ever eaten and I opted for calamari which was beauuuutiful! There's also a few snaps at the beginning from one of our nights out at the Boomerang Bar which is where we seemed to have spent most our time on this holiday!

What I Wore on Holiday: Palm Print


I bloody love this playsuit! I picked it up on ASOS in the sale for £25 and it's so perfect for summer. The print is one of my favourites as I just love palm tree and leaf prints. The back of this playsuit is also cut out in a triangle which is really flattering and can show off a bit of tan as well.

Greece Photo Diary Part 2

There's a bit of a nautical theme going on in this photo diary! We jumped on a boat trip on one of the warmer days where we travelled along the south side of the island to all the small beaches and coves. Despite being such a beautiful and sunny day, the water was so cold I can't even explain! The last couple of pictures are from a natural seawater swimming pool named Giola. It was surprisingly not too cold but bloody hell was it salty, I could barely open my eyes! It was such a trek down there though, after parking at the main road we then had to hop on a shuttle buggy which was then followed by a fifteen minute walk in the blistering heat! Well worth it though!

5 More things to do in the Sunshine

Visit your nearest National Trust Garden.

In all honesty, I've only actually been to a handful of National Trust gardens however it's free and such a lovely way to spend a few hours of your day. An added bonus is that you can bring your camera for some snaps of the flowers and your outfit in some beautiful backgrounds!

Play a game of tennis.
Doesn't matter if you've never picked up a racquet before or if you're the next Roger Federer, tennis is a good laugh for everyone and only costs a small amount to hire a tennis court for an afternoon.

Camping's always better in the sun so grab a tent, some marshmallows and a few friends and hit up a local campsite or a field for a chilled out night!

Try making ice cream.
Everyone loves ice cream so why not have a crack at making your own, it's not too hard and if you're not up for it then you can always make a trip down to the ice cream van instead!

Have a water fight.
Tuesday was the hottest day of the year so far so myself and a group of friends made use of it by having a massive water fight. I'm talking waterbombs, buckets and for whoever's quick enough, the hose! It's great fun and costs barely anything!

The Best Bikinis for Big Boobs

It's a hard life for us big boobed ladies. Buying a bikini from Topshop is off the books and you can't even think about investing in a skimpy triangle bikini. I've not got the biggest rack in the world but I've found for girls with a DD+ bra size the best place to go to for bikinis is ASOS. We all know I'm probably ASOS' number one fan anyway but I really can't fault their bikinis.

Good shape, robust and comfortable, they just get the job done. There are so many gorgeous designs and I'm racked up a total of 9 bikinis just from the last two years. The tops can be more pricey but it's completely worth it for the support they give which is hard to find in high street bikinis these days. There's also a massive range of mix and match bikinis in a Triangl style but for a fraction of the price which are a great investment for summer!

Greece Photo Diary Part 1

You may have seen from my Instagram that a couple of weeks ago myself and my boyfriend Toby, jetted off to the Greek Island, Thassos, for ten days away to relax in the sun. I'll be uploading a few photo diaries over the next couple of weeks so you can either enjoy them and get excited or sit at home and get jealous haha!

This photo diary comprises of just a few of the photos from our first couple of days. The first picture is the view from our balcony at the Alexandra Beach Hotel in Potos, followed by photos of the view from the main balcony at the hotel which allowed you to see along most of the southern coast line which was stunning at night when the sun set. And of course there's a photo of a couple of cocktails from the hotel which were sooooo good yet very alcoholic!
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