10 things I learnt from the first month of uni/college

So I've been living up in Oxford on my own for a month now so I thought it was about time that I updated you with what I've learnt in the past four weeks.

1. Budgeting is key. As much as we all like to hit up Topshop after a long day of studying, is it really the best idea? I've converted to a Primark lover and it's my go to shop for any basics I need. I allow myself a treat now and then though, maybe a cheeky new mascara here and a new pair of trackies there.

2. Leave your door open. In my eyes there would be nothing worse than living with someone who locks themselves away in their room all day. How antisocial? Just make sure you leave your door open even if you're just doing work or listening to music, it makes it a lot easier for everyone to socialise with each other.

3. It's completely okay not to go out every night of the week. Stay in with your friends, cook some scrummy dinner, watch a film and then have an early night. I know which I prefer.

4. Writing letters is fun. Something I never thought I'd say but it's true. The excitement of getting home from college to read a letter or card from home is such an uplifting feeling and cheers you up big time. It's actually one of the things I look forward to most when I finish college everyday.

5. Budget brands are the way forward. Forget your Hellman's Mayonnaise, ASDA's own is where it's at.

6. Pint glasses are necessary. There's nothing worse than a small glass of squash or beer that disappears in five seconds. 

7. A cosy room is the key to life. Use fairy lights and photos to snazz it up! Click here to see a recent blogpost on my room!

8. You won't get on with everyone. It's a big change going from your group of friends at home to meeting a huge mix of people from all different backgrounds and walks of life. Not everyone is going to get on with everyone and if you do then congrats!

9. A heated airer is the best invention ever. It was mum's idea to bring a heated airer with me to make drying clothes a breeze rather than a chore and it works. Everything dries so quickly and I hardly ever need to iron something as the creases drop out. Mine is from Amazon for around £80 but there are definitely cheaper ones out there!

10. You won't miss home as much as you think you will. I knew I wouldn't be desperate to run home every weekend but I'm surprised with how well I've coped. It's hard to completely adapt your whole lifestyle to live at uni or college and sometimes you just want to curl up in your bed at home with your Mum or someone you love but for me, it's a rare feeling. I've missed everyone at home so much; my family, Toby, friends I work with and even the regulars at the pub, but I'm normally so busy with work, blogging or just having a good time to think about it. And don't forget, we don't live in the stone ages, you can always pick up the phone or facetime!

What did you learn from living at uni?

New In: Topshop Arid Boots

I'm currently on a strict spending ban now that I have to buy absolutely everything for myself whilst I'm living up in Oxford. It's so tough, I didn't realise I how much I spend until now and I feel like I'm having withdrawal symptoms, how horrific. Despite this, I thought I'd treat myself one last time and so I swiftly bought these beauties off the Topshop website. 

I bought them in a size 5 and they fit perfectly as I'm generally a 4.5 in boots and these come up slightly smaller so bear that in mind. They're also one of the most comfy pairs of boots I own and are so versatile. I've worn them with so many different outfits but my favourite would be these boots paired with a turtle neck and leather skirt, the ultimate winter outfit. The tassles make them so unique and cowboy-esque which makes a change to wearing the same old boring biker boots. So watch out if you're wearing a checkered shirt, leather jacket and have your pistol tucked into your back pocket as you may well be mistaken for Clint Eastwood!

Only downfall with these boots is that the tassles towards the sole of the shoe are quite long so they get a bit grubby and I can't imagine them being attached for long but hey ho! They're also not the cheapest high street boots in the world, coming in at £78 but with a voucher or student discount they'll definitely be more affordable.

Eighty odd quid is a lot in my eyes for a pair of boots from Topshop but after wearing them about for a while I'm over the moon with them. Such a versatile addition to my AW wardrobe and I can't wait to get some outfits with them on the blog!

Details of my uni bedroom

Uni Bedroom Inspiration
Uni Bedroom Inspiration
Uni Bedroom Inspiration
Uni Bedroom Inspiration
Uni Bedroom Inspiration
Uni Bedroom Inspiration
Uni Bedroom Inspiration


I've been living in my student house in Oxford for a week now and I finally feel as if my bedroom is coming together. It's been a struggle to make it as homely as my bedroom back in Kent but with some polaroids and fairy lights it's almost there.

I wasn't expecting to have so many shelves in my room so it's my mission to fill them so they don't look so bare. So far I've used photo frames, books, DVDs, cards and small decor pieces to liven up the shelves and I'm happy with how it looks so far. I'm also lucky to have a huge pin board in my room which means ample room for more photos and memories. I took a trip down to Paperchase and bought some wrapping paper to hide the hideous navy blue background and then used string and mini craft pegs to attach my polaroids onto it. It looks super cute and I've been getting so many compliments on it but it's just so easy to do. 

All that's left is to buy some more fairy lights to decorate the top of my shelves, wardrobe and pin board and then I'm done and dusted. Let me know what you think of it down in the comments. 

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