Trying Vitamin E Oil

I've never used oils before so when I was contacted by the lovely team at Eden's Semilla, I was interested to dabble in them. I tried out the 100% Naturally sourced Vitamin E Oil with Rosehip and Jojoba Blend and despite not having great expectations, I was pleasantly surprised.

Eden's Semilla Vitamin E Oil

It took me a while to get into the routine of using an oil in my skincare but after a couple of weeks, I can safely say it's a step I won't be missing out in the future! I tend to use the oil on my skin in the evening after a shower as I find it can be a bit too much in the morning, especially when I'm in a rush before work and it doesn't have the time to sink in properly. Trust me when I say that a small amount goes a long way, it really does. I have no doubts that this bottle could potentially last me halfway through my twenties if it wasn't for the expiry date! The dropper pipette ensures you don't use too much and it's so nice not having to buy one.

Now let's get down to the nitty gritty, what is the oil actually like? It absorbs into the skin pretty quickly but does have a funny smell which I've noticed but that's only a minor issue. I've been rubbing it into dry areas of my skin after a shower and I can safely say I've noticed a difference. 

Vitamin E oil provides moisture and antioxidants to the skin which helps it to heal, hence why it's so darn good! So far, it hasn't irritated my skin or caused me to break out which is an absolute God send considering my skin is currently that of a fourteen year old at the moment. This particular oil contains jojoba and rosehip as well which help to combat the signs of aging, repair damaged skin, provide hydration and relief for skin irritation and sunburn. What more could you want?

The beauty of Vitamin E oil is that you can use it wherever you please. I tried it out on my hair and nails as well which made them feel stronger and really nourished the ends of my hair. I probably wouldn't use it on my nails again purely because I hate that oily feeling but I'll definitely continue to use it on my hair.

So if you're looking for beauty on a budget and tired of your dry, dull skin I would recommend taking a look into using Vitamin E oil!

Repurchase? Yes.



True Taste of Mexico

Big flavours, fresh ingredients, signature cocktails and an authentic looking Mexican restaurant. What is not to love about everything you just read? If you’re after a great night in Kent with mouth-watering food and don’t fancy a takeaway or your local pub, just take a trip down to Maidstone to MEXIco.

When I first received the email inviting me to the launch of MEXIco’s new restaurant in Maidstone, I went giddy with excitement. Food is amazing but Mexican food is even better and nothing can beat nachos!

Their mission is simply to bring you the true taste of Mexico with recipes handed down through generations to give you the authenticity of real Mexican food. Judging from the food we tried last week, it tastes bloody good and definitely entices you back for more.

The dish they claim to be most proud of is their puffy tacos and I’ll tell you now, if I made that dish I’d be proud as well. It tastes incredible. I think it was the chicken one we tried and I think I ate three or four of them. So good I can’t even explain! Something I also devoured was the guacamole. I honestly have never tasted anything like it and if I could, I’d order it in bulk and take it home with me. *Mental note for next time I go*

The only thing I wasn’t too keen on was the cocktails. That’s probably just because I don’t really drink alcohol and if I do it’s only a beer. They tasted really strong, like I felt drunk after taking just a sip but my friend seemed to absolutely love them, especially the one with tequila. There was one drink though which blew the rest of them out the water and that was the mango and passionfruit slushy. It’s a very nostalgic drink, taking me back to the days where I’d get a Tango ice blast before the cinema, and it tastes amazing. I think by the end of the night we’d all drank our weight in slushies!

Not only were we stuffed with generously sized canapes, but also encouraged to try tequila tasting. I have to admit, I bowed out of this one. After horrendous experiences with the stuff, I just didn’t fancy a trip down memory lane! It sounded interesting though and guess what, tequila is the new gin… You heard it here first!

It's not all about the food and drink though, the restaurant itself looks so cool and makes you want to Instagram EVERYTHING! It's decorated with authentic Mexican artwork and if you're anything like me, you'll leave with even more of a sugar skull obsession.

I’ve been lucky enough to be invited back for a full meal review in the new year and I’ll be sure to update you further then but for now it’s a yes from me! I just want to say a huge thank you to the team there for inviting me and I can’t wait to come back for more!

To find out more about MEXIco and check out their menu just head to their website!



Balancing Blogging and a Full Time Job

Hats off to anyone with a full-time job who also has enough time to invest in their blog. Seriously, I don't know how anyone does it.

I've been in my first proper job now for coming up to four months and since I started I've watched my blog fall apart right in front of my eyes. Gone are the days when I could lounge around watching Netflix whilst typing up a few blog posts, taking some snaps, editing them and then scheduling them all. That just seems impossible now!

Even scheduling social media is a pain in the arse now when all I do is spend my days marketing at work to then come home and work on my freelance social media business. So the idea of having to do even more social media just doesn't appeal to me anymore. My blog suddenly feels more like a job than a hobby and I feel like I'm going to get fired!

I've done some digging and found the most useful tips I could to help anyone else who's struggling with the balance.

1. Stick to a schedule
I'm planning on blogging once a week in the new year, no more, no less. Then I know all my blog posts will be of the same quality and I have enough time to write them.

2. Set goals that are reasonable and achievable
Even though I'd love to say I can write three blog posts a week and take extra photos for my Instagram, realistically it's just not going to happen. Instead of crossing my fingers and hoping, I'm going to set more reasonable objectives like one blog post a week, one Instagram every other day and a maximum time of four hours a week on it all.

3. Don't do it all at once
Take baby steps when it comes to writing your blog posts - I'm going to try and write plan the post one day, then write it the next, then take the pictures.. You get the idea!

4. Don't bite off more than you can chew
You might be keeping up with your schedule but don't get too ahead of yourself, you might not be able to keep up for much longer if your workload increases.

What are your tips for balancing blogging with a full-time job? Let's all help each other out and stop the insanity!


America Today

If there's one thing I run short of in my wardrobe, it's winter coats. I'm sorted in the summer time with an array of denim jackets, leather jackets and bombers but as soon as the temperature drops, I find myself struggling. So really, I just bought this coat to start expanding my collection, and also because it was bloody freezing in Amsterdam, where I bought it from.

I'd never heard of America Today until we ran into their shop for cover from the rain. Thank God it was that shop we ran into because we ended up spending the next half hour in there and still went back for more! I wish we had a store in the UK, I really love their stuff and it's pretty decent pricing for clothes made from such lovely quality. I picked up a few other things as well which I'm sure will be involved in future posts, none of which actually fitted in my suitcase but I managed to get them back somehow!


Bringing Christmas To Your Home

Christmas is just around the corner and it really is the most wonderful time of the year. All my presents are bought and (nearly) wrapped, Christmas cards are in the post and my party outfits are sorted. There's only one more thing I need to take care of and that's Christmas-fying my bedroom!

I've already got my cosy Primark bedding on which only cost a tenner and I love it but I'm planning on going all out cosy this year so a duvet cover isn't enough. Amongst the other shops I've turned to for fairy lights and decorations, Esprit is one I know I can rely on with their high quality and reasonable prices. 

One of my favourite things on their website has to be these Esprit cushions which would be perfect for any time of the year! The silver will fit in so well with the colour scheme in my room and they'll make a great blogging background for photos! And what's a cosy bedroom without a blanket? I don't know if this Esprit blanket is intentionally Christmassy but with the red and the stars, it just works really well! Finally, the cosiest dressing gown known to man, the Esprit luxe dressing gown. My Mum actually has this dressing gown and she always looks like she's having a day at the spa when she wears it! Definite 10/10 for the cosy factor!

I'd love to know what your favourite shops are for cosy Christmas homeware so please leave them below!


Safety Comes First

It's a great time of the year with Christmas parties, presents and New Year coming up but amongst all the excitement, I bet there's one thing you've forgotten about. I'm not talking about that person you've haven't bought a present for or the decorations that you've been meaning to get down from the attic. I'm actually talking about checking your tyres.

The weather is windy and rainy, there're leaves all over the roads and soon to be ice - aka an absolute nightmare for driving. Something we all probably ignore is the condition our tyres are in and the ways it can affect us when we're on the roads.

I'm hoping to spread awareness about the importance of checking your car tyres during this horrible weather and the precautions that need to be considered. It's not nice to think about what could happen as a result of worn out tyres but unfortunately it's things like this we need to know about!

What damage can it cause?

On rainy or snowy days, it's the grooves in your tyres that divert water away and improve traction so it can maintain contact/grip with the road and allow your car to accelerate, break and steer properly.

Without a decent tread, you risk the chance of hydro-planing (where your tyres lose contact with the road and instead travel on the water's surface meaning you have no control), struggling to stop your car or even completely losing control. And it's not just wet roads that are the problem, bald tyres are easy to puncture which means even on the driest of roads, there are still dangers!

Make note that drivers who's tyres don't mean the minimum tread depth requirements risk a fine of up to £2500 and three penalty points for each illegal tyre. Just some more food for thought...

How do you know when your tyres have worn?

I've done some digging and according to Tyre Safe, "the legal minimum tread depth for cars in the UK is 1.6mm throughout a continuous band comprising the central three-quarters of breadth of the tread and around its entire outer circumference." So basically you'll know when your tyres are bald when they have worn down to 1.6mm, you just have to look at the tread indicator on your wheel for this.

A simple way to check the depth of your tyre tread is the complete the 20p test - you can tell how easy it is just by the name! Just place a 20p coin into the grooves of your tyre and if you can see the outer band then your tyres are probably illegal. Just make sure you check it in at least three places around the wheel.

Judging by the picture above, you can tell I am definitely in need of new tyres so if you're like me then you can book your car tyres on the Point S website!

Also shout out to my horrendously scratched car and missing hubcap centres!



Amsterdam Photo Diary

If you saw my last post then you might've clocked that a couple of weeks ago I spent the weekend in Amsterdam. Four days of getting away from a busy working schedule with friends to celebrate a 21st. It was messy and it was expensive but also so worth it! Here are some snaps that both myself and my friend Toby Williams took from the heart of the city. 

Also, if you're looking to travel to Amsterdam, check out my post on what you should know before you fly out there!

Have you been to Amsterdam? What was your favourite part?

You can check out some more of my travel diaries here!

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