In Love With a Bag?


Well this post is a bit overdue. It seems to have slipped its way into the folder of despair where all the forgotten photos live but I'm finally bringing it to The Rawrdrobe.

For my 19th birthday Toby bought me this amazing Michael Kors Large Selma Satchel in a gorgeous and eye-catching navy colour. It's served me so well since then and I've used it for everything: sleepovers, shopping, date nights, food shops, college, nights out, the list goes on.. It's big enough to fit an A4 folder in so I generally use it for college so I can chuck all my bits and bobs in it, sling it over my shoulder and head out.

If you're after a new bag to last you a lifetime which is an absolute beauty then definitely check this one out. You will not be disappointed I promise.

Cheap Thrills

Katy Stephenson The Rawrdrobe Blog Outfit
Katy Stephenson The Rawrdrobe Blog Outfit


I've worn this knitted vest top like thing to absolute death since I saw LLYMLRS wearing it who as you may know is an inspiration of mine. I get so many compliments on it and 'oh my god where did you get that from?' which is always a good thing in my eyes! 

My Top 5 Outfits from 2015!

Katy Stephenson The Rawrdrobe Blog Outfit
Katy Stephenson The Rawrdrobe Blog Outfit

I'm disappointed that I didn't upload more outfit posts in 2015 but they're just such a nightmare to shoot. I'm probably the most unphotogenic person in Kent, I get fed up easily of my clothes and I'm not fortunate enough to have a photographer. But for now the windswept look is the one for me, and my tripod and sixteen year old brother make a good team for shooting photos. So here's my round up of my favourite outfits of 2015.
Outfit 1When I first wore this outfit I thought it was a bit scrambled and thrown together but a few months later and it's a look I go for all the time. It's nothing ground-breaking but for some reason I just really like it!

Outfit 2
This Zara skirt is literally my life throughout winter. Don't you love it? This monochromatic outfit was one of the most popular on my Instagram and it's from one of my favourite nights of the year, when me and Toby went for dinner for my birthday.

Outfit 3
This is a casual outfit from my holiday to Greece with Toby. I really love this Adidas jersey and I get so many compliments on it so I had to make this one of my favourite outfits! This is one of the more sporty outfits of 2015 with the leather shorts, converse and 5 panel cap and it's definitely something that I'll be rocking next year as well.

Outfit 4
A recent addition to my lookbook, this was my go to winter outfit for 2015. It's nothing new to the blogosphere, just a jumper and a shirt with some black jeans and boots but I really love it when it's pulled together with a parka jacket.

Outfit 5This is what I wore for mine and Toby's belated Valentine's trip to London. I'm wearing my trusty Deena & Ozzy boots which never let me down along with a trusty leather jacket and this gorgeous Topshop overlay dress. It's like dressed up casual, maybe that's a look I should go for more!

5 brands I'd like to try in 2016

After seeing Millie post this on her blog a couple of weeks ago, it inspired me to step out of my comfort zone this year and try out some new brands. So here I am writing the same post as her (I hope you don't mind Millie!) 

Too Faced 
Ever since I saw Zoella's mini review of the Better Than Sex Mascara back in 2014 I knew I had to get it and now almost 2 years later, I still haven't got it. Slap on the wrist for not following the trend. But in all honesty Too Faced products really excite me and I've got an ever growing 'to buy' list on my phone featuring the Hangover Primer, Pink Leopard Blushing Bronzer and of course the Chocolate Bar Palette. 

Charlotte Tilbury 
A luxury brand to say the least. I've been lusting after Charlotte Tilbury products since I saw the Filmstar Bronze and Glow when it was released. I can't really justify spending almost £50 on a contour and highlighter but it's just so pretty, and we're all allowed at least one luxury item right? P.S. The packaging is to die for. 

My mum is an avid user of Redken and even when I think back to the age of about 8 I can remember her shower being full of their products. I'm eager to try the Extreme Anti-Snap Treatment which hopefully will work wonders on my dry hair! I've also heard amazing things about the All Soft collection which has been nominated for loads of awards so it sounds promising. 

Despite hearing so much about the Smashbox Photo Finish Primer I've strangely never bought it but even so, I'd like to try out other products in their collection this year. Their Step-By-Step Contour Kit and Contour Stick Trio need to find their way to my make up collection very quickly! 

Elizabeth Arden 
I swear that every girl I know depends on 8 Hour Cream throughout the whole of the year yet I've never tried it. I know it can be a bit pricey but I'm pretty sure half of the blogosphere are advocates of 8 Hour Cream so there must be something at least a tiny bit beneficial about it. 

Are there any brands you'd like to try in 2016? Also I'd love for you to tweet me if you've tried any of these brands before and let me know what you think! 

A Disappointment from Real Techniques

Real Techniques Triangle Foundation BrushReal Techniques Triangle Foundation Brush

Oh man this is such a disappointment! I've had this brush for months and months but for some reason only just decided to share my opinion on it. I've always been a huge fan of Real Techniques and I swear by them but this triangle foundation brush just doesn't reach the same standard.

I initially bought it as I was intrigued by the unique design and as I previously mentioned, I'm a big fan of their brushes, especially the flat contour brush but I was bitterly disappointed. The bristles feel very synthetic, almost like plastic and nowhere near as soft as the other brushes in the collection. The brush also doesn't apply product very well so I find it hard to work with and quite time consuming to put on my foundation! I also found that it doesn't blend seamlessly as it claims so I'm afraid it's a thumbs down from me!

I genuinely love the rest of the Bold Metals Collection from Real Techniques but I just can't recommend spending £22 on a brush like this which will end up at the back of the makeup drawer!


Hello 2016


Well hello 2016! Where on earth did 2015 go? I'm kicking off the year with an outfit post and this has got to be one of my favourite outfits I wore over the Christmas holidays. It's so simple but I really like the contrast of the leather skirt and my trusty converse with the addition of a beanie of course! 

Note to self: wear thicker tights next time!

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