What Do Your Spots Mean?

I've been facing some issues with my skin recently as for some bizarre reason I have had the biggest breakout in a long time. Especially in my 'triangle of doom' which is what I call the patch of skin at the top of your nose and in-between your eyebrows. My Dad is even making jokes about wondering where the AA roadmap is. Very funny Dad. So anyway, this got me thinking, why do we get spots, what do they actually mean? I've had a little gander around the internet and found out what spots on different parts of your face are supposed to mean. Please take all this with a pinch of salt!

- Spots can occur as a result of greasy hair or having a fringe. I have experienced this first hand for many years and it can be such a nightmare. My best advice would be to tie your hair up off your face as much as possible.
- Can mean you are consuming high amounts of fat like chocolate (bummer I know).
- Spots around your forehead can also mean that you're sleeping too irregularly.

- Spots on your cheeks can mean you are consuming a tad too much meat, dairy and sugar.
- If you get spots particularly around your jawline then this may have something to do with heavily processed foods which cause problems with congestion in the large intestine.
- Spots on your cheeks can mean you're a smoker or you're having trouble in your respiratory system. I remember hearing this one a while back and I can definitely see that smokers are more prone to getting spots on their cheeks.
- Another couple of reasons for getting spots on your cheeks are from number one, always putting your head in your hands as dirt and crap from your hands will end up on your skin and number two, if you're on the phone a lot as bacteria can transfer from your phone to your cheek. Ewww so grim!

- Generally the only spots people get on their noses are blackheads. Don't you just hate these little buggers? Blackheads are really just a build up of dirt and old makeup in your skin but if you start messing with them and squeezing, they will turn into a lovely little white head.

- Spots on your chin are mainly down to stress and hormones. When it's your time of the month you may see a difference in the skin on your chin but unfortunately for us ladies, there's nothing we can do about it! 

Neck and chest 
- Spots around your neck and chest area are generally a sign that your body is fighting an illness and trying to recovery from something. 
- An imbalance of hormones can also contribute to blemishes. 
- A way to avoid spots around your neck and chest area is to bring your skincare routine down to your neck. I always make sure I cleanse my neck and moisturise it! 

- Touch wood I am so lucky never to have had back spots but I understand how sore and horrible they can be. 
- Spots on your back and shoulders are mainly to do with the friction between your skin and clothing. Swear will also cause spots and aggravate the skin a little but apart from regularly washing and cooling down, there's not really a lot you can do about it! 

So I hope I just enlightened you to what your spots mean. Now I know that it's the cheese and beers that I need to cut back on! 

Six Reasons Why You Need A Pair Of Converse

6 Reasons You Need to Buy a Pair of Converse


1. You can absolutely trash them and somehow they'll manage to look cooler.

2. God they're comfy.

3. They cost half the price of a pair of Nike Air Max Theas and I assure you they'll definitely last longer.

4. There is every colour and pattern you can imagine in different materials so there's definitely something for everyone.

5. They go with absolutely everything - mom jeans, leather skirts, summer dresses, denim shorts - literally everything! Even David Tennant could rock them with a suit.

6. They last longer than most relationships - I have about 8 pairs of converse and most of them I've had since I was about 15/16 although I do have some classic gingham ones from when I was about 13!



Red has never really been my colour. I feel like I look very French when I wear it for some reason? Maybe it's the combination of dark hair and a big nose... Any-who, I really like this outfit for some reason - I think it's the lipstick as I never ever wear lipstick. It's quite fun and adds some colour to my usual monochrome style! And of course I'm wearing my favourite sunglasses which I doubt will ever leave my face for the whole of summer!

Getting Organised For Exam Revision And My Top Tips

Create Yourself Design Stationery

Exams for me are for the moment long gone, but it doesn't stop me from starting to stress around this time of the year on behalf of the millions of people taking GCSE's and A-levels. I have unfortunately learnt the hard way by not revising properly for some of my exams and it really does bite you in the bum when you get older. This post is to help you get organised for your exams so if your Mum tells you off for reading blogs instead of revising then this blog post is revision friendly!

Draw up a timetable and stick to it.
In my life I've probably wasted a trees worth of paper just by re-doing timetables and schedules which I never ever sticked to. So make sure you draw yourself up a revision timetable, stick it on the wall and keep to it! You may not think it but if you do what you're supposed to, then you won't allow yourself to keeping revising the same old easy topic.

Get some fancy stationery and write to do lists.
Stationery is such a must have when it comes to exam revision. Isn't it so satisfying to open a new notebook or to do list? Or is that just me being a stationery addict? I've got this notebook and to do list from a cute little Etsy shop called Create Yourself Designs which does the job perfectly as well as making it a lot easier to get myself organised for things. To do lists are great for making you feel productive by allowing you to physically cross something off a list!

Get rid of any distractions.
Distractions don't just mean your phone and laptop, it means your boyfriend chilling out on the bed whilst you 'write' your notes, it means your Mum calling up to keep asking you to do the ironing - do you get my gist? Obviously I don't mean get rid of your boyfriend and Mum, you could get into some slight trouble doing that.. I just mean that when it's revision time, it's kind of time to shut everyone out a bit, just for that 40 minutes or however long it may be.

You CANNOT multi-task, I promise you!
I know you think you can do your maths revision whilst you've got Netflix on in the background but realistically, you can't. Let's be honest here! So just hold up on that series you wanna watch until you've done your revision for the day and then you can be fully absorbed in it.

Keep old revision.
I made the mistake of chucking away all my revision after I'd done an exam in my A-levels, only to find out I needed to re-take the exam. I wasted so much time re-writing my notes so just keep your old revision until you've left school, trust me!

Structure.I think the structure of revision notes is one of the most important elements when it comes to exam revision. I have always structured my notes like this:

3 months until exam - write out long revision notes which are detailed
2 months until exam - condense revision to shorter sentences but still include all important details and start past papers and exam questions
1 month until exam - condense sentences to shorter bullet points and underline keywords, also doing past papers and exam questions
2 weeks until exam - transfer keywords and bullet points onto flashcards with questions which are likely to come up in exam, test your friends and get them to test you, re-do exam papers which you have already completed to track progress.

Look at the mark scheme.
This is one of my biggest tips, especially to those who are doing exams where the papers each year pretty much include the same content (e.g. GCSE science papers). It will give you an idea of what exactly they're looking for in each question so if you remember that then the next paper will be a breeze!

Start now, don't cram!
My Dad always advised me never to cram as that's how he failed his exams all those years ago and it's true. Start revision now, giving you plenty of time to revise everything you need to know, rather than picking up a book a few days prior to your exam and panic revising the topics you think will come up. Don't panic revise in the morning of your exam either as your brain will focus on the new information coming in and not on the rest of it.

I hope these tips are helpful. They're more realistic than encouraging you to revise for nine hours a day which let's be honest, isn't going to happen - unless you're super keen of course!

What are your top tips for getting organised for exam revision?

Country Bumpkin

The Rawrdrobe Blog Country Bumpkin Outfit

The Rawrdrobe Blog Country Bumpkin Outfit
The Rawrdrobe Blog Country Bumpkin Outfit
The Rawrdrobe Blog Country Bumpkin Outfit


This Barbour jacket was top of my list at Christmas time and since I received it, there hasn't gone a single day when I haven't worn it. Even though the weather is (slightly) warming up, I can't help myself but continue to throw it on! Paired with Hunters, it's the perfect country/dog walking outfit.. Not that I'm really into dog walking!

6 Beauty Mistakes You're Making Right Now!

There's so many dos and don'ts these days and it can be hard when one blogger swears by a technique or product and another shames it. Here are a few beauty mistakes though that I think most of us are guilty of making...

Curling your lashes with mascara on 

I, unfortunately, learnt this the hard way when getting ready for a night out, spending ages perfecting my mascara and then ending up ripping half my lashes out when attempting to curl them after! Just don't do it ladies!

Not cleaning your brushes enough

I think we're all guilty of this really! I know it's such a mundane job, especially when you've got so many brushes but it's got to be done! If you don't wash them, bacteria will build up and it will break you out!

Under eye concealer 

As long as I can remember I've always swooped my concealer right under my eye in a U shape but it just doesn't do much for me! The trick is to create an upside-down triangle under the eye to ensure you're really highlighting that whole part of your face. Also get your hands on a slightly lighter concealer than the one you use for blemishes and don't forget to set it with translucent powder!

Overloading foundation 

I am the biggest culprit of this, shame on me! Try to avoid overdoing it with the foundation, it will make your makeup slide off quicker and will really clog up your pores. All you need to do is just apply it to areas where it's necessary and you can build it up from there!

Spending a bomb on cleaning your makeup brushes 

There's no need to be buying the latest deep cleansing brush cleaner or whatever they're called these days.. I've always used baby shampoo and it does the perfect job for a quarter of the price!


Yeah yeah I know contouring is massive at the moment thanks to no other than Kim K herself but really girls, do you need to pile it on that much? Don't make the mistake of going overboard and looking like a skeleton, just use a more grey toned contour colour for a natural effect.

My Go To Sunglasses

The Rawrdrobe GlassesShop.com
GlassesShop.com Sunglasses
GlassesShop.com Sunglasses


'The sun is finally making an appearance in Kent and that means it's time for the spring/summer blog posts! Since sunglasses are the first thing I grab when I walk out the house, I've decided that's what I'm going to talk to you about first. Here are my favourite sunglasses for the upcoming sunny seasons!

Next up is a more recent addition to my collection but I know for sure they will be my go to sunglasses this summer. I was kindly gifted them from GlassesShop.com and really was not expecting them to be as high quality as they are. They sell loads of different prescription eyeglasses and prescription sunglasses on the site and my favourite thing is that you have so much freedom to design them specifically to you. I opted for these really cool wayfarer-esque frames with a grey colour lense. They're only around 30-40 dollars which is so worth the money for a pair of cheap glasses! My pair are really sturdy, stay on top of my head when I'm not wearing them and most importantly, protect my super sensitive eyes!

Now here's the good news for you. If you use the code 'GSHOT50' at the checkout on GlassesShop.com, then you will get 50% off on glasses and sunglasses with free lenses (sale frames excluded). So getcha bum over to their website to check them out!

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