5 Must Have Apps for Bloggers

I know everyone and their Mum are writing these blog posts at the moment and they can get a bit tedious but I personally find them so helpful so I thought I'd throw my two pence worth. Also a big shout out to Case Hype for this amazing summery phone case! It's one of their personalised cases which are only £14.99 which I think is such a steal for a high quality case like it. Instead of choosing a photo, I opted for a palm print design which will see my phone through summer and is instagrammable af. They've also been kind enough to give 20% off to all my readers with the code 'BLOG20' so definitely head over there and check them out!

Right, back to the 5 apps that you must download on your phone!


This is the scheduling assistant that I use for all my tweets and Facebook posts and it's idiot proof really. It's so useful when I'm out and about and have nothing to do because I can quickly schedule a few things in no time at all!


I think this has probably featured in every single post like this but it really is an essential for editing photos for Instagram and Twitter. The filters and effects are so much better than Instagram's and there's not much more to say really!

Google Analytics

An essential for checking your stats on the go and I tend to jot them down in my notes as well so I can add them to my spreadsheet after. I've heard about a similar app called Simply Stats which also has really good reviews.

Facebook Page Manager

Albeit a new addition to my phone, this app has come in so handy recently as I've been trying to launch my Facebook page. It makes life so much easier when posting content especially when you're doing it for more than one page.

Shop Style

Since recently joining Shop Style, I've been on it non-stop. It's such a great tool for bloggers and helps you to earn a little at the same time. I love using the app so I can keep up to date with what's new and to create links for blog posts if I'm typing them up on my phone. I'd only bother downloading this though if you actually have an account with them!

What apps are you loving?


More Esprit Loving

Source: Esprit

You may have seen my new found love post for Esprit a while back where I raved about their homeware collection and I'm back to rave some more! Once again they've dragged me in with their bold prints, vibrant colours and simple designs.

This new Summer Fusion collection features some amazing accent pieces which I feel would fit perfectly in with not only your home but also summerhouses if you have one. We have a summerhouse tucked away at the bottom of our garden where we host summer parties, barbecues, cocktail nights and anything else you can think of. And I think that Esprit's new summer range will fit in there perfectly. I know Mum's got her eye on a few bits and bobs including the matching cushions and table runners which will pull the look of the place together so much more!

Don't you love these pictures as well? It's making me wanna move out ASAP and start decorating my own place! Talking of which, I'm still going with my 'Becoming an Adult' series where I'm gonna be talking more about saving for a flat and the process of it all when the time comes!

What homeware stores do you love?

Here Comes the Sun


After a tough couple of weeks returning back to Oxford, I was greeted home from college with a surprise on Wednesday.. Toby! He had driven up to Oxford that morning to surprise me a few days earlier than I was expecting him which was so lovely. As well as a bunch of  flowers, he also brought up the sun so we headed off straight away to Magdalen Bridge to go punting. It was so much fun even though I was pretty dire, Toby picked it up quickly though so I think there's a new semi-pro punter in town! We got up to so much more so I won't bore you with the details but in short, it's been a lovely week! Boyfriend points definitely go to Toby!

This is one of my outfits of the week which I wore for a quick trip up to Bicester Village. It's a pretty lazy outfit but that's just my thing. I really like the combo of the espadrilles with the shirt as well, they're definitely my new favourite pair of shoes so a big thank you to Lily Melrose for showing them on her Instagram!

A Possible New Favourite Eyeliner?


Even though I've been loyal to my trusty L'Oreal Superliner for a year or so now, it's time for a change. I picked the Bourjois Liner Feutre up on a whim and little did I know that it's actually a favourite drugstore eyeliner for many bloggers.

The nib is like a felt tip pen but isn't stiff so it doesn't hurt or drag your eye and feels really soft and I feel like even after using it for a few weeks, the nib has kept it's strength and shape. It produces a thick or thin line (depending on what you fancy) in a jet black colour which doesn't crack or look drying. 

The biggest downside to this almost perfect mascara is that it transfers really badly. I've found that during the recent hot weather we've been having, I would check my makeup to see that I have black rings around my eye sockets. So disappointing! However, I haven't found this problem when it's been cool or raining, so maybe this is just an eyeliner for those wintery days!

Is the L'Oreal Infallible Fixing Mist Worth the Hype?

One of the biggest problems I find with my makeup is that is just doesn't last. It's such a bummer when I spend so long applying everything down to a T and then two hours later it's a mess. So when I heard Lily Melrose briefly mention this amazing fixing spray in a video, I thought it would be worth adding it to the shopping list.

It claims to extend your just-applied make up look for up to 24 hours and prevent it from melting, fading or cracking so I was expecting big things but unfortunately I'm just left disappointed with splodges all over my face. The overpowering smell wasn't pleasant and the product felt very tacky and wet on my skin despite claiming to be micro fine. These two factors put me off the product straight away so I knew it would take a lot for it to win me over. It was obvious to the eye where the spray had landed as I was left with splodges over my face which then meant I had to put more makeup on the cover them. It wasn't as a result of not shaking the spray as I did thoroughly, so I don't know what that's all about!

There are some positives though! It really does fix your makeup and holds it in place throughout the day even after sitting on a grimey tube and walking in the rain but that's about it really.

Sorry L'Oreal but I'm just not on board with this one!

How Has Blogging Changed?

I've seen quite a few posts on this touchy subject recently and I thought I'd add my opinion to the mix as well. How has blogging changed? I feel that the topic is somewhat of a taboo for most bloggers but being the dogmatic soul that I am, I'm going to lay all my cards on the table and say it how it is.

I created The Rawrdrobe back in 2012 so I've been running it for four years now and for bloggers these days, I'd say that's quite a while. So as you can imagine, I've seen a huge change in the blogging world. I started off with nothing but my Dad's old Konica Minolta camera, a basic Blogger template and my brain. Surprisingly I gained more followers in my first two years of blogging than I have in the last two despite the domination and expansion of the blogosphere. Why? I couldn't tell you. I'm baffled myself. I would have thought that with my snazzy-ish photography, new and improved template, developed writing style, commitment and social media posts, that I would have gained followers at a faster rate but that's the thing about blogging, it's so unpredictable. I could start posting twice a day but I still think my follower count would remain the same yet a brand could tweet me and I'd gain five new followers just from that. You never know. Through saying all of this, I'm sounding like all I'm about is followers and that's totally not it. I am so over the moon with how many readers I have but I can't help but feel that it's not enough these days. 

I am so passionate about my blog and would love for it to really go somewhere one day but without the attention of brands or other bloggers, that ain't gonna happen! I love working with brands whether they're a small Etsy shop or a huge department store but I feel that at the present time, most brands are only interested in one thing. Numbers. Numbers is another subject completely. All I will say for the moment though is that in my opinion, the big bloggers will just get bigger, put it that way. Who knows what's in store for us smaller bloggers. I feel that it's so much harder as a smaller blogger to gain attention from not just brands but more importantly, other bloggers.

The lines have blurred between what's real and not real about so many bloggers these days and it's a real shame. No one really knows if so and so does actually like 'said' lipstick or whether she's just been paid £500 from a brand to say she does. No one really knows if what's her name genuinely loves her new pair of heels or whether she's been gifted them to show on her Instagram. Sadly, it's a world of deceit in the blogosphere these days. 

I don't want this post to seem so negative but I feel like this is something that needs to be addressed. We all love blogging whether you write, read or just like the pictures and for someone like me who needs an escape sometimes, it's an amazing community to be a part of. I just feel that now is the time for us 'small' bloggers to pull together and appreciate each other's work. So if there is actually anyone reading this, please leave your links in the comments so we can all go and check out each other's blogs and share the love!

I may be posting a few more posts like these over the next few weeks as it's something I really have been thinking about a lot. But just remember no matter how many readers or views you have or how many products you've been sent, you should be proud of your little corner of the internet and girl show it off haha!

An Introduction to 3INA

3INA Highlighter The Rawrdrobe Blog Review


I first heard of 3INA on London Beauty Queen's blog a few months ago and the look of their simple yet sophisticated packaging sucked me in straight away. So when in Covent Garden it was inevitable that I was going to take a trip into their store which seems to have taken inspiration from Kiko, offering a brightly lit and colourful appearance.

I picked up The Highlighter in the bronzey/gold shade and I've been impressed so far. Despite there being an array of colours available in eyeshadows, nail polishes and lipsticks, it was the face products that stood out to me. There's so many highlighters in the drugstore these days and for me, it's rare to find one that provides not only a subtle glow to the skin but also a justifiable price tag. But don't worry girls, I've found one.

The Highlighter is available in two shades: a cool rosey pink and a warm gold shade. I opted for the latter for the only reason that I'll get more wear out of it and I'm glad I made that choice. It's got just the right amount of pigmentation so it looks subtle on the skin and doesn't need much applied. With the addition of secure packaging and an easy removal, this is definitely going to be a favourite of mine for summer.

I'd highly recommend heading towards the 3INA store if you're near Covent Garden and you won't be disappointed! Alternatively if you're on more of a budget then it's worth checking out the Sleek Precious Metals Highlighting Palette, you can read my review here!

Repurchase? Yes.

Becoming an Adult: My Plan

In a few weeks time I will have completed my course at Oxford. I actually can't believe how quickly it's flown by. It feels like only yesterday I was unpacking my bits and bobs into my bedroom! So it's time to get thinking now. Where do I want to work? What job do I want? Should I move out? So many questions running through my mind but I'll break it down for the ease of reading.

I don't plan on starting a proper job until September/October time and who knows where I'm gonna end up. London? Kent? Oxford? All I do know is that I'd like to go into social media marketing as I've finally come to the decision after four years that that's what I want to do.

Until then I'm gonna be work my arse off over summer doing work experience and all sorts. Of course I'll be running my blog throughout summer and I'm hoping to be posting every other today (but don't hold me to it). I'm also going to be helping my local pub out behind the bar as well as joining their marketing team for summer which should be insightful. But don't worry there's more! I'm also going to be blogging and running the social media for some local boutique shops and helping out a family friend on her strawberry farm - will I ever get some rest, I'm not too sure.

As you can imagine I'm gonna be absolutely pooped over the next few months and maybe I have piled too much on my plate but I won't know until I start doing everything! One thing is for sure though, and that is that I will continue to blog consistently for the duration of summer.

When it comes down to moving out, I'm very much unsure of what is actually going on. We're keen to start living independently as soon as we can but with both myself and Toby repaying loans, it's a bit difficult! And we've got no clue where to go anyway!

So there's a little update on me for anyone who reads these kind of posts (aka no one apart from Mum). I hope you're enjoying my 'Becoming an Adult' series if you're a similar age to me or in a similar situation and stay tuned for another post coming next week!
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