Current Favourite: Chanel Inspired Espadrilles


Holy moly. You need to buy these shoes. But there's only one condition and that is that you have to wait for me to order at least three more pairs so they don't sell out. Deal?

Seriously though these shoes are to die for. Inspired by Chanel and only costing £12, what's not to like? They're so comfortable and I've been complimented on them so many times. Honestly, I just blush now. Only bug bear is that I've worn them so much, they're almost falling apart after only a couple of months of having them!

Man I just really love these shoes. I'm going crazy over espadrilles at the moment but these really are the ones you need to watch out for!


  1. Haha, they do look very comfy! They also look great! I won't buy any just yet - just so you can replace yours ;) x

    Victoria |

  2. they are so so pretty!! I'm looking for the equivalent from new look <3 i'll keep searching !(:
    xx from Brighton
    Cate ღ kate/idoscope | youtube

    1. ooh i didn't even think about new look! x


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