Beauty Bargain: Brush Washer

After my last 'Beauty Bargain' post went down a treat, I thought I'd post about another one of my favourites. This silicone brush cleaner has saved me so many times! It's really easy to use (even though it is a tad small) and cost less than £2! As far as I know, it hasn't caused any damage to my brushes either and does a pretty smashing job of cleaning them! Definitely worth the purchase.

Should You Take Collagen Supplements For Your Skin?

The sun is shining, you're lounging around in the garden with your friends, just wearing a casual pair of shorts and a t-shirt and the last thing you want to be wearing is make up. I know that I hate wearing a ton of make up on a hot day when it's all going to be falling down your face within an hour of putting it on. So how do you go about clearing your skin so you can feel confident not to wear as much?

Supplements is a possible solution to this problem. They provide buckets full of nutrients which can hugely benefit your skin. The Naticol® ProDerma, available at Hellenia, contains collagen, which is essential to retain the moisture, firmness, smoothness and elasticity of your skin. The addition of vitamin C also helps with collagen production as well as being beneficial for its antioxidant properties.

So why is it important to take supplements? With protein and nutrient levels naturally declining as you get older, it's vital that you keep these levels topped up through the means of your diet. There are so many different types of supplements out there which can help eliminate wrinkles and fine lines, strengthen your nails or even make your hair more shiny. We can't always gain what we need for our skin through our diet and I'm the first to admit that I don't always eat the healthiest but by taking supplements it can replenish your body.

I don't think many people realise how much supplements can help with the look and feel of the skin but after doing a bit of research, it's really swayed my mind on the whole should you take supplements question.

So what are your opinions? Do you take any supplements and how do they benefit your skin?

Updated Make Up Collection

I often squeal with excitement when my favourite vloggers upload an updated make up collection. Is it just a girl thing or is it a self confessed make up addict thing? I don't know! I know my collection isn't exactly as impressive as the likes of LLYMLR's or Zoella's but it's still something I'd love to share. 

After spending nine months in Oxford and only taking up a small part of my collection with me, I felt deprived of my whole make up stash. The sinking feeling when I realised my Benefit Porefessional Primer was left at home and just where was my Real Techniques Contour brush?! It was then when I started to buy more and more up there, only to realise when I returned that I already had way too much!

So a month later, I've said goodbye to some old favourites as I've given them to friends, charity shops and new homes. I know there's even more I can get rid of but for now I'd say I've got a good amount of make up!

I'm aware this is a very picture heavy post but I'll just roughly guide you through the logistics of my make up collection.

So on my bookcase I keep my nail polishes, lipsticks, perfumes and extra brushes. These are basically just the things I don't reach for too much and look pretty on display - who wants to keep their perfumes tucked away in a drawer?

On the top of my IKEA Malm drawers (shock they're not the Alex ones) I keep everything I reach for on a daily basis. So up here we've got my little plastic box with cotton buds, hair bands and pencil sharpeners, a jar with cotton pads, my most used make up brushes and of course my make up bag. Oh and a photo of myself and Toby!

Now let's delve into the make up itself...

In the top drawer I keep all my eye make up so I'm talking mascaras, eyeliners, brow products, false lashes, eyelash curlers and tweezers. It's just so easy to grab everything and the divider helps so much!

Then I've got most of my face products separated in the drawers from my Muji containers. For the moment it's as organised as I'm gonna get! So in here I've got primers, face mists, foundations, concealers, highlighters, contour kits, face powders, blushers, bronzers and erhh I think that's it!

Now we come down to the 'can't find room for this so I'll stick it in here' drawer. In two Muji drawer containers I keep lip care products and nail files, kits, etc. Then it's just random shit really! A bronzer and blusher too big to fit in the above drawer, a load of make up palettes, a box of testers and miniature products and then another box with even more make up brushes in!

I think my beauty drawer is my favourite purely just because I absolutely love every single thing in here. Pretty self explanatory - just toners, cleansers, moisturisers, you know the drill!

Then down to my body drawer full of moisturisers and tanning bits and bobs. And what would a body drawer be without the old Sudocrem?

And finally we have the hair drawer and the messiest drawer by far. This contains all my beloved haircare products, brushes and my absolute favourite Mark Hill hairdryer and Irresistible Me straighteners.

So there's the low down on what's going on in my make up collection and as I've said in previous posts, I'm not boasting or showing off - there's a lot of people with a lot more than me! It's just these are the posts I love to read.

Let me know below what your favourite items in your make up collection are, I'd love to know!

My Graduation Outfit


Slap on the wrist for me thinking I had posted this a month ago! That's what you get when you give yourself too much to do - two part time jobs, work experience in London, taxi driver for the family and a blog!

I'm sure some of you will know that it's just over a month ago that I graduated from college in Oxford with an Executive PA Diploma. I wrote a quick blog post about it where you may have briefly seen my outfit for the special day but in case you didn't, here's a post dedicated to it!

I picked up this dress off ASOS from the brand Glamorous which I've bought from before. Unfortunately the price was reflected in the quality and it didn't fit very well (you can kind of see in the pictures that it's slipping off my shoulders a bit) but I loved the print so much so I decided to keep it. I think it'll be fine unbuttoned with a vest top underneath so keep an eye out for that blog post coming up! Paired with my Zara bag and Mum's beaut ALDO espadrilles wedges, I was good to go!

What would you wear to your graduation?

P.S. Holy shit it's August already?!

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