November Goals

I'm really trying to get my shit together at the moment. I've got a million and one things going through my mind right now.. work, blogging, setting up my own business, birthdays, holidays, so much! So instead of keeping everything in my head, I thought I'd stick everything on the blog. I somehow feel like by writing my goals down, I am eternally committed to them. So we'll find out in a few weeks whether that's true or not!

Set up my business

I'm currently in the process of setting up my own Social Media Consultancy/freelance business which is mental. It's a lot of hard work and late nights but I know it will be worth it in the end. All will properly be explained in another post!

Make Toby's 21st the best birthday ever

On 17th November, Toby will be turning 21 which is something I just can't fathom after knowing him since we were 11 years old. I want him to have the most special day so I will be trying my hardest to do that!

Get Christmas presents nailed

Last year I had Christmas sorted by pretty much the end of October but things just weren't that easy this year. Fingers crossed that stockings, presents and wrapping will all be done and dusted by the time December comes around.

Get a credit card

It's about time now that I start saving for a car since my poor little Fiat 500 has practically given up on me. It's also about time that I delve into the adult world of credit cards and debt.. Well hopefully not just yet! I've done my research and already started doing this to increase my credit score, it's something I'd also quite like to talk about in my 'Becoming an Adult' series.

Start scrapbooking

I'm so guilty for taking loads of snaps but never doing anything with them. I've got boxes full of photos, polaroids and memorabilia and I think I need to bite the bullet, sort them out and do something with them all!

That feels so much better getting that out! I'll see how this post goes down but I'm thinking of making it a more regular post on here.

What are your goals for the month? I'd love to know!

No More Holiday Outfits!

I have a folder full of more holiday snaps and outfits to show off but right now just isn't the time to be flaunting my summer bod when we're all wrapped up in scarves and beanies. I swear October has never been this cold before? So this is the last summery outfit for goodness knows how long, thank God. I'm already counting down until Christmas! 

Becoming an Adult: What to Wear for an Interview

what to wear for an interview

One of the many joys of becoming an adult and getting your first job is interviews. And for most girls this means 'what the eff shall I wear?' I generally opt for a simple dress from Zara (which all come at a really good length), my black blazer with leather accents (also from Zara), black tights and a pair of well polished heeled boots. It's smart and understated which is exactly what you need for an interview.

I've outlined below some do's and don'ts of what to wear for an interview which I hope you will find useful. Also some shops that I would recommended are Zara, Warehouse and Mango - definitely check them out if you are in need of any smart clothing!

DO check what you look like from the back, there may be a sneaky ladder in your tights which you just don't know about!

DO remember to polish or clean your shoes and that includes the heel.

DO wear something comfortable. There's literally nothing worse in an interview than being uncomfortable and constantly fidgeting and pulling your dress down.

DO remember about your hair. It's not all about the outfit! It's important to at least run a brush through it.

DON'T think you have to wear all black. It's nice to incorporate some colour into your outfit whether that's through the means of a bag or wearing a bright coloured shirt.

DON'T wear chipped nail polish.

DON'T wear a super short dress which rises up too high when you bend over or cross your legs.

DON'T wear open toed shoes.

I hope this was helpful to anyone who's got interviews coming up for jobs, apprenticeships, work experience or whatever it may be. Just remember to be comfortable!

The Bardot Dress Take Two


It feels so weird posting holiday pictures at this time of year. The temperature's dropped, the grass is frosty and my winter coats are already out, yet I'm sitting here editing beautiful sunsets and photos of summer dresses and sandals.

You may remember this dress from this post and as I had hoped, I continued to wear it non-stop throughout the rest of summer. It's back in the bin bag in the roof at the moment though to hibernate until next year!

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