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If there's one thing I run short of in my wardrobe, it's winter coats. I'm sorted in the summer time with an array of denim jackets, leather jackets and bombers but as soon as the temperature drops, I find myself struggling. So really, I just bought this coat to start expanding my collection, and also because it was bloody freezing in Amsterdam, where I bought it from.

I'd never heard of America Today until we ran into their shop for cover from the rain. Thank God it was that shop we ran into because we ended up spending the next half hour in there and still went back for more! I wish we had a store in the UK, I really love their stuff and it's pretty decent pricing for clothes made from such lovely quality. I picked up a few other things as well which I'm sure will be involved in future posts, none of which actually fitted in my suitcase but I managed to get them back somehow!



  1. I'm really loving the location of these photos my lovely! That little fence running down the grass is the cutest!

    Grace xxx

    1. Thanks Grace! One of the perks of living in the country! xx


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