Sort Your Skin Out With Liz Earle

I know it was only a few weeks ago that I was raving about ARK Skincare but naturally I've ended up crawling back to my beloved Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish.

This time I've paired it with the Liz Earle exfoliator and I don't know how they do it but together they sort my skin right out! I've gone from what Dad calls it, 'pizza face' to soft, smooth, blemish free skin and it's definitely down to these two products.

You may have to pay slightly more for them than your typical Garnier products but it's totally worth it. Everything about them is so soothing, gentle and actually works, it just blows my mind. 

I would absolutely love to try some more Liz Earle products so what would you recommend?


My Perfume Collection

Anyone who knows me will know there's only one perfume I ever wear. Now take another look at the picture and then guess which one it is? Yup, YSL Black Opium. It's my all day, every day scent but now I'm getting older, I've started to dabble in more fragrances.

I'm not going to lie, I'm really regretting buying this perfume. I bought it with my Boots points which I've saved up over the last five or six years and now I'm seriously wishing I had got something else. The smell is a little too overwhelming to me, the kind that gives you an instant headache as soon as you inhale the super floral scent. Maybe I'm being too harsh, it is a lovely fresh smell and perfect to wear around this time of year but unfortunately it's just way too floral for me!

I picked this up in a rush at Amsterdam Airport and it's an absolute dream. This is definitely a more youthful fragrance than Stella McCartney's previous releases and I love it. It's floral and woody notes aren't too overpowering and make it the best summer perfume ever. If you're after something light and not too 'in your face' then this is the one for you but do bear in mind that the scent wears off quite easily so you'll have to top up!

YSL Black Opium
Obviously I'm slightly biased towards this but it really is such a recognisable and popular scent. Unlike everything else in my perfume collection, this isn't massively floral! It's so long-lasting and there's never a need to top up as the sweet, musky smell will last all day. I don't know what more I can really say apart from the fact I will never ever not repurchase this despite the cost!

Unfortunately even though I love this perfume, there's not a lot left and right now I'm poor af so it'll be a while until I repurchase. It's a really light and fresh yet floral fragrance (once again it's perfect for spring/summer time). It's not the longest lasting perfume but it's great for the day time and people always ask me what perfume I'm wearing when I have it on so that's a solid 9/10 for Elie Saab!

Holy shit I'm literally high in the smell of perfume in my room right now. I am 100% going to have a florally headache for the rest of the day! I'm still on the hunt to find more musky, woody scents so if you know any then please let me know!


How To Get Back Into Blogging

It's pretty easy to notice that me and The Rawrdrobe have fallen out a bit. We're not seeing eye to eye at the moment and the commitment just isn't really there anymore. But like most other relationships, it's one worth saving and I'm going to do everything I can to do so.

It's so easy to say that I'm going to blog once a week or whatever but when it comes to doing it, it's a completely different story. Often my 'photographing days' are not aligned with my 'writing days' and then it all gets a tad complicated when I realise what I've actually got - a 'becoming an adult' post with a series of photos of beauty products I need to review. Not very useful at all! However, today my pictures and thoughts are both aligned and I'm going to talk about how I'm going to get back into blogging and a few questions I've had to ask myself.

What direction do you want to take?
I feel that my blog needs to catch up with my maturity and stage of my life which means more 'becoming an adult' posts even though the title of it sounds ridiculous now! I want my posts to be relevant to the kind of person I currently am and what I'm up to. With a few beauty and fashion posts mixed in of course!

What blogs do you enjoy reading and what about?
Over the last year or so I have turned my attention to lifestyle and advice blogs rather than beauty and fashion blogs, with the exception of a few. Since I would never write something I wouldn't read if it was on someone else's blog, I figured that the content I should be aiming for is exactly that. Unfortunately I can't create the sort of content that my favourite bloggers write about as we can't all afford two trips to Greece in one month but hey ho!

What do you enjoy writing about?
I touched on this is the previous question but lifestyle and advice posts are my favourite to write. I feel like I can knock them out in one session because I enjoy writing them so it never feels like a chore.

Are your blogging goals achievable?
Posting three times a week is a thing of the past for me and even though I'd love to sit here and say I'm going to smash out a post every other day, realistically it's not going to happen. I need to bear in mind that I now have a full time job and other commitments and my blogging objectives need to reflect that.

Are you actually ready to start blogging again?
I am sure as hell that the last time I 'came back' to blogging I wasn't ready. I felt almost obliged to start blogging again just because I had been MIA for so long. Slap on the wrist for me. Don't come back until your ready otherwise you'll just end up going around and around in circles!

If you're thinking about getting back into blogging just run yourself through these questions and then you'll know exactly what route you want to go down!


Currently Loving: ARK Cleansers

You'll have a good memory if you remember me (well, my Mum) raving about ARK's Reverse Gravity Eye Cream almost a year ago. She's still totally in love with it and even asking for a new one for Mother's Day. So the point I'm making is that ARK Skincare is a working miracle.

What ultimately sucks me into their brand is the fact they have a really positive approach to ageing and each product is specially designed for a number of different ages for anyone from their teens to over fifty. So whatever age you are, there is a product there dedicated to the needs of your skin. I find this so refreshing as I think so many brands these days just recommend anything to anyone but oh no, not ARK!

Both of these products work together to form a two-step cleansing regime and for those days where I have a bit more time to myself , it's perfect. It feels like I'm having a mini pamper session!

First things first, I'll start with the Skin Essential Pre Cleanse and Makeup Remover by gentle rubbing it into my face then rinsing my hands and using that water to delicately wash my face. The idea of the pre cleanser is to prepare your skin for the second cleanse so it removes makeup, excessive sebum and grime and you're skin will instantly feel better for it. Not going to lie, it does a smashing job of removing any traces of makeup, even my stubborn Maybelline mascara! Normally after removing my makeup my skin feels a bit sore but surprisingly I don't get that at all with this which makes a change so there's the thumbs up for anyone with sensitive skin. My only problem with this is it does feel a bit oily/greasy on my skin and after removing my makeup I can feel it on my skin for quite a while.

Now it's time for the Skin Clear Cleanser designed for anyone in their teens or twenties. I generally have combination skin and my cheeks can get really dry which would normally be a pain for most cleansers but this one worked really well! This really helps to balance the oil in my skin and for the time being has done a pretty good job at keeping blemishes at bay. I use this in the same way as a hot cloth cleanser which takes no time at all and also gently exfoliates my face a little bit making it silky smooth once I'm finished! PS. it smells amazing but does sting your eyes a little if you put too much on that area.

I honestly can't recommend this combo enough and even though I haven't tried any other ranges of the cleanser, if they're as good as this one then you need to get your mitts on it pronto! And just remember in this overwhelming world of skincare, that you need to use products suited to your skin, whether that's for age or type. It's so easy to pick up any cleanser which you've heard rave reviews about and slap it on your face but next time, try and tailor your skincare to your skin. The clue is in the name!

Repurchase? Yes.


5 More Beauty Hacks That You Should Know

Since my last beauty hacks post went down so well, I thought it would make sense to hit you up with another one.

1. Don't know where to store your beauty blender when you're on the go? Trying squishing it into the plastic part of a Kinder egg. It works an absolute treat I promise!

2. Apply mascara to your bottom lashes before the top ones to stop that annoying print on your eyelid.

3. Nails taking too long to dry? Just fill up your sink with cold water and ice and plunge your hands in, keep them there for a few minutes and ta da... dry nails!

4. Heat your eyelash curlers with a hairdryer and then use them to make your lashes hold their shape longer.

5. You should always brush your hair starting at the ends, not the roots. I know this is difficult to get into the swing of but it will get knots out without pulling your hair out of the follicle.

Help a sister out and leave your own beauty hacks in the comments or just tweet them to me, I love to find out some more!


Keeping Your Car Healthy

After saving for months, I've finally bought my first car. 63 plate, sky blue, Fiat 500 lounge and I absolutely love it. It's not strictly my first car as I've already been driving a Fiat 500 around for the last two years but it's the first one I've bought with my own money.

With a new car comes new responsibilities and the list is endless. Not only do you have to worry about insurance, MOTs, warranty and the essentials like what air freshener you're going to get or what music you'll play, but also getting your car serviced.

I for one, have never broken down and don't plan on it! One way I'm avoiding this is by keeping on top of car servicing and proactively going to the garage to get it sorted.

So why is it important to have your car serviced?

For starters, it will save you money in the long term with a longer life expectancy for your car and when you think about it, you'd rather pay the money to get your car checked that end up spending double to fix it if you don't wouldn't' you?

The most invaluable thing you can gain though from getting your car serviced is that you'll be safe. Any small problems with your car can be identified and fixed before they become a lot worse.

It can also impact your insurance claims if you go long periods of time without a service and then something happens to your car so you need to speak to your insurance company, if the car is declared a total loss and they take the service history into account when calculating its pre-accident value, then you could be a few quid short when you don't get as much for your car.

By keeping track of your service history, it also means that you'll maintain the value of your car and when you eventually come to selling it, you'll be able to sell it at a good price and who doesn't want more money?

If you forget to get it serviced, or think there are more important things to do then you run the risk of breaking down unexpectedly and no one wants that do they? This servicing could be the difference between having a fuel efficient, smooth running car or a car that doesn't work which will cost a bomb! There are a number of places where you can get your car serviced anywhere from your local garage to a larger autocentre like Halfords or Kwik Fit so it should be no problem finding somewhere!

Even though it can be a pain and you might have to go a few hours without your car, servicing is something we all have to do and it's completely worth it to keep your car fit and healthy! Also, bear in mind that how often you should service your car will depend on its manufacturer, age and mileage so it won't be the same for everyone!

As well as servicing, you can get your car battery checked which is something you can do with Fife Autocentre. It only takes five minutes and will give you a quick indication of the condition of your battery!



What's In My Makeup Bag?

What's In My Makeup Bag
What's In My Makeup Bag
What's In My Makeup Bag

Even though I did vow to be more myself on my blog a few months ago and bin the mundane favourites and outfit posts, here I am writing a 'what's in my makeup bag' post. Hypocrite? Maybe.

The truth is though, I really love most of my everyday makeup and I want to shout about it. So I will. Cue the shouting...

MAC Prep + Prime Fix +
This spray will change your whole makeup routine, I swear. A quick spritz before and after will refresh and hydrate your skin and somehow make your base look flawless. It's also great to spray onto a beauty blender before using it to dampen it before blending foundation or concealer. It's just an absolute essential in my routine from now on.

MAC Prep + Prime Skin
A more recent addition to my makeup collection but definitely one that's here to stay. It's had a noticeable effect on how long my makeup actually lasts and goes hand in hand with the Fix + spray.

Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation (review)
I think I've harked on about this foundation enough in the past few years but as every other beauty blogger says, it really is the best drugstore foundation out there especially for neutral and yellow skin tones.

Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer
Zoella's favourite concealer. I say no more.

Bourjois Healthy Balance Powder
This goes hand in hand with the foundation and leaves a matte finish on your skin without looking cakey or powdery. A dusting of this on your T-zone will stop your makeup from budging, I can assure you.

Body Shop Honey Bronzer
It was only the other week I was watching Lily Pebbles declare her love for this bronzer. For starters, it's from the high street, it's matte and for once there's no horrible orangey undertone which I find common in cheaper bronzers.

Stila Baked Cheek Duo in 'Pink Glow' (review)
I've been wearing this non-stop for about two years now and even though it's such a pretty shade, I think you could definitely find cheaper alternatives.

MAC Mineralize Skinfinish in 'Soft and Gentle' (review)
What can I say about this highlighter that hasn't already been said before? Apart from occasionally using my 3ina one for more natural makeup days, I think this is the only highlighter I will ever use. 

Soap and Glory Supercat Eyeliner
I'm not going to lie, there are definitely better eyeliners in the world but this is just the one I'm using at the moment. The thing I love about this one though is how it doesn't transfer even without primer.

Maybelline Push Up Mascara (review)
This is hand on heart the only mascara I have used since buying it back in March. I'm completely obsessed with it. In fact, I'm going to make a mental note that I need to buy another one!

Soap and Glory Brow Archery
With Soap and Glory's brow products being compared to the likes of Anastasia's, I don't really need to waffle too much about their Archery range. Only bug bear I have is that I find the pencil snaps quite easily which is a pain.

Maybelline Brow Satin (review)
So the deal with my eyebrows is that I'll faintly draw an outline with my Brow Archery pencil then colour them in with the spongey end of the Brow Satin and it works a treat for me. I also find that the colour of this really lasts and matches my eyebrows perfectly.

What are your makeup bag essentials? I'm in the mood for trying out some more foundations so if you have any recommendations then jot them below!


3 Places I Would Like To Travel To in 2017

Travelling has never been something I've been interested in. When most of my friends swanned off to exotic places on their gap years, I was pretty happy just working in my local pub. Since moving to and back from Oxford, I feel like it's whet my appetite to travel more and get the hell out of Kent. I'm always adding to my 'places to travel' list on my phone and there's certainly an extensive collection of cities and countries all over the world on there. My plan though is to start small and closer to home before I spend the big bucks on flights to JFK and LAX.

1. Amsterdam
Yes I know I've only just been there (you can see my photo diary here) but to be quite honest, we didn't really do much. I'm dying to go to Anne Frank's house, the A'DAM Lookout and just immerse myself more in the architecture rather than the nightlife.

2. Bath
I swear every time I watch The Michalak's vlogs when they're in Bath, I fall in love with the place and I've never even been! I'm hoping to pop down there for a weekend when the weather warms up and experience the Roman Baths, wild swimming at Claverton Weir and a mooch around the centre.

3. Santorini
Even though I highly doubt I'll be able to afford a summer holiday this year, I would love more than anything to go to Santorini. It seems like the type of place where you could take a photo anywhere and it would look picturesque. Victoria and Sammi's photos from their trips this year made me even more desperate to go so depending on my bank balance, I'll be heading there this summer!

Of course there's way more than just these three places I'd love to travel to this year but realistically, they're my top three for 2017! I'd love to know any other places in the UK that would be lovely to go to for a weekend or where you would love to go so please leave your suggestions in the comments!


5 Reasons Why You Need To Buy From Super Facialist

Super Facialist Una Brennan

As I grow up I'm finding it harder and harder to find high street skincare which doesn't break me out. La Roche Posay feels too chemically for me, Nivea brings me out in a rash and the others just don't really do much. Super Facialist is an absolute gem though and I'm a huge fan girl for the stuff, hence this post.

1. There's something for everyone
Does your skin need hydrating? That's fine, use the rose collection. Spotty skin? No problem, just grab a salicylic acid product. Anti-ageing? Pick up something from the vitamin C+ range.

2. It actually works
I'm on my second tube of moisturiser, nearly finished my face mask and a few weeks through my cleanser and I can tell you now, I wouldn't have got through that many Superfacialist products if they didn't work.

3. They're a decent price
And they're also on offer a lot in Boots starting from £7.. It's honestly such a good price, I'd say one of the best drugstore skincare brands for sure!

4. It's created by specialists
One of the most accomplished facialists and skincare specialists in the UK, Úna Brennan, is behind the brand and if that's not enough to impress you I don't know what is.

5. Their salicylic range will sort spots right out
Unfortunately I think the scrub has been discontinued (gutted) but the cleansing wash and face mask will reduce blemishes and give you a much healthier complexion. If you've got spot prone skin like me, this collection will be your new saviour!

Please say you're officially persuaded. Go on, give it a go!


Why I'm Not Making Resolutions This Year

Happy New Year everyone! I hope you're all feeling sufficiently hungover and reading this curled up on the sofa feeling sorry for yourself. That's how I've spent today anyway!

Just one of the many traditions which New Year entails is making resolutions. You know all the normal ones, "I'm going to get fitter", "I'm going to eat healthier" and "I'm going to save money". Pfft, have I ever stuck to them? Nah. Never.

2017 will be different though and not in the way that I'm going to stick to my resolutions but in the way that I'm just not going to make any. Then I know I won't reach March and have already abandoned all my goals and objectives for the year. Instead, I'm going to live the same way I have been for the last couple of months and change it up if and when I want to. Makes sense doesn't it? This way I can avoid failure which I something I have unfortunately experienced throughout the last few years as a result of my so called resolutions. 

Even though 'twenty-seventeen' hasn't quite got the same ring to it as 'twenty-sixteen', I've got a feeling it's going to be a lot better and I'm going to achieve a lot more.

Actually.. Scrap that. I want to be able to complete the Rubik's Cube by next year!

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