My Travel Bucket List

Something I have always wanted to do more of is travel. It's not like I was deprived of it growing up as we were lucky to go on holiday regularly but this was generally to places in the UK and the family classic, Center Parcs! So far, the furthest I've ever travelled to is Turkey which is why I feel such hunger to travel further.

I've always had a list on my phone (as we all know bloggers love a list) of all the places I want to visit, whether they're in the UK or halfway across the globe. It's as long as my arm now and after feeling inspired after reading Em's travel bucket list, I thought I'd create one too!


I can't remember ever not wanting to go to Iceland. I've always been fascinated by the northern lights so it only seems natural to want to visit. My brother went on a school trip once and I was obsessed with looking through his photos of the blue lagoon, incredible views and waterfalls. 


Ever since watching Zoe's vlogmas last year, I have felt this craving to visit Edinburgh. It seems to me like the kind of place you should visit in autumn or winter so it's probably a trip I should pencil in for next year. I've done my research on the Scottish capital and there are so many cute cafes, independent shops and cobbled streets which I would love to stroll around, wrapped up in a big tartan scarf with my camera!

New York

The Big Apple is one of the most iconic cities in the world and somewhere I would love to visit. I could write a book about every single reason why I want to go there. Burgers, High Line, Broadway, Time Square, yellow taxis, iHop, Central Park, Natural History Museum, amazing views, Chinatown, Knicks, Statue of Liberty, Sephora, doughnuts and of course, Walmart.


Who doesn't want to go to the beautiful Greek island of Santorini? It looks like the most perfect place I could ever imagine and I can't wait to visit one day. I imagine it's the kind of place where you could take a picture anywhere and it would just look so picturesque (and Instagrammable). I loved exploring the Greek island of Thassos a few years back with Toby and would love to do the same with Santorini one day. 


So I have this thing for Day of the Dead and sugar skulls and all that stuff so what would be more incredible than celebrating Dia de los Muertos in the heart of Mexico? I can picture the outfits, colours, smells, food and atmosphere - basically the opening scene of Spectre.


I bloody loved visiting Sorrento on a school trip and Venice a few years back on holiday with Toby so I feel the need to tick off another Italian city. I have a huge list of all the things I'd love to do there including walking around the Colosseum, eating gelato and just living that Lizzie McGuire movie life!


AKA Paradise. AKA the place everyone wants to go to but nobody can afford. Now I'm not expecting to be going here for quite a while (I'm talking years and years) but it would be the ultimate dream to walk along white sandy beaches with the azure Indian ocean glistening out of the corner of my eye.


I have always felt desire to travel to Australia as I have family who live out there so I've grown up seeing tons of pictures and receiving a hell of a lot of kangaroo and koala merchandise over the years! I would swoon at the opportunity to go on a huge road trip for a couple of months so I could explore the country and see as much as possible! Sydney, Brisbane, Perth and the Gold Coast are at the top of my list but I'd be so happy to go anywhere!

What places are on your travel bucket list?

16 Reasons I'm So Excited For Christmas This Year

Of course when I was little I loved Christmas. It was just a magical time of the year but naturally, as you get older you realise things aren't quite what they seem. I seemed to fall out with the festivities a bit throughout my teenage years but the Christmas fever is back!

I really am SO excited this year so I wanted to share with you all reasons why I can't wait for the month of December!

Watching vlogmas

Who else loves the feeling of getting home from work, getting into your cosies and catching up with your favourite Youtubers' vlogmas videos? Not only do they get me super excited and make me feel even more festive, but they give me ideas of what I can do at the weekends. For example, Zoe always heads to a Christmas tree farm to pick her tree so that's what I want to do this year!

Christmas jumpers

I am without a doubt extending my Christmas jumper collection this year. In fact, I've already started by stealing my brother's old one which doesn't fit him anymore! They're just so cosy and you can wear them all day everyday without being judged. CAN'T WAIT!

Pigs in blankets

If you don't agree with this point then I have no time for you.. Unless you have an acceptable reason then fair enough but how can you not love pigs in blankets?! They are the single best Christmas food which can never be replaced and until I started writing this paragraph, I had no idea how strongly I felt about them!

Buying my loved ones presents

Honestly, I could spend forever buying presents for my loved ones. I get so carried away and often don't know where to draw the line because I get sucked in so bad by all the shops! My favourite presents to buy are stocking fillers for Toby and the best part is wrapping them all up! I'm absolutely shite at wrapping but I manage to work it anyway and tuck a candy cane or two under some red twine and use just brown parcel paper and it always turns out alright!

Ice skating

I am notoriously not the best ice skater in the world and I definitely have my wobbly moments but I still make a trip every year to my local ice rink. It's always freezing and there tends to be an inch or so of water on top of the ice (not ideal) but who cares!

Christmas songs

Who doesn't love Christmas music, seriously? I've already put my Christmas playlist together on Spotify and am resisting the urge to play it whenever I can. My absolute favourites are Fairytale of New York (The Pogues and Kirsty McColl), Merry Christmas Everyone (Shakin' Stevens), I Wish It Could Be Christmas Everyday (Wizzard) and Do They Know It's Christmas (Band Aid).


Is panattone not the most amazing bread you've ever tasted? It's sweet and full of raisins and citrus flavours, sooooo delicious! I normally eat it pretty much every morning in the week leading up to the big day and then the week after that!

Decorating the tree

So this falls into two categories of why it makes me excited for Christmas. 1) Watching Dad make the mistake of cutting the string off the tree outside then trying to fit it through the door into the living room. 2) Decorating the tree with Mum with a Christmas film on in the background!

Friends back from uni

So many of my friends are at uni so it makes Christmas even more special when they all come home and I can spend time with them. It's kind of a tradition now that everyone from the area piles into one of the local pubs on Christmas Eve and everyone just chats to everyone!

Christmas markets

When I was in Oxford one of my favourite things to do around December was walk down to the Christmas market on Broad Street but unfortunately there aren't a lot of them near me now. However, Toby and I are heading down to Bath at the end of November purely because I've heard their Christmas market is amazing!

The smell

This is pretty vague but does anyone else think Christmas is the best smelling time of the year? Cinnamon, Christmas trees, mulled wine, orange and cloves, vanilla, homely food cooking, the list goes on...

Gingerbread men

This is a relatively new thing but last year I ate my weight in homemade gingerbread men made by my colleague, Nancy. They are the most delicious things I have ever eaten in my whole entire life and I am praying to God she makes the biggest batch of them this year!

Christmas PJs

I'm not really one for pyjamas but that all changes when it gets to November. You should see my ASOS saved list, it's just full of Christmas themed pyjamas and onesies and I'm loving it! I'm just praying my favourites will still be in stock when it comes to pay day and just wait until I make a trip to Primark!


This 100% deserves its own category. My favourite Christmas film ever, along with most other people's! If you haven't seen it yet then are you okay? You're missing out big time! I normally watch it at least once a week in December along with Arthur Christmas which is another one of my favourites. You should totally watch that too.

Boxing Day with Toby's family

For the last few years I have spent Christmas Day evening and Boxing Day with Toby's family, going to the greyhound races in Sittingbourne. It always entails me losing money, eating a delicious van burger and getting separated from everyone else at least once but I wouldn't change that for anything!

It means 2018 isn't far away

2017 hasn't really been my best year. I've had more ups and downs than ever before and I'm really looking forward to a new start. That chance is just around the corner and I can't wait to crack open a new diary and start the year as I mean to go on.

I hope if you're a fellow Christmas lover then this post has got you even more excited than you already were and I would love to know what's getting you excited for Christmas, please comment below!


The Most Beautiful Brush Set

I've seen so many brush sets circulating Instagram recently but there was one particular set that stood out to me and luckily enough, I've been able to try it out! This particular set came from Lily England, a little online boutique focused on good quality, cruelty-free beauty products that don't break the bank and look super pretty! If you read on, you'll come to see that I can tick every single one of those descriptions off throughout this post!

Lily England Makeup Brushes

I received both the face makeup brush set as well as the eye makeup one and I'm so happy I've been able to try out both as from now on, they will be staples in my makeup arsenal. The first contains a foundation brush, powder brush, contour brush and highlighter but they're so versatile, you could use them for a number of things. The latter set featuring a fluffy eyeshadow brush, crease brush, angled eyeshadow brush, a flat eyeshadow brush and an angled brow brush. Even though this set all has specific brushes, you can mix and match just like the other set!

Lily England Makeup Brushes

I'll start by saying, they are so pretty to look at (and Instagram, of course) with the typical blogger marble and rose gold combo... Who can resist? It's not all about looks though and this set's substance definitely matches up to its style. The brushes feel really luxurious and so super soft. You know when they're that soft that you keep just stroking them all over your face? Nope? Just me!

Lily England Makeup Brushes

One thing I'm really impressed with is the fact the bristles don't shed when in use or even when I wash them. This is so refreshing for a product of this price as normally I would expect the brushes to malt everywhere which is something I've seen a lot of in the past. They're also incredible at seamlessly blending in your product of choice, particularly foundation and cream products.

Lily England Makeup Brushes

Lastly but maybe most importantly to some of you, all these brushes are cruelty-free and vegan *ticks final box*.

You really can't tell much of a difference between the Lily England brushes and the higher priced ones except the variety of brushes on offer. I can only hope they add more brushes to their collection!

Lily England Makeup Brushes

These would 100% make the perfect Christmas or birthday gift for anyone desperately in need of some new brushes or even a stocking filler! I know my Mum could do with some new eye makeup brushes so I know exactly where I'll be heading to get those from!

Have you ever tried Lily England brushes?

Eight Things To Know Before You Go To Amsterdam

It was exactly a year ago that I took a long weekend to Amsterdam for my friend's 21st birthday. We had a right old laugh and I'd go back in a heartbeat if I had the chance.

Apart from the cool bars, incredible architecture and one of a kind attractions, there are a few things that still stand out to me about good old Amdam. These aren't necessarily good or bad things but you should definitely consider all eight of them before heading off on your trip!

Prebook tickets

One of the most annoying things I noticed while we were out there was you need to book tickets for literally EVERYTHING. I don't know why I was so unorganised not to look anything up in the first place (normally I spend like a week on Tripadvisor before a holiday) but for most attractions, you need to book in advance. We had an absolute shocker when we turned up to Anne Frank's house to be greeted by a four-hour queue and no chance of getting in!

Keep an eye on your bag

I know this goes for most cities but seriously, keep an eye on your bag and pockets. There are pickpockets in busy areas so just keep your wits about you and keep your money, phone, camera and anything of value zipped up!

Shops open late on Mondays

If you plan on heading to the shops (which are amazing btw), just remember they open late on Mondays! We woke up bright and early on our final day, paced it over to the Kalverstraat and Leidsestraat just to find all the shops were closed! Don't make the same mistake!

Wrap up warm

This is only relevant if you're going in winter time as I'm surely it's lovely in summer but just remember to bring a warm coat! It gets so bloody cold out there and even a scarf, beanie and Barbour jacket didn't keep me toasty!

A lot of canals look the same

We definitely learnt this the hard way after getting lost a few times because most of the bridges and canals look exactly the same! So if your group splits up and decides to meet up at 'this bridge' then good luck finding each other (unless you have extremely good memories!)

Watch out for the bikes

I swear I almost got mowed down by at least twenty bikes in the space of four days. They're so dangerous! Make sure you look both ways and any other way you can think of before crossing roads or pathways and whatever you do, don't walk in the bike lane!

You can't smoke tobacco in coffee shops

This is a bit of a bummer for any smokers as you can only smoke tobacco outside. Just remember while your chums are cosy inside smoking a joint, you'll be outside in the freezing cold just to have a normal cigarette! I understand this isn't relevant to everyone but if you're a smoker, it's worth remembering!

The Red Light District is overwhelming

I swear nothing could prepare me for the Red Light District. Nothing. I had no idea what to expect and for someone who struggles with anxiety, it was all a bit too much for me. I tried acting as if I had blinkers on but there's so much going on, it can be hard to ignore it all!

Amsterdam really is one of my favourite places I've ever been to and I can't recommend it enough! I'm hoping to go back next year and I will 100% be packing more warm clothes and pre-booking tickets to everything!

Have you been before? What are your favourite things about Amsterdam?


Your No. 1 Travel Essential

Something I always faff with before a trip away is my luggage. Do I take a holdall? Or a suitcase? Maybe I need both? These questions always used to run through my head when packing for a holiday or staycation but thank God to CabinZero, I don't need to worry anymore!

They were kind enough to send me one of their ultra light cabin bags and I just know it's going to be perfect for my trips. I opted for the second biggest bag which is 36L as I thought it would be the best size for a weekend trip away (as that's how long I tend to go for). All their bags are hand luggage size which is so handy and because they're so lightweight, you can make the most out of your weight allowance!

Cabin Zero bag

I'm not one to pack light but I can fit a long weekend's worth of clothes in the bag and it will still be comfortable to carry because of the padded straps. There's a ton of different compartments which are so handy for someone like me who likes to know exactly whereabouts everything is! It makes it so easy to find everything between the four compartments inside and one on the front. I've already figured out my shoe area (the padded section at the back which is made for laptops) and 'bits and bobs' area because let's be honest, we all have one of those!

Cabin Zero bag

As well as ticking off all the must haves like durability, being waterproof, high quality and reasonably priced, there are a few other things which you'll love. Firstly it comes with a 10 year guarantee included in the price which you can upgrade to 25 years just by liking CabinZero on Facebook. The bags are also fitted with an Okoban tracker so if you lose your bag you will receive a text when it has been found (providing someone has registered it on the site). This is genius and I don't know why all bags don't have it!

Cabin Zero bag

I can't wait to start using this bag for my adventures, starting off with my trip to Bath in December! Please let me know where you would take this bag to and if you're looking to get your hands on your own CabinZero bag then use CZTHERAWRDROBE at the checkout for 10% off! It's only valid until the last week of November though so don't leave it too late!


The Cure To Dry Skin With Konjac Sponges

Autumn is without a doubt my favourite time of the year. Like many others, I adore burning candles whilst being tucked up into a blanket on the sofa with a hot chocolate, tartan scarf round my neck, with leather studded boots and an oversized wool coat on and a berry lip.. Is that autumnal enough? Haha.

On a serious note, even though I love the colder weather, it means my dry skin gets even drier than it already is. To tackle this problem, I've been using a Konjac sponge religiously in the bath or shower and it's working an absolute treat!

Konjac Sponge Company

I've used similar products to this sponge before but none of the brands have had the same approach to skincare as The Konjac Sponge Company do. As well as being made by hand, they are also completely natural and cruelty-free which is something I think a lot of people sought after these days.

So what actually is Konjac? It's a plant found in Asia which is 97% water, rich in minerals and often eaten due to its low calorie count. The Konjac used in the sponges is completely free from chemicals, colouring, additives and irritants as well as 100% biodegradable so as well as being kind to your skin, it's kind to the environment too!

The sponge itself is hard when dry and as you soak it in water, it softens so you can use it gently on your skin. I've got the French red clay sponge which is perfect for anyone with dry or mature skin as the key ingredient is high in iron oxide, which is known to stimulate blood circulation and restore moisture. This is exactly what I need for the colder months as my skin gets dry really easily, especially my legs. However, if you have oilier skin you can opt for the French green clay sponge or the pink clay for those of you with sensitive skin.

One of my favourite things about konjac sponges is that it's suitable if you have skin conditions like eczema, psoriasis or rosacea. As someone who has had eczema for my whole life, I can tell you know it's hard to find a sponge/exfoliator that doesn't irritate it even more!

The difference in my skin after using this for a few weeks has been really noticeable. It feels so much softer and I don't have to worry about flaky shins anymore - hallelujah! I can already see my Mum eyeing it up so I'm even going to buy her one for her stocking at Christmas! They also have a range of other products including face sponges, gentlemen's shaving sponges and tattoo sponges - all of which I have complete faith in!

Have you ever tried Konjac sponges before or anything similar?

Currently Loving: Benefit Eye Makeup

Benefit Cosmetics is just one of those brands who really have their stuff together. Their branding is so on point, you immediately know if a product is Benefit just from its packaging and most importantly, I love their makeup and skincare.

For years I have raved about their products (particularly the Roller Lash mascara) so I'm over the moon to have the opportunity to try out a load more which I was so kindly gifted by Debenhams. It was definitely the most exciting #bloggermail I've ever had the pleasure to open!

They're Real Mascara*

I'll be honest in saying I didn't use to be the biggest fan of this mascara but I've grown to like it more and more. It has a plastic wand which kind of seals the deal for me as I'm not a huge fan of bristle wands and it works like a dream. My lashes are instantly more full and even though I didn't used to like the really full on clumpy look, I really love it now! I'm chuffed to have got a mini version too which will be perfect to pop in my bag for travelling!

They're Real Tinted Lash Primer*

I had never even heard of this before it came through my letterbox but I'm so glad I've discovered it now. I don't know how it works but it just really boosts my lashes! After a couple of coats of this and then the mascara, my lashes look much longer and I feel like they hold their position a bit more. I've also been using this on those 'no makeup days' when I just want a couple of swipes of mascara and a touch of concealer and it works really well for that because it looks so natural on its own.

They're Real Push Up Liner*

I tried out a little tester of this product when it originally came out a few years ago and I didn't get on with it very well. After giving it another go, I still don't get on with it. It's just too much fiddly for me  and I find it really hard to apply. Unfortunately this is a huge thumbs down from me but I'd love to know how other people got on with it! The longevity is impressive though! It's pretty smudge proof and didn't transfer at all when I wore it but I just really don't have the patience to apply it. Also, fast drying eyeliner leaves no room for mistake - I found out the hard way!

They're Real Duo Shadow Blender*

I'll start by saying my Mum and her friends think this product is genius and if this goes walkabouts in a few days then I'll know exactly where it's gone! I receive the 'Naughty Neutral' shade and the colours are gorgeous. I just know I'm going to get so much use out of these shades for both day and evening looks! The idea is you use the sponge applicator to swipe the shadow along your lid and even though I really didn't think it was going to work, it really did! The colours blend really well together and despite thinking I'd need to blend some more with a brush, I didn't have to!

They're Real Double The Lip (Lusty Rose)*

I was least excited to try this lip liner/lipstick duo and it's been the biggest surprise! I thought this was going to be a bit of a gimmick but it's actually really bloody good! It's so easy to apply, long lasting, moisturising, pigmented and doesn't smell overpowering (my pet hate with lipsticks). It's an absolute hit and I've already got my eye on a couple other colours, really can't recommend this enough!

Please stay tuned for more in-depth, individual reviews which will be coming over the next few months! And a huge thank you once again to Debenhams for sending me all of this, it's definitely going down as one of my proudest blogger moments!

What are your favourite Benefit products? I'd love to know!

My Favourite Autumnal Films

There's nothing better in the colder months than curling up on the sofa with a blanket and sticking a film on. It's one of my favourite things to do and gives you time to write blog posts, edit photos or even get cracking on your Christmas list (I've almost finished mine).

My love for cosy movie nights actually gave me the idea of this post and even though I don't have a 4K Panasonic TV to watch my favourite autumnal films on, I make do!

Fantastic Mr Fox

If any of you have watched this film you'll know exactly why it's in this list. The screen is always filled with vibrant autumnal oranges and browns so just looking at it whether it's paused or not will make you feel ready for autumn. On a more personal note, I genuinely love this film as it's a Roald Dahl adaptation and he was my favourite author growing up. My Auntie and Uncle used to be very close with the Dahls and used to take me to his house and gypsy caravan when I was younger and Liccy Dahl even used to sign books for me! So as you can imagine, anything Roald Dahl related - I love it!

Gossip Girl

I know this isn't strictly a film but there's something about Gossip Girl which makes me so excited for autumn and winter. Is it Blair's incredible outfits? The huge Thanksgiving dinners? Or just New York in autumn time? Whatever it is, I love it! Also is there a better programme to completely binge on in the same pair of trackies for months on end? 

Addams Family Values

There had to be a Halloween film in here somewhere! This is by far my favourite Halloween film! Firstly because I'm a bit of a scaredy cat and don't actually enjoy horrors and secondly, I used to watch this on repeat when I was little. If you've never seen it there where have you been! They've even produced it as a musical starring Carrie Hope Fletcher which I can't wait to see!

Edward Scissorhands

I suppose this is kind of a Halloween film but I always watch this at some point between October and Christmas... Don't ask me why, I just do! It's actually quite a sad film but an absolute classic nonetheless and Johnny Depp was actually nominated for a Golden Globe for his performance in it. How can you not watch a Johnny Depp film?

So grab yourself a cuppa, box of treats and put on your favourite pyjamas because it's movie time!

What are your favourite films around this time of year?



Five Things You Should Do In The Isle Of Wight

Instead of a holiday abroad this year, Toby and I decided to go for a staycation in my favourite childhood place of the Isle of Wight. I'll be completely honest in saying it was a lot more exciting when I was younger but nevertheless we had a really lovely time.

Isle of Wight Shanklin Village
Isle of Wight Shanklin Village
Isle of Wight Alum Bay The Needles
Isle of Wight Alum Bay The Needles
Isle of Wight Alum Bay The Needles Chairlift
Isle of Wight Godshill Model Village
Isle of Wight Godshill Model Village
Isle of Wight Godshill Model Village
Isle of Wight Shanklin beach
Isle of Wight scones Vernon Cottage
Isle of Wight Shanklin beach
Isle of Wight Alum Bay The Needles
Isle of Wight Shanklin chine
Isle of Wight Shanklin beach
Isle of Wight The Rock Shop
Isle of Wight The Rock Shop

Since I'm getting more into travel posts, I thought I'd give you an idea of my five favourite spots or things to do in the Isle of Wight for young adults. There are tonnes of websites that show you activities for kids but not a lot for young adults so it's easy to get a bit stumped for what to do.

Scones at Vernon Cottage

We popped into here on a bit of a whim, we just needed to refuel and rest our legs but I noticed scones on the menu and before we knew it, we were tucking into them with strawberry jam and clotted cream. So this was an accidental find really but aren't they the best kind of discoveries? If you're near Shanklin and just want a cuppa and some delicious scones then you really must try out Vernon Cottage! I seem to remember it being really affordable as well - I think we had two scones each and drink for £12!

The Needles

This is one of the biggest attractions in the Isle of Wight even though it can be a bit of a drive, depending on whereabouts you're staying. Unfortunately when we got there it was windy to say the least and the sun was only just peeping out the top of the clouds! There's quite a bit to do around there including mini golf, chairlifts, 4D cinema, sweet factory and the list goes on but I think it's quite dependent on the weather as we experienced.

Godshill Model Village

If you go to the Isle of Wight and don't check out the Model Village in Godshill then have you even gone to the Isle of Wight?! This is an absolutely classic for anyone of any age and you really have to admire the work that goes into each model! There are cute little coffee shops just down the road for you to enjoy a nice cuppa and scone after your walk around the Model Village.

Roast at the Yarbridge Inn

I always do my research before travelling somewhere so after a quick search on Tripadvisor, I found that the Yarbridge Inn in Sandown was the most popular place for a roast. I can see why! I didn't manage to get any snaps as I was too interested in my food but the roast beef was truly delicious and if I could, I'd go back! The restaurant itself was lit with fairy lights and had a really homely feel and the staff were really lovely. I tell you what else was lovely... The caramel cheesecake! On a side note, it's not very expensive - we got two roasts, two pints of lemonade, a dessert and a coffee for only £36!

Trip to Cowes

Cowes is one of my favourite places in the Isle of Wight not only for the cute shops but also the incredible boats docked in the harbour. It's also conveniently where the Red Funnel ferry port is located so you can make a day out of it on your arrival or departure. For anyone interested in sailing like myself, you should look into Cowes week which is the biggest annual sailing regatta in the world and you can even hop on a spectator boat to watch all the action out at sea, pretty cool huh?

If sailing isn't your thing then there are loads of shops, restaurants and other things to do around the streets of West Cowes and you can get a ferry between their and East Cowes although I prefer the west side.

Have you ever been to the Isle of Wight? I'd love to know what you get up to over there!

How I'm Incorporating Textures Into My Autumn Wardrobe

You only need to scroll through Twitter or Instagram for two seconds to see how many bloggers are excited for autumn. I've been seeing lots of candles, fluffy socks and more leaf emojis than ever so I feel like it's officially time to start buzzing for the colder months. It's not like we ever have a proper summer in England anyway!

French Connection Suede Snakeskin Skirt


One of my favourite things about autumn is fashion. It makes me so happy to ditch the playsuits and say hello to scarves, boyfriend coats and black boots. It's not even that cold at the moment which is annoying as I'm sooooo ready to layer and wrap up. That's the problem with the chillier months though, sometimes you layer up so much that suddenly your whole outfit disappears into basically a coat and boot combo and there's nothing else to see. That's where this blog post comes in. 

French Connection Suede Snakeskin Skirt

I felt so inspired by my shopping trip this week that I thought I'd write about how I'm incorporating more textures into my AW wardrobe. This is for two main reasons.

1. It's so easy to only wear black in autumn, so textures can break up an outfit more and make it a little less plain.

2. As I previously mentioned, when your outfit is basically just a coat, jeans and boots (because everything else is hidden), then you need textures to jazz it up a bit.

So now you know why I'm trying to incorporate more textures into my autumn outfits but how am I actually doing it?

From now on, I try and make sure that every outfit I wear includes a couple of different bold textures (I'm not talking cotton) so this could be anything from leather or snakeskin to suede to studs to faux fur, you get the idea!

It's actually pretty easy when you get into the swing of it and you'll naturally have a favourite texture which you like to include in pretty much every outfit. I personally love leather. I feel naked without my beloved, battered and beaten leather jacket on and more often than not, I've got leather boots and a leather bag with me or I'm wearing leather coated jeans. Crikey, how many times can you say leather in one sentence?

More recently I've also been loving this French Connection snakeskin denim skirt which I was very kindly gifted from Love The Sales. I've never owned anything like it before and to be honest, I would prefer to wear it as a summer piece but with a jumper and tights, it works perfectly for autumn too.

One way which I'm hoping to add texture to my outfits is by throwing a teddy fur coat over the top but I just need to find one I fall in love with first. I've also been wearing either studded, fur or tassled boots, really chunky knitwear and my new aviator jacket from Primark which I absolutely love and it was only £30! 

How do you like to include different textures in your autumn/winter outfits?


Four Tips For Having A Productive Day

One of the things I hate the most is when I don't have a productive day. That may make me sound like a complete control freak but hey, I can't change it! I just hate the feeling that I've wasted a day and not got anything done that I should have. Please tell me there's someone else out there like that? So here are a bunch of my best tips for having a productive day whether you're at work or not.


Create a realistic to do list

The keyword in this is 'realistic'. I know how easy it is to write a huge to do lists with all tasks, big and small, but are you really going to get much of it done? Nowadays I prefer to keep it simple and only list the things which actually need doing or I know I can get them done that day. And if you don't already write to do lists then maybe you should try it. I don't know anyone who can resist the satisfaction of ticking things off a list!

Use your commute to your advantage

A majority of us who work have to commute so why not use this time more efficiently? It's a bit different if you're driving but if you jump on a train to work, you could catch up with blog posts, edit any photos you have lined up for Instagram and write the captions, respond to emails, the list is endless!

Don't try to multi-task

I am probably the worst person to advise on this as I used to try and do anything and everything at the same time but my habits have changed since then. Recently, I've only been focusing on one task at a time and channelling all my concentration into that. You might find that you'll complete everything so much quicker and then you know you can move onto the next task on your list. Even us women can't really multi-task!

Keep your inbox organised

Tidy inbox, tidy mind right? I find my days are so much more productive when I've cleared out my emails and either replied, deleted or labelled each one! You can even colour code the folders with your calendar for extra satisfaction!

I hope these tips can help you boost your own productivity and help you get shit done! I promise you, you'll sleep so much easier when you know you've had a productive day and ticked everything off your list!

I'll add in here on another note, how much do you love these sunnies? I loved my other ones so much I got these as well! also offer prescription glasses, glasses frames and any other type of eyeglasses you can think of! They've also been kind enough to offer you all 50% off when you use 'GSHOT50' at the checkout!

Do you have any tips for having a productive day? 


My Plans For The Rest Of 2017

I've seen a few of these posts dotted around recently and I quite like the idea of having an autumn/winter plan so here we go. I've had an alright 2017 so far but I'm not entirely convinced it's been the best year of my life so I'm going to make the most of it before it disappears in a few short months.


Isle of Wight

Tomorrow I jet off (well, ferry off) to my favourite childhood place of the Isle of Wight. I can't even remember how many holidays we had there but it was a lot. I'm going with Toby and I am seriously so excited I can barely contain myself but as any Brit will know, you can never trust the weather and unfortunately we've got five days of rain to look forward to. Hopefully we can still get some snaps out there though, even if I'm wearing a raincoat in most of them!

Work work work

I'm planning on working ten times harder on my blog and Instagram for the latter part of the year. I'm talking more photos, posts, better content and more exciting collaborations (hopefully) and I can't wait to get cracking! The only nightmare I'm having is that I never have anyone to take photos of me (I sound like the most vain person in the world). We're not all blessed enough to have a photographer for a boyfriend!

Visiting friends

I honestly feel like the worst friend sometimes, I've said to so many of my close friends that I would go and visit them at uni and here we are, three years later and I still haven't seen some of them! On my list so far I've got trips to make to Cheltenham, Newcastle, Canterbury and Bournemouth so it's time to start pencilling them in my diary!

Cosy nights

As I've mentioned a gazillion times before, I'm saving for a mortgage so that means less pub nights and more cosy nights in to save money. I think I'd prefer to be snuggled up in front of the TV with a huge bar of Galaxy anyway and I can't wait for that to finally be acceptable... I think September may be a tad too early for it! It will give me more chilled out time to work on my blog as well.. I can just picture the 


Last year I was adamant that I was going to the infamous Bath Christmas market but unfortunately it just didn't happen. This year I am going, even if it's the last thing I do! I'm feeling so festive already (sitting here watching Zoella's vlogmas from last year as I write this) and already bought a few presents and we're not even half way through September yet so I absolutely cannot wait to step into a magical Christmas paradise!

I can't wait to get cracking on everything I've mentioned and still feel so in shock that we're in the 'bers' already! Also, if you want to stay updated on my Isle of Wight trip then I'll be posting what we're up to on Twitter and Instagram!

What are your plans for the rest of 2017?


Five Ways I Started Saving Money

I'm desperately trying to save for a house at the moment. And that is probably an understatement! I'm doing absolutely everything in my willpower to save money whether that's selling clothes on depop, babysitting or doing the following. Please don't take these tips as gospel as they aren't, they just work for me!


Deleting emails

ASOS are so bloody good at sucking me back into buying whatever is in my saved basket and the same goes for Office too when they notify me about their latest sale. I believe in 'out of sight, out of mind' so recently I've been binning these emails before you could say 'take my money'. This way, when I'm bored and start revisiting my emails, I won't be tempted to reopen them! Sorry to the marketing teams at my favourite shops for affecting your click through rates!

Eating in

If there's one thing I could spend a horrendous amount of money on, it's probably food. So to combat this desire, I've been making a conscious effort to eat in with either mine or Toby's family. You'd be surprised at the amount of money I've saved from it as well as taking my own lunch into work rather than popping to Tesco every lunch time.

Setting goals

I am soooooo motivated to move out it's actually ridiculous. Even the thought of buying tea towels and ironing boards makes me excited so I know deep down that I'd rather save another £40 for a mortgage than buy another pair of jeans. I've also set goals for myself every month for how much I want to save. This has really helped as I'm a very determined person and want to reach that target otherwise I feel like I've failed.

Sacrificing my social life

Trust me, there is nothing I enjoy more than a drink at the pub with my friends. Or going out for dinner, or bowling or the cinema or any other of the random things we get up to. However, it comes to a point where you do have to sacrifice that curry night (like I did last week) or that trip to the cinema. I'm not saying never go out with your friends and enjoy yourself, it's just for me, sometimes I'd be going out and spending £30 for the sake of it when in hindsight, I could've just waited for the film to come out on DVD!

One treat per month

We all know it's virtually impossible never to treat yourself so I've cut it down to one treat per month. This could be anything from makeup to shoes to a nice dinner out but only once a month! I've also been using Love The Sales for all my online shopping because everything is just so much cheaper and more hassle free! It's a genius idea and I wish I had found out about it sooner (before they contacted me - this isn't sponsored by the way!) because I'm sure it would've saved me a tonne of money!

I can honestly say since I've started doing these five things, my bank balance has dramatically increased! I'm not saying I'm a financial advisor or anything but these tips really have helped me and I hope they can do the same for others.

If you have any other tips for saving money then I'd love to know! Just leave them in the comments and we can all help each other out! We'll be millionaires before you know it!


Beauty Rituals For When You're Hungover

In all honesty, I don't really get drunk anymore but a few months ago when I was feeling slightly worse for wear with a bit of a sore head I thought of writing this post. Being hungover is one of the absolute worst feelings, especially when you don't often drink that much. I'll probably have friends reading this saying 'but Katy you're always at the pub drinking pints' and yes, I know but rarely do I ever actually get drunk/smashed/sloshed/trollied/whatever you like to call it.

Beauty tips for hangovers

One way to pick you up when you feel like utter shite is to up your beauty game on those hungover days. I feel like it just makes you feel a bit more like a human and will do your skin wonders!

Remove last night's dregs of makeup

We've all had those nights where we crawl into bed fully clothed with a face full of makeup and I don't blame you. No judgement going on here! So if removing your makeup wasn't your last priority of the night, make sure you take off the remnants in the morning with your favourite micellar water.

The best thing about using micellar water is #1 you can be lazy and #2 it doesn't smell too overpowering or sickly. And I for one do not want to be suffocated by the strong smell of tea tree oil!

Minty shower

I don't know why but a minty shower gel has some kind of magical power which wakes you up in no way an alarm clock could. It's known to make your brain and body more alert which is exactly what you need on those hungover days where you feel like you can't even get out of bed.

Cleanse and scrub

This is normally what sorts my skin right out. Of course I reach for my beloved Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish which makes my skin feel so soft and freshened up after a late night of drinking! Follow up your cleanse with a good old scrub with your favourite exfoliator, mine's the Liz Earle Gentle Face Exfoliator. This will energize the skin a bit and remove the rest of the dry, dead skin cells, making you look a bit more alive than you're probably feeling!

Bubble bath

If you don't have a bath when you're hungover then you must be in a really bad way! There's no better way to end the day (if you're not in the unfortunate position of having to go out that is) than a deep, hot, relaxing bubble bath. There are benefits too as the warm water draws out those horrible toxins which you consumed the night before. It sounds disgusting but once you've sweat them out, there will be less alcohol in your system.

After these four steps you should be feeling much more rejuvenated and that horrible hangover should fade away soon!

What are your favourite beauty rituals for when you're hungover?


The Best Restaurant For Sushi Lovers

Anyone reading this post who knows me will know food is my saviour in life. If I'm ever grumpy it's probably down to the fact I haven't eaten and I'm one of those people who reaches for food no matter what mood I'm in. Happy? Eat. Sad? Eat. Stressed? Eat. You get the gist. And as I sit here typing this post for the second time (as for some bizarre reason it disappeared from my blog) I am annoyed/sad/stressed so as you can imagine, I am eating!

One type of food I'm really enjoying at the moment is Asian cuisine and if I had the choice to eat anything, it would definitely be that. I just feel as I'm getting older, it's time to experiment with different foods and step out of my comfort zone a bit more. And everyone knows I love me some noodles anyway!

So let's bear in mind my obsession with Asian food, now imagine my face when I get invited for dinner at the brand new YO! Sushi restaurant in Canterbury. Of course, I was super excited and couldn't wait to hop on a train there!

I'll be honest and say that I've never been to YO! Sushi before so I didn't really know how it worked. All I knew is that your food turned up on a mini conveyor belt, which I now know is called a kaiten, and the dishes were colour coded. Now I know how freshly prepared the food is, the story behind it and more importantly, how delicious it tastes!

When we arrived, we were greeted by some really lovely waitresses, one of which seated us and explained how to order and a bit more about the menu. She was so helpful and really sweet, haven't got a bad word to say about her! She encouraged us to try the Ramune Soda which is apparently the Japanese equivalent of coke or lemonade, it's basically their number one fizzy drink. They arrive in glass bottles with a plastic lid and a glass ball inside, so basically you have no clue how to get into them. After a couple of goes we managed to crack the puzzle, no spoilers here though to how we did it! It tasted a little like cream soda and despite it being super sweet, we both guzzled them down in a couple of seconds!

Now for the exciting part... FOOD!

We wasted no time in picking freshly prepared dishes off the kaiten and before we knew it, our whole table was covered with colourful bowls of the most delicious smelling food - I couldn't even see the menu underneath! My absolute favourite was the hoisin duck rolls which you can see in the pictures above. They were so tasty and Toby actually had to stop me from picking them off the conveyor belt every time they came around because I couldn't stop myself from tucking in! We also picked up some furikake fries, various types of gyoza, ebi katsu and Toby's favourite, spicy chicken rolls. I have to say, even though I don't like spicy food, they were actually really yummy and the rest of the cold dishes were so yummy. It's so hard not to keep picking them up time and time again!

After tucking into the cold dishes, it was now time to order the hot ones. Even though I literally wanted to order everything on the menu, I opted for the chicken chahan which is essentially rice, veg and chicken mixed together and hoisin duck bao which is a fluffy bun filled with duck and pickled cucumber. I did enjoy both of them but surprisingly, I much preferred the cold dishes!

One of the hardest decisions of the evening was selecting a dessert. I'd had my eye on the custard dorayaki since seeing the menu but souffle cheesecake was a close competitor. In the end, I went with the first option which is essentially two pancakes stuck together with custard and a raspberry coulis type of sauce on the side. Now let me tell you, it was so much more than that. So scrummy and I could've eaten them all day long. I'm even going to try and recreate it at home so I can eat it breakfast, lunch and dinner EVERY DAY! That's the dream anyway! Toby opted for the raspberry ice cream mochi which after a short bout of brain freeze, he demolished.

If you're ever in Canterbury and in need of a quick bite to eat or really fancy some flavoursome sushi then you know exactly where to go. It's also worth noting that the restaurant is positioned in the cutest little lane next to the war memorial and infamous Canterbury Cathedral. So once you've spent your day seeing the sites, you can pop in!

Let me know if you've ever been and what your favourite dishes are! I'd love to try out some more next time! Also, a huge thank you to YO! Sushi for having us, we'll definitely be back!


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