My Sunglasses Collection

I've been building up my collection of sunglasses since the sun first shined in February and I have to say, I think I've developed a slight addiction. I just never realised before how much they can complete an outfit and even just look great sat on top of my head!

Top left going across to bottom right:

ASOS Wayfarers*
eBay Mirrored Glasses
AJ Morgan Aviator Sunglasses Wayfarer Glasses*
I have got a couple more pairs since I took this picture which include the Quay Australia Game On Sunglasses which are my absolute diva glasses at the moment which I love dearly and a pair of tortoise shell cat eye glasses* from which I will be raving about soon!

What are your favourite pair of sunnies at the moment?


Four Ways You Can Support Other Bloggers

It's time to quit the bitching and start supporting your favourite bloggers! We all know blogging isn't the same anymore which is even more of a reason why we should be helping each other out! There are more ways than just a follow on Bloglovin to support your fellow bloggers, especially when numbers aren't the be all and end all anymore so here are my favourite ways to do it!

Leave a comment

If I'm honest, this is something I've been bad at doing for the last year or so. Back in the day (circa 2013) this was the way to get noticed and how I built my follower base but it seems to have been forgotten about by a lot of bloggers including myself. Try commenting on three different blogs a day with something meaningful, not just the typical 'great post' which let's be honest is nothing more than a copy and paste jobby! A majority of blog posts include a question at the end so use that as a basis for your comment, I can 100% guarantee you it will be appreciated!

Follow their Instagram

We all know that Instagram is a huge part of blogging now so why not give your favourite bloggers a follow? It only takes a moment and then you will naturally start to engage with them more as their posts fill up your feed with likes and comments. Share the love!

Get clicking

A lot of bloggers have affiliate links all over their posts so why not just click them? It's not costing you anything and every little helps! Or go one step further and buy that dress in your saved list on ASOS when you click through! Clicking doesn't just apply to shopping links though, start clicking through to their other blog posts which interest you. This is how I've discovered my current favourite bloggers and whilst you're enjoying their writing, you're giving them an extra view as well!

Share your favourite posts

I've just started getting into the habit of doing this and I love it! Whilst I'm scheduling my tweets for the week, I'll pick a few of my current favourite posts and share them with my followers. It's a great way to boost engagement for not only yourself but also the blogger you're sharing.

I'd love to know who your favourite bloggers are at the moment so please tweet them to me so I can have a look! Also, leave below how you like to support other bloggers. We're all in it together so let's help each other when we can!


Dabbling In Eyeshadow

I'll be honest. I've never been one for eyeshadow or glamorous makeup looks but since the MAC Amber Times Nine Palette made an appearance, I've been loving a smokey eye!

As with any makeup look, it has to start with a good base and for that, I've been reaching for my MAC Eye Primer. This is by far the best primer I've ever tried - no creasing at all (and I wore this look for a good eight hours so that's not bad going at all). 

Next up, eyeshadow. I've been making it up as I go along when it comes to applying eyeshadow really so it just depends on my mood. Generally, I've been opting for 'Kitties' (top middle shade) on the lid and then applying 'Don't Tell' and 'Pepper Please' (bottom left and right shades) through the crease, all with my trusty Real Techniques brushes of course! I'll drag some colour onto my lower lash line and then a touch of the MAC Eye Pencil in 'Powersurge' and it's as simple as that. Honestly, if you're after a palette which can take you through from day to night and doesn't cost a bomb then this is the one! I bloody love MAC pencils as well, I got this one in their sale after Christmas for a tenner and it's perfect!

Soap and Glory's Supercat Liner is my absolute favourite for winged liner and of course the infamous Lash Sensational Mascara from Maybelline has to be involved! I'll add lashings of it as I don't wear falsies (basically I'm shit at putting them on) and then I'm done!

Even though I dearly love this palette, I'm still interested in other eyeshadow palettes out there that you're loving so please leave your recommendations below!

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