How To Use LinkedIn As A Blogger

LinkedIn is one social network in particular which I don't think grabs bloggers' attention enough. I login to LinkedIn at least once everyday and rarely do I see any beauty, fashion, travel, food, lifestyle, whatever-you-are bloggers appear in my feed. I always connect with bloggers when they pop as their content can break up my news feed a bit as I get so sick of seeing boring old recruitment posts!

It's definitely an underrated platform and I have no idea why. It can drive traffic to your blog and social media as well as getting your name out there for others to see. Another huuuuuuge benefit of using it, is that sometimes PR companies will get in contact with you through LinkedIn and if you connect with them, then their posts will always appear on your feed where you can then engage with them and comment!

Join groups

A simple search will bring up all the different blogging groups which you can join. The ones I'm a member of are Beauty Bloggers, Fashion Bloggers and The Blogger Programme but there are loads out there!

What I'd recommend doing on those is checking out other people's blog posts as well as posting your own. It's really that simple! I just copy the title, first paragraph and link and post - easy peasy! Then you can start interacting with others on the page and connecting with them if you feel they're suited. It's also worth checking out the digital marketing and social media groups for tips and tricks as you'll find a lot of people posting SEO hacks, etc. Just be aware though that people will post absolute rubbish on there too!

Publish your articles

Now this is debatable due to opinions/facts about SEO but some would say it's good promotion to post your blog post as an article on your profile. Here's an example of one of my posts I wrote for work which is exactly the same content as the post on the blog. Now it's a known fact that you lose SEO points (if it could be explained that easily) for duplicated content so even though I was recommended to do this by an industry expert, I have no idea what the effect on your SEO would be!

If you do go down this route then please let me know how you get on!

Include your links and add media

Don't forget to include your links to your blog and social media (if appropriate) in the personal info section of your profile so if anyone's interested, they can find out a bit more about you that way. It also bulks up your profile a bit more which is always a good thing!

Another way to drive traffic to your blog is to include media on your profile summary and experience sections. It only takes a couple of minutes and adds a more visual aspect of your blog to your profile. The only problem you may have which is why I don't actually have it on there myself, is that sometimes it doesn't show up to date images so it could show your blog image from a few months back which is the wrong size, pixelated, etc. 

Engage with others

Just like any other platform (except Instagram because we all know what that's like *eye roll*), the best way to grow is through liking, commenting and just generally engaging with others and LinkedIn is no different. So every time you login, share a bit of love with some fellow bloggers and hopefully they'll return the favour.

I hope this post has introduced you to the idea of LinkedIn a bit more and please do let me know if you join! The link to my profile is at the top of my blog so connect if you can! It would be fab to see some more bloggers in the LinkedIn community!

Have you got any other top tips for using LinkedIn as a blogger?

P.S. How cute is my new phone case?  Big thanks to Olixar for sending it to me, it's the perfect rose gold colour!


What Happened When I Stopped Shopping On ASOS


I won't be the first person who spends all their money on ASOS and I certainly won't be the last. But when you spend 50% of your monthly income on anything and everything on ASOS, then the warning lights start flashing. If you read my '21 things I want to do this year' post then you will know that one of my goals for 2017 is to properly start saving some money and to do this I'm having to dramatically cut back the late night shopping sessions on my favourite ever website. So I put my resistance to the test for a week and I can confidently say I completely stopped for a whole week!

'How did you do it' I hear you scream. Well it was hard, very hard. First thing I did was remove it from my Bookmarks Bar (a drastic action, I know) so it was out of sight out of mind, kinda. Next step was to delete all my ASOS emails before even opening them. Sorry to anyone on the marketing team there, I'm sure it won't affect your open and click through rates! And finally, mental strength!

The best trick for me was removing the emails from my inbox, normally I'll have a good nosey through them and open every single link in a new tab but as always, it's a dangerous road from there to the checkout button.

So what actually happened?

I saved money

You might be thinking 'well duh obviously you saved money' but I've surprised myself at how much I saved! I'm not really going to go into this too much as it's a bit of a blatant statement. The main reason why I wanted to stop shopping for a week was to work out how much I could save and I can safely say it's a lot!

Stuff got done

You wouldn't believe the difference in my productivity when I didn't spend every spare minute on ASOS. Before, I would naturally open a new tab in Chrome and type a-s and automatically my favourite website would pop up. It became second nature so even when I was deep in checking bank statements, I'd be shopping before I knew it. In the last week I've been able to tick off everything on my list without being distracted. Priorities have remained as priorities and I've just been able to get a lot of shit done!

I rediscovered clothes

I have a mass of clothes in my wardrobe, drawers and boxes under my bed. No matter how many I throw away, there's still a shit tonne in there! By not being able to just order a new top for the party I'm going to at the weekend or buy a new pair of Converse for the sake of it, it meant I had to actually start using what I had. It's made me feel very ungrateful for what I have, despite buying all my clothes with my own money. How can I have so many unused clothes lying around gathering dust when some people have nothing? So I made the most out of what I already had and rediscovered a few key items in my wardrobe that I'd forgotten about for so long! I also discovered some summer pieces in my Mum's wardrobe too!

My attitude changed

My attitude to money has completely changed in the last week. I've now developed the mindset that the £40 I was going to spend on a new pair of jeans which I don't need, could be a week's food shop when I move out. The tenner I bought yet another foundation with could've been used for my petrol money. I used to feel like online money wasn't real because it wasn't cash or a bit of plastic in my hand, please say I'm not alone ladies! But after the amount of money I've saved this week, which I can swiftly transfer to my savings account, I've come to realise the true value of it.

I'll definitely be curbing my shopping habits from now on and reaping the benefits of extra money and time. You should try it too, see what changes for you by quitting the shopaholic lifestyle for just one week!

Could you cope without ASOS for a whole week?

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