I'm an ambitious bit-of-everything blogger, ready to crack into the adult world of business and blogging. If you tune into The Rawrdrobe then hopefully I can help you do the same.

I know the feeling of leaving school and thinking what on earth am I going to do with my life and it's from there that The Rawrdrobe was born. My own personal part of the internet dedicated to all things fashion, beauty, lifestyle and the transition into adult life. An online scrapbook if you will just without all the scruffy notes and falling out pages.

I've graduated from a business school in Oxford so now it's time to venture out into the adult world of bills and credit cards. I'm kind of excited, kind of bricking it. I'm a shopaholic to say the least and just can't resist a pair of trainers or a new mascara. I often spend my time watching Marvel films, eating marmite toast and wearing my Avengers t-shirt and trackies because that's what being a blogger is all about right? Or I'm going mental writing three thousand to do lists, there's no in-between really. Failing both of those, I'm at the pub. Actually, I tend to be at the pub more often than not!
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