Apologies and Update

I’m sorry to say that there will be an extreme lack of posts over the next couple of weeks. Classic blogging absence syndrome, I know, and I’m sorry. 

First reason for this is that the dance show which I’m dancing in, choreographing and organising is going on this week which is taking up a lot of my time for rehearsals but once that’s over I should have more time to blog! 

Another (more random) reason for the lack of blogging is down to the fact that I’m currently sporting the ‘strapped up fingers’ look which means I can’t actually type. So believe it or not, I’m actually typing this whole post with one hand – and it’s taking bloody ages. Just to give you an idea of the look I’m going for then take a peak at my instagram (@therawrdrobe).

Last reason is generic – work. My graphics coursework and english coursework deadlines are growing closer and I really can’t afford to mess them up so a lot of my time and effort is going towards nailing the work.

Have no fear though, hopefully this is just an off week and I’ll be back on track soon. Hope everyone’s having a good week and don’t worry – only one more week until half term yay!


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