Blogging Problems

A nightmare has occurred. The blogger app on my google chrome is broken which is really restricting me from doing daily posts! Is this happening to anyone else at the moment or is it just my internet who’s decided to be a dick? So because of this, it means that blogmas may be put on hold for a while, until I can start blogging regularly again on my laptop where my photos are because I’m actually writing this at school at the moment! Sorry everybody but hopefully I’ll get this sorted out soon!

Day 1 – Gifts for Guys

Day 2 – Christmas Jumpers

Day 3 – Primark Candles

Day 4 – Gifts for Girls

Day 5 – Models Own Wishlist

Day 6 – Homemade Hearts

Day 7 – Christmas Tag

Day 8 – Pick of the Week

Day 9 – Barry M Eyeliner Review

Day 10 – Schwarzkopf Texturising Salt Spray Review

Day 11 – What I Love on Oh My Love

Day 12 – True Red

Day 13 – Christmas Drinks Party

Day 14 – Trainer Wishlist

Day 15 – Pick of the Week


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