Please can you help me?

As you may know, I have finally left education forever and am on a gap year or as I like to call it, gap life. I’m hoping to spend the next year interning and completing work experience with some fashion/beauty/marketing/PR companies no matter how small they are! I really believe invaluable experience and knowledge can be gained from even the smallest of companies.

So what am I asking?

If you know of any fashion or beauty or PR companies who’d like to recruit an eager intern for a few weeks then please let me know. Or it would also be really helpful if you’ve interned with a company before then letting me know who it was and what it was like.

For anyone wishing to contact me about this then feel free to email me ( and I’ll happily send you my CV!

Thanks again if you can help me out! It would really mean the world and knowing how hard it is to break into the industry, it’s always good to know the blogging community will help you out!


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