A Possible New Favourite Eyeliner?


Even though I’ve been loyal to my trusty L’Oreal Superliner for a year or so now, it’s time for a change. I picked the Bourjois Liner Feutre up on a whim and little did I know that it’s actually a favourite drugstore eyeliner for many bloggers.

The nib is like a felt tip pen but isn’t stiff so it doesn’t hurt or drag your eye and feels really soft and I feel like even after using it for a few weeks, the nib has kept it’s strength and shape. It produces a thick or thin line (depending on what you fancy) in a jet black colour which doesn’t crack or look drying.

The biggest downside to this almost perfect mascara is that it transfers really badly. I’ve found that during the recent hot weather we’ve been having, I would check my makeup to see that I have black rings around my eye sockets. So disappointing! However, I haven’t found this problem when it’s been cool or raining, so maybe this is just an eyeliner for those wintery days!

Repurchase? Yes.

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